Breaking through, avoiding the cycle of falling short.

Posted: May 1, 2022
Breaking through is defined as “a sudden, dramatic, and important discovery or development”.

The definition always sounds easier than reality. There are so many obstacles that can prevent you from breaking through, that it often leads to a cycle of continued failure. Is this due to a lack of talent, or lack of execution? Breaking through often doesn’t have anything to do with talent or executing your advertising and marketing strategies.

Any artist in the music industry will tell you that it is very difficult to be discovered. To become the next big talent to hit the air waves. There is just so much talent in the music industry, and everyone has their eyes set on success. So how can someone experience a breakthrough and overcome the barriers or obstacles that often lead to a cycle of falling short? If there was one answer for this question, then everyone would be experiencing a breakthrough. However, that is not the case. Experiencing a break-through can be had. It starts with defining obtainable goals and follow through. Where do you begin? Is there a specific model each artist to follow?

The answer is specific to your needs as an artist. Not all artists will have the same goals. The formula for setting obtainable goals, is not “one size fits all”. They should be tailored to your needs. Thus, they should help you in your pursuits. If you are an artist, creating a goal geared towards your diet is not conducive to your career. Will a better diet help you with mood, health, and appearance? Yes. However, it shouldn’t be part of your breakthrough goals.


Think about the things that cause you despair or a sense of fear. Example: Stage presents. Does the fear of appearing before crowds decrease your ability to perform at your best? If so, take public speaking courses. The same rules for public speaking, will apply for those performing before an audience. This just one example of obtainable goals, leading to a break-through. If you want more information on having a break-through do some online research. Ideas on personal and professional goals can be found online as well.

In the end, having a break-through will enable you to avoid the cycle of falling short. As an artist, failing is part of life. Its “par for the course”. However, failing is only temporary. Failure is long term. Work on your development, set goals, avoid the cycle of failing. Enable your breakthroughs, with focus, determination, and courage.


Guitar Thrills: One of the artists that can tell you about breakthroughs is Andrea Benz. Andrea Benz is unlike any other artists. With captivating guitar skills, a beautiful clear country voice, and genius songwriting, Andrea’s fans call her a “triple threat.” Hailing from the beautiful country of Switzerland, the rising singer/songwriter’s roots are seated deeply in country music, her voice reminiscent of the 90s country stars. Already known in musicians’ circles as a studio perfectionist, Andrea´s guitar craftsmanship can be heard and seen on countless country performances and recordings around the world. Whether it´s with Grammy winner Paul Overstreet in Germany, Country Music Hall of Fame member Charlie McCoy in Spain or with Lonestar Troubadour Dale Watson in Texas, Andrea has amassed millions of travel miles and performed for thousands of country music fans around the world. She won several awards, such as the Swiss Country Music Award in 2016 or the Rising Star Award at the Texas International Country Music Award in 2018.

Born and raised out in the country in Switzerland, she started playing guitar at the age of 8 and got hooked to the instrument quickly, playing for hours daily. She grew up listening to country music and has always been fascinated by the traditional and authentic country sound. With two college degrees in her pocket, one of them being a BA of Arts in Jazz & Popular Music, Andrea soon started touring all over Europe, always striving for more

Andrea Benz is unlike any other artists. With captivating guitar skills, a beautiful clear country voice, and genius songwriting, Andrea’s fans call her a “triple threat.”

Andrea currently is making Nashville her home, where she continues to make her impact felt withing the country music industry. Besides playing solo shows and writer´s rounds, Andrea is also a regular artist at the world-famous Tootsie´s Orchid Lounge, Superstar Alan Jackson´s “AJ´s Good Time Bar” and Jimmy Buffet´s “Margaritaville” on Broadway in Nashville. She is the touring guitarist for Karen Waldrup, one of Nashville´s most aspiring artists and has opened shows for Darryl Worley, Buddy Jewell, Chris Janson, Craig Morgan, Paul Overstreet and Joe Nichols, among many others.

Is this an example of someone that has overcome obstacles, and achieved a break-through? Yes, without a doubt. Let’s check in with Andrea Benz to find out, what has enabled her to become so successful.

