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Guitar Thrills Magazine recognized the disconnect with fans with the use of an acronym. Previously, we were able to work with artists under Country Music Vibe. Which targeted the country music genre. Thus changing to CMV was conducive to what we were achieving. Since then, we have changed our audience. We are supporting a host of music genres. Thus the need for rebranding.
Please provide us an email address or phone number, and your EPK. A representative from Guitar Thrills Magazine will reach out to you.
No. While we have represented and made friendships with many artists throughout the years, we have no intention on providing representation through this platform.
Throughout the years, many of our artists have come from the country music industry. However, this has changed. We now support multiple genres through Guitar Thrills Magazine.
No. Each of the images, or videos and content have a copyright on them. You may not share or distribute the content without prior written authorization. Please do not share, distribute or use our content without the consent of Guitar Thrills Magazine. Thank you.
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