"When you love music and performing as much as I do I guess having fun on stage just kinda happens naturally." - Bella Rayne

Posted: May 22, 2024
My goal is to ride this wave wherever it takes me and to just learn as much as I can along the way. My ultimate dream would be to have my own band but for now, I am just gonna play as much as possible, meet as many people as I can, and keep spreading love through music.

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It is extremely important to follow up with artists that you believe will have longevity in the music industry. There are many artists or musicians with talent. However, they do not have the “it factors” to make effective progress. Often, it’s because they do not see the need for change. In addition, once they experience failure, doubt creeps in. They question their heart, and talent to remain on the path to success.

Guitar Thrills magazine has kept tabs on several intriguing young artists. They have been an inspiration to many young adults in the music industry. Their character is contagious. They will not accept failure as an option. One of these artists is remarkable and continues to make an impact on the music industry. Her name is Bella Rayne.

We interviewed Bella several times. I can remember the first one we had that focused on the topic of “The priceless and uncompromising feelings of your favorite artist.

In the interview I asked the following: What are your immediate thoughts regarding the challenges that artists are faced with? Is there allot of ugly moments in the life of an artist?

Bella: I think one of the biggest challenges facing artists, especially younger ones, is finding the confidence to really put yourself out there. It’s really nerve wracking to just throw yourself out into the public eye, because not everyone is gonna love you. Some people can be mean and unsupportive, so you must try to ignore negativity and just keep being yourself, even though it’s hard sometimes. I can’t speak for all artists, but life for me has been pretty good so far. I am only 15 but I have experienced a lot of amazing opportunities, thanks to my supportive family, friends, other musicians.

Several interviews have passed, and I wonder what her mindset is like now. Let’s find out as we sit down to discuss a round of questions relating to Bella Rayne’s music career.


Guitar Thrills: Has your experience thus far helped you to improve as a musician? In what ways?

Bella: I am so thankful for the experiences I’ve had, and they’ve helped mold me into the player and person I am today… and they’re going to help me to keep growing. I learn so much about myself and my playing through countless hours of practice and performing in front of live audiences has really helped boost my confidence and stage presence. Collaborating with other musicians has broadened my musical horizons and has also exposed me to different styles and genres of music which I think has helped me to develop a versatile style.

Guitar Thrills: Since we first held an interview, you have surpassed my expectations of you. Each live performance I hear something different, that distinguishes you from other guitarists. What has been key to your growth as a guitar player?

Bella: WOW! Thank you so much. That means a ton. The key to my growth has been a combination of passion, dedication, and guidance from experienced musicians. From the moment I