"When I play a Strat, I play a certain way. I'm playing to make the sound my own." - Anthony Krizan

Posted: April 18, 2024
I have a full album coming out in June and an EP coming in may aside from gigging and spending my days recording and producing up coming artists in my recording studio Sonic Boom.

Photo credit: Michael Weintrob

Roots rock is "a style of rock music that draws material from various American musical traditions including country, blues, and folk." The term is sometimes used in a broader sense to encompass other genres of Americana, including early rock and roll, country rock, and other related forms.

Out of his rock roots and inspiration comes a gritty style of blues / rock that is unparalleled to other musicians you may hear. He has an impeccable taste for producing quality up tempo sounds.

Anthony’s voice quality has an authentic grit, and there are no limitations to his vocal range. Which makes him unique and valued in the music industry.

From a personal perspective of the artist, his roots come from inspiration to what he now performs. Where and who is the question. We want to dive into the interview with our guest today, Anthony Krizan.

About Anthony Krizan

Krizan’s rock roots run deep. He was lead guitarist of the Spin Doctors, opening 15 dates for the Rolling Stones with audiences of 70,000, and for the Allman Brothers. He played guitar with Jimi Hendrix’s legendary bassist, Noel Redding. Anthony is known for rocking the big stages and getting an audience on their feet. He’s an original member of Amphibian, with Phish lyricist Tom Marshall.

In the Summer of 2022, Krizan released the single Strawberry Wine. The song is currently experiencing national radio play and critical acclaim.

Anthony has also penned rock/soul staples such as Stand By My Woman with Lenny Kravitz, 5 songs on the Spin Doctors Greatest Hits, the theme of the Spin City TV series and The Howard Stern “Miss America” theme. Recently, Krizan co-wrote the title track to British rock singer John Waite’s new 2022 EP, Anything, and produced 3 tracks on the release. He also co-wrote the title track to John Waite’s Mercury release When You Were Mine.

Krizan is the 2013 recipient of the ASCAP FOUNDATION JAY GORNEY AWARD for the song he co-wrote with CHERYL DAVEIGA, “Home Don’t Feel Like Home”.

But Anthony’s true passion lies in his solo work. The Anthony Krizan Band’s performances and songs are electrifying, a swampy, rock/blues/soul, genre crossing solo-coaster ride. The title track to his last CD, Dust & Bone, was well-received and recorded by Gretchen Wilson, blues guitar legend Pat Travers and Tim Hicks (Universal Records).

He is the owner of SONIC BOOM STUDIOS.


Guitar Thrills: Hi Anthony. Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for me today. I would like to start by asking you about your sound. I classify it as a gritty up tempo sound. Does it come natural to you? I don’t think it can be forced.

Anthony: Thanks so much for having me in guitar thrills!

 Yes I feel blessed that music and melodies, riffs and songs seem to flow right through me.

Guitar Thrills:  I am found of some of the artists that have successfully sang with a gritty sound. Such as Bob Seger, and Curt Cobain. Who has influenced you throughout your career?

Anthony: As a singer, Al Greene, Sly Stone, Mick Jagger Paul Rodgers and John Waite to name a few.

Guitar Thrills: Is it difficult to hit a certain vocal range with your voice quality?

Anthony: Not at all I tend to push my voice to the higher register to get more grit but within my range.

Guitar Thrills: Does the musician part of you find it easy to perform with an up tempo beat?

Anthony: It always feels great playing up tempo music, but I like the feeling of slow funky and swampy tunes as well.

Guitar Thrills: I like it. I think its aggressive and a variation to the types of blues music we here often. You mention that you have a combination of multiple genres in your music. Did you develop your own style, and how long did it take to do so?

Anthony: I always like to avoid the obvious, that’s why I like to explore different genres and mixing different sounds and studio production to make it sound and feel fresh.

Guitar Thrills: You have also written for artists such as John Wait. Notorious for singing with Bad English and his own solo career. Who are some of the other artists you have worked with?

Anthony: Lenny Kravitz, P, Keith Reid (Procol Harem) Phoebe Snow, Phish lyricsist Tom Marshall and of course the Spin Doctors as well as Noel Redding.

Guitar Thrills: Are you at a point in your career where you believe you can accept coaching or criticism on any aspect of your singing, or playing style?

Anthony: Yes I’m always always open to criticism if I feel it will make me a better musician.

Guitar Thrills: I believe I am humble. However, it wouldn’t be easy for someone to critique my style of playing or singing.

Guitar Thrills: What are you focused on doing as of late? Do you have any songs or albums in the works? The last one I recall is “Into the Groove”.

Anthony: Yes I have a full album coming out in June and an EP coming in may aside from gigging and spending my days recording and producing up coming artists in my recording studio Sonic Boom.

Guitar Thrills: How did your fans respond to your last release?

Anthony: A lot of great feedback.

Guitar Thrills: Does the brand of guitar dictate your playing style? What does your stage plot look like normally?

Anthony: When I play a Strat I play a certain way but it doesn’t matter what guitar im playing, I always do my thing and try to make it my own.

Guitar Thrills: Do you endorse any brands? What makes them unique and different to the other manufacturers?

Anthony: There is a lot of great stuff out there on the market, Im in the process of designing a new pickup with Greenville Pickups

Guitar Thrills: I want to thank you for taking time to answer some questions. I want to have you back for an update on what you are accomplishing. How does that sound?

Anthony: Anytime I’d love to do this again and fill you you in on whats happening!

Guitar Thrills: Awesome. Thank you.

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