An eclectic Americana songwriter/bassist with similar vibes to Bonnie Bishop, Grace Potter, and Brittany Howard

Posted: December 1, 2023
Colorful - full of interest; lively and exciting.

Cover Photo provided by: Ruby Dice

Besides talented, with an extensive variety of signature styles and range Ruby Dice is colorful. Not in the sense that she has different shades of skin tone. Our focus is on her variety of music styles. Normally, when an artist isn’t focused on mastering a genre, I get the impression that they are not sure of what they are good at. Depending upon the genre they receive the most support for, is the one that ends up sticking. I have seen it, and it doesn’t look professional. Mismanaged comes to mind.

However, there are artists that are versatile, and they are great at it. An artist that comes to mind, is Linda Ronstadt. There wasn’t a genre that she didn’t master. I don’t think I witnessed any other artist sing other genres of music to perfection. Country, Pop, Rock, Opera, Latin, she was a musical technician. Precise and perfect. Colorful, and an example for artists at all stages of their career.
I have witnessed other artists that are just versatile in their singing ability. They are not attempting to see what sticks; they are legitimate in what they want to achieve. I see this in our guest today. Her name is Ruby Dice. She can sing multiple styles and do it with consistency. Ruby is not a Linda Ronstadt just yet, but she is on her way. Ruby emboldens every aspect of a colorful artist. Which is not to be taken lightly. Some of the best performers are lively and exciting.


Originally from the Rocky Mountain state of Colorado, Ruby Dice has been steadily gaining attention for her electrifying performances across Texas and the Southwest.  Her first introduction to music came from playing Gospel music in her family church, Ruby’s style has since evolved to incorporate elements of soul, blues, and pop music.  Gaining recognition for both her talent as a bassist, also a blossoming songwriter, since living in Austin Ruby has played with dozens of bands of all different styles. The young musician has toured all over the country and has had opportunities to meet and play stages with greats like Brian Wilson, Dale Watson, and many more.

Ruby is consistently creating new music that blends multiple genres into an electrifying show that is a must see for any dancing music lover.  Now based in Austin, TX, Ruby is quickly gaining the attention of various local media outlets.  In The Pocket Magazine writes:  "Based out of Austin, Ruby Dice band is a combination of two songwriters Ruby and Calloway Ritch. Together they create a mix of soul and rock n' roll that fits just fine here in the heart of Texas. Dice's soulful vocals and Ritch's articulate but bluesy guitar make for a sparse, powerful combo. She’s country, she’s disco, she’s a groove machine that keep you on the dance floor all night.


Guitar Thrills:
We are now at the point, where our guests can tell us if our assessment of them is incorrect or not. I admit it, I can be wrong. I hold no resentment with someone of a different opinion than mine. We are looking forward to the interview with Ruby Dice.

Guitar Thrills: Hello Ruby. Thank you for joining us today. I was pleasantly surprised when I first heard you perform live. My first impression was that you were a country/ folk artist. Then I heard some blues in there as well. I wondered if there was a possibility of you pulling this off, so that its part of your signature performances. I think you have exceeded my expectations.
Do you plan on focusing on one genre or is your current style set in stone?

Ruby: I love playing Americana because it can be so versatile in sound. I was raised playing gospel, classical, blue grass, and old hymns in my family band. Then in my early adulthood moved into pop, blues, rock, and country. I try to blend the genres as much as possible. I love layers and textures in my eclectic approach.

Guitar Thrills: With such a diverse background of music, I would assume you had a variety of inspirations. Who were they, and when did they start to impact you as an artist?

Ruby: I did have quite an array of influences. From my late night middle school and high school Pandora playlists or Norah Jones, Jack Johnson, John Hiatt, Bach, big bad voodoo daddy, Miranda Lambert, ACDC, Allison Krauss, Grace Potter… the list of randomness goes on. Then when I moved to Austin I really narrowed in on learning the local artists music. I was in 7-10 bands at a time for about 7 years before I started to focus on my own writing. I guess you could say that Austin’s sound has been my biggest influence as far as my writing style.

Guitar Thrills: What type of feedback do you receive from your fan base?
Ruby: My fan base has always been super supportive and positive. They make me feel so lucky and energized to keep making art.

Guitar Thrills: Have you ever thought about sticking to one genre, and if so which one?

Ruby: I’ve wrested with this one for a while. And avoided it even longer. But being a mountain raised country bumpkin I think Country/Americana will be the one I lean into a little harder in the future. It feels like home bass for me on a personal level and musically speaking as well.

Guitar Thrills: For those that have never heard of Ruby Dice, how would you describe yourself?
Ruby: An eclectic Americana songwriter/bassist with similar vibes to Bonnie Bishop, Grace Potter, and Brittany Howard.

Guitar Thrills: Do write your own music? What topics do you often sing about the most?
Ruby: I write everyday. My first album was about wrestling my way through my early 20’s and my first serious relationship

Guitar Thrills: What is your guitar brand of choice and why?

I love my Epiphone Rumblekat bass. It’s a short scale so I’m not taking out mic stands with a long neck. The tone is a little dirty going through any amp. It plays great with a pick and finger picking. Just a fun fat warm sound with that nice dirt at the end.

My rumblekat is also similar scale to my Fender telecaster guitar as well so when I do decide to switch back and forth it’s as familiar as possible.

Guitar Thrills: Is there a particular place or event that you would like to perform at?

Ruby: Being from Colorado it’s always been a dream to play at Red Rocks. And maybe the Crossroads festival someday!

Guitar Thrills: Is there a project that you are working on now?

Ruby: I just released my first album and am having a blast touring with that!
I’m currently writing my second album. The first one was about self discovery. I’d like the second one to reflect my personality a little more and just be a fun light-hearted album.

Guitar Thrills: I hope that you enjoy your continued success. Undoubtedly, we will keep tabs on your music career. We also look forward to having you back for a follow up interview.

Ruby: Thank you so much! I don’t think I’ve ever had any one say such nice things about me and my music. You all are the best. I can’t wait to share exciting news in the future. It’s been lovely chatting with you all.


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