Avoiding controversy. Taking a neutral stand for despite what seems popular. Increasing a fan base without getting involved in the absurd.

Posted: November 21, 2022
Controversy is a state of prolonged public dispute or debate, usually concerning a matter of conflicting opinion or point of view.

It is difficult to avoid controversial topics. Everything relative to our day, is fueled by controversy. In the music industry, it is wise to take a neutral stand, despite popular opinion. Alienating a class, or lifestyle, will impact you to some degree. Each of us has seen it happen. Developing an opinion that is considered unreasonable or inappropriate can cause divisions. It doesn’t matter what career or field you work in. Controversial topics, can lead to repercussions. Such as financial loss, or even your job. The way you are viewed by others, can also be in jeopardy. There isn’t any limits to the fallout over illogical opinions. Even if they are popular by a groups or individuals. It seems, that everyone wants you to have a point of view, even if it’s un popular.

As mentioned, there is a downside to forming an opinion illogical or not. There will always be someone that will disagree. Depending upon the subject, it could be hundreds or thousands of individuals that will dispute or debate your point of view. Is this unfair? Well, that is not for me to answer. Especially, as we try to avoid controversial topics. Though, we can will accept speaking in terms of generalities, or a conclusion of a matter. CMV Magazine will often refer to public figures to voice their opinions regarding subjects. We endeavor to maintain neutral. The unbiased questions we ask our guests, are consistent with the non-controversial message.

This topic takes on general characteristics and it is for the purpose of discovery. CMV Magazine invites special guests to share their insights regarding perspectives on varying topics such as “avoiding controversy”.

Our guest today, is Sara Baldwin. A true artist at heart, and it shows by her performance and talent. She immediately captured our attention with her jaw dropping guitar licks, and soul searching lyrics. It was almost instantaneous that we reached out to her for an interview. Let’s start by digging into the life of Sara Baldwin.


About Sara Baldwin.

Sara Baldwin is a self taught musician and song writer born in Oregon, raised in Southern California and currently lives in the mountains of the Eastern Sierras.
She has been playing music since she was a little girl. Started on drums and later picked up a guitar and fell in love with writing songs. After being in several bands, she decided it was time to give her attention to all the music she wrote. After finding Mic Dangerous De La Torre, the producer that would help make it all happen, she released her first EP in 2020. Since then she has released 10 music videos, 5 singles and a full length record that features Nita Strauss, Katt Scarlett, Nikki Stringfield, Emily V and Sin Quirin.
Sara is also heavily involved with a NonProfit her Father started called Smile Seekers. Helping Children, feeding the homeless, building water wells in Africa and much more in her own community.

Sara is not your typical “industry” artist. She plays by her own rules and helps people along the way.


Interview with Sara Baldwin and Guitar Thrills Magazine

GT: Hi Sara. We are really stoked to coordinate an interview with you. Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for us today. It is an interesting topic. There was a time, when I didn’t stop to think about the definition of controversy. However, it is a repetitive term that is continues to come up. Whether it is the term, or topic disputed it comes down to two sides distancing themselves from effective communication. Do you consider controversial topics before writing music? If so, what ultimately goes into your decision making process?

Sara: Hi thanks so much for having me.

When it comes to writing songs, I feel the moment I start to worry about what people will think, I’ve already compromised the music. It’s possible for an artist to butcher their own work and that’s one way to do it. I try to not let any outside source block me from my truth. It comes from a special place, almost like magic. I go on auto pilot. Like taking something painful and making it beautiful. Music is an outlet to express emotions that maybe words can’t describe until it becomes a songs. I practice (daily) not giving my energy to things out of my control.

I will say when I released my song TRIGGER, I thought about the people I personally knew that would be affected by it. The song is about suicide. I am a suicide survivor which was really hard for my parents to face that truth. I have some amazingly talented, beautiful souls playing on this track with me and ultimately that’s what gave me the courage and strength I needed to release the song. It was really challenging in the studio when it was time to lay the vocal track. I was crying facing what could have been my death but instead it was my story. My producer had to walk me through, line by line because my heart was in so much pain thinking of who I would’ve left behind.

Where I am now as a musician, I want to inspire people to become the best version of themselves. To do whatever it is they love and go after it. Life is precious and time will not wait.

Music comes from my experiences, that’s what inspires me. I spend most of my time alone, in the woods with my dog and the other time, helping people in really bad situations. It makes everything else seem so unimportant and superficial. Fame, gossip, idolization, someone being offended by words, the dividing of humanity, so blinded by these distractions that really don’t matter. Life is hard under these pressures, people are mean. We need to start focusing on the importance of living, loving and being kind. Wake up people!


