Appearance’s can deceive. The heart displays what the ears cannot hear.

Posted: December 28, 2022
“Things are not always what they seem; the first appearance deceives many; the intelligence of a few perceives what has been carefully hidden.” ― Phaedrus

This quote isn’t more applicable to an artist than one that we encountered. Her name is Elli Berlin. She is the lead singer with the band called Null Positiv. Null Positiv is a German metal band that was founded in Lübbenau in 2015. The band uses elements of Nu Metal and the Neue Deutsche Härte. Null Positiv itself names bands like Korn, Slipknot, In This Moment and System of a Down as their musical influence, along with other metal bands like Rammstein. The name of the band translates to "zero positive", in reference to the O+ blood type.

A heavy metal band that will awaken every sense in your body. They are energetic and are led by a remarkable singer. It was to my surprise, that Elli Berlin is not everything that you see. There is more to her than what the eyes see, and the ears hear. You must experience it yourself. Elli slowed it down and performed some slow ballads. The quality of her voice is just breath taking. There is more to her than a head banger. I am not trying to downplay heavy metal or to speak degradingly of Null Positiv. It’s just the opposite. It is a testament to their ability to collaborate with the most talented artists in that genre.

In every genre, I look for more. There are more things that make up the artist than we realize. I have interviewed hundreds of artists. I have asked the question about inspiration to prove a point. Most of them can reflect on inspiration that they received from other bands un-related to the genre that they are performing in. Is there a different side to Elli Berlin that we don’t know about? Is there an undiscovered artist, waiting to come out? Let’s find out.


Interview with Elli Berlin and Guitar Thrills Magazine

GT: Hello Elli. Thank you for joining us for an interview today. We are excited to experience your level of talent. Is there more to Elli Berlin than what meets the eye? Tell us about youself. Who is Elli Berlin?

Elli: First of all, I would like to thank you for the nice interview and apologize for my not so perfect English. Since I live my life completely in my music and on stage, you get me as real and pure as it can get. In my texts I describe my feelings and thoughts, as well as values and worldview. Conclusion: Hear my music and you will find out who I am.


GT: Are we deceiving ourselves into believing that you are only a heavy metal singer?

Elli: Yes, in any case! I have sung many styles of music in my life. Starting with my classical vocal training, to my current cultural and rock singing. I am very multifaceted and was always curious to try things.


GT: Have you thought about other opportunities in the music industry?

Elli: No, I always wanted to be on stage as an artist.


GT: Some of the inspirations were noted for the band in general. However, do you have specific artists that have inspired you personally?

Elli: There aren't that many differences. Of course, I also find inspiration from great artists such as Rammstein, In This Moment, Marilyn Manson, Korn, Slipknot, Guns n Roses and many more.


GT: What do you do, when you are not performing in Null Positiv, or singing solo?

Elli: In addition to enjoying the time with my family and meeting up with friends from time to time, I invent new stage designs, outfits, show elements, covers and layouts, song lyrics, ideas for photo shoots, music videos and gimmicks for my followers and fans. My personal and professional life are totally intertwined.


GT: Do you have other family members that are professional artists, or musicians?

Elli: It wasn't born to me, but my partner plays a number of instruments and my parents-in-law are trained singers and very musical. We often play music together at home.


GT: Do you play any instruments, if so which ones?

Elli: I can grab a few chords on the guitar, but I wouldn't call it skill at all. So no, only singing and that in all facets.


GT: What is your fan base like? Do you receive feedback regarding your performances?

Elli: Of course, lots. I have great fans. They are with me in difficult times and celebrate our music with me. Honest, respectful and empathetic. Thanks for that!


GT: Have you opened for other bands? If so, which ones?

Elli: Yes of course. We opened for example for Anthrax, Therion, Eisbrecher and on festivals for bands like Hämathom or Airbourne. Sometimes great friendships develop from this


GT: What do you think about the level of competition in the heavy metal genre? Do you get concerned that there is way too much competition?

Elli: No not at all. Every artist is unique and has their individual strengths. I myself also like to discover new talents and music. After all, you can be a fan of several bands. You should also look after yourself and not waste time with fear, jealousy or the like.


GT: What sorts of things do you do, to make yourself different from the other bands?

Elli: This happens automatically through our character and our appearance. We love staging ourselves to match the music and constantly reinventing ourselves.


GT: We were really glad to have this opportunity to ask you a couple of questions. We want to get to know you better. We hope we will get a chance to interview you again, soon. How does that sound?

Elli: That's a nice compliment and a great appreciation. Thank you for that and I look forward to the next time.

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