Guitar Thrills: Hello Andrea. It is a pleasure to be able to ask you a couple of questions today. Can you personally relate to the topic of having a breakthrough? If so, what was your break-through?

Andrea: I think, and most musicians would probably agree, that a career in music is a long journey. It´s a process. I can´t think of one single event being my breakthrough but there have been several milestones that clearly brought me further. One was winning the Swiss Country Music Award back in 2016. In retrospect the award itself was not a major accomplishment, but it opened so many doors for me to perform internationally. The highlight was being selected to back up Country Music Hall of Fame member Charlie McCoy on guitar at a festival in Spain. Another milestone obviously was moving to Nashville in 2019 and starting to perform full time as a solo artist and touring guitarist. Also, hearing my own song on the radio for the first time was an inspiring moment for me.

Guitar Thrills: What did you hope to accomplish? Has it built your confidence, in your ability to overcome future obstacles?

Andrea: I wasn’t really hoping to accomplish anything except being able to support myself playing music. That became a little tricky during the pandemic when performing opportunities were very limited, but not altogether impossible. Being able to survive as a performing artist made me aware of how lucky I really was. I knew then at that point that, If I could make ends meet during hard times, that there was no obstacle I could not overcome.

Guitar Thrills: I think there are so many barriers or obstacles that can be overcome. That is why it is important for artists to identify them, and work to develop themselves in other areas of life. This will contribute to their successes in the music industry. Is there something unrelated to the music industry that has enabled you to become a talented professional?

Andrea: Absolutely. For example, my work ethic which I must thank my parents for and a good moral compass. You can be the most talented musician, but if you´re not reliable and don’t stick to times and deadlines, you won´t make it far in the music industry. Also, my never-ending quest for perfection has helped me a lot. It made me work harder and always go the extra mile when it comes to practicing and preparing. Finally, I´m extremely grateful I´ve had the opportunity to attend college where I learned so many useful things for life and everyday situations.

Guitar Thrills: I really appreciate your candid response. It is our hope that we can have an impact on artists that find it difficult to overcome some of the challenges they face as musicians or artists.

Guitar Thrills: One of the things that stood out to me, is that you are a dynamic guitarist. When did you know that you could “slay a guitar”?

Andrea: I started playing guitar when I was 8 years old, but it took a few years until I really got hooked on the instrument. I remember watching the CMA Awards show on TV with my parents and Brad Paisley and Keith Urban were performing. Seeing them playing guitar was almost a little life changing experience for me. I became obsessed with playing country guitar and practiced for hours every day. I love it when people say I´m so talented but talent is just a small part of being a great guitarist. It´s a lot of work and demands tireless dedication and perseverance.

Guitar Thrills: Your guitar skills are impeccable. You also have an amazing voice. Which one of these talents take center stage in your life?

Andrea: Thank you! I would say sometimes I´m just a guitarist, sometimes I´m the lead vocalist with a guitar but I´m never just a singer. I love being a lead guitarist backing up other artists and just singing harmonies. This is how I started out in my music career – My guitar was my first love and always will be. Nevertheless, in the past couple years I´ve played around 200 shows as a lead singer and I absolutely love it. In fact, I´m loving it more every day. However, never without my

Guitar Thrills: What are your ambitions as a country music artist?

Andrea: As probably every country artist would say, I´m dreaming of playing at the Grand Ole Opry.

Guitar Thrills: From what I understand, you have a release coming out soon. Can you tell us more about the release, and when we can expect to hear it?

Andrea: Yes! I will be releasing my debut solo album this year. I´m beyond excited! I don´t have an exact release date yet. First, I will release a few singles in the upcoming months. I will announce everything on my social media and website in the next few weeks. The album is a beautiful and fun collection of mainly originals including a few surprises. It will be a straight country album with lots of guitar, pedal steel and harmonies.

Guitar Thrills: That is awesome. We look forward to reviewing it as well. I know it your release will be epic.

Andrea: Thank you so much! I can´t wait to share it with you.

Guitar Thrills: Thanks again for giving us an opportunity to talk to you today. We hope to have you back soon for another interview. How does that sound?

Andrea: Sounds great! Thank you so much for having me and I look forward to your next interview.

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