GT: Impossible, is the word that I would use to describe effective communication through debates and disputes. Arguments tend to form, and little is every accomplished. This is one of the reasons why we have a neutral stand on many of the topics that are covered in mainstream media. The other is that we want to be careful not to offend are readers. There are different levels of sensitivity and we want to avoid testing the boundaries. Have you ever been accused of being controversial with your music? If so, how did you deal with it? What was the outcome?

Sara: I’ve never been accused of being controversial with my music. Actually the exact opposite. I get messages all the time that I inspire people. I’ve been clean and sober for almost 4 years and I’ve been open about my journey in recovery. I get questions like how do I do it, How do I stay strong, and that my music resonates with them wanting a better life. It’s so humbling and feels so rewarding and it feeds my fire to keep going.


GT: Interestingly, a fan base can fluctuate based upon the level of controversy or absurdity with illogical thoughts or comments. You are a talented musician and artist. So, you must be able to decipher the interests in absurd or disputable comments? What is your take?

Sara: I learned long ago not to take anything personally. Easier said than done at times. If someone is being rude on any of my platforms, I don’t argue. I just delete, that easy. I don’t waste my energy, I say a little prayer for that person and carry on.

I’m not one to keep up on mainstream media. I don’t have a TV. I don’t worry if I’m gonna offend anyone. I live a Godly life and there’s only 1 judge in my eyes. All that energy that is so easily consumed and given away, I use it for the greater cause. I use it to make a real difference. We all have opinions but at the end of the day… do they really matter? Does it change anything for good


GT: The topic is important for consideration and we appreciate your candid and honest responses. Now, I want to talk about your career as a master performer and artist. First of all, you are a top notch musician. We were totally blown away by your ability to perform at such a high level. Do you have someone that you emulate? An artist, that you were inspired by?

Sara: Thank you very much for saying that! I listen to many styles of music, there’s not one particular artist that I strive to be.

I really love the quote, “Chase the dream, not the competition .” I really just strive to be the most vulnerable, authentic version of ME. There’s only one of me, and the more I put myself out there, the more I become that girl.


GT: What music decade, can you relate to the most? Why is that?

Sara: I’ve always loved performing and music has been in my blood like a necessity. But I really started paying more attention in the 90’s. Inspire by grunge rock. Early TOOL, NIN, Melvins, Failure, Alice In Chains, Massive Attack, Sneaker Pimps. I worked at a record store in high school and was surrounded my musicians and realized, all that time and dedication playing music at home by myself really put me in a place as a girl to fit in (at the time) with mostly with rocker dudes. Going to hundreds of shows, sharing music, or even the simple pleasure of rocking out in a car!


GT: How would you describe your style or sound? I thought at first it might be thrash metal. Upon listening to you sing, there is much more to you than that. Aggressive, defines you. Though, I am intrigued by your voice and approach to lyrical content.

Sara: I would say my music is generally Rock but with attitude, lots of drums to almost give it that tribal feel. I do have several styles currently available ranging from really heavy to singer/song writer vibe. Even some electronic music as well.


GT: Do you compare your level of success to other musicians in the industry? What is the result of your comparison?

Sara: Not really as I believe I have my own authentic style. While I can relate to the other styles and sounds of the rock genre, I leave the comparisons open for debate.


GT: You have the ability to sing in any genre you would like. Your vocals have a unique range. Have you thought about testing the waters, in another genre?

Sara: I’m finally at a place now, where I’m writing and playing music that I would listen to, and for me… that’s the greatest feeling. Like “I’ve arrived.”


GT: I strongly believe you are doing great where you are. You are amazingly talented. Which is why we considered you for the cover of our December magazine. It just came down to two of the finest musicians, who are great at their craft. I mentioned this, because we want to have you back for another interview. Which would include a cover for Guitar Thrills Magazine. How does that sound to you?

Sara: I’m so very grateful to have this by opportunity to talk with you guys. I’m honored that you reached out to me and would love to chat more. I’m working on some really heavy stuff right now and have exciting things already planned for 2023 and would love to share that with you. Thank you again! Much love!


GT: I know my team is going to wonder how I can make the call this early. Well, some decisions are just easy to make. So, please keep up rocking and performing at a high level. You will continue to keep tabs on your progress. Thanks again for your time.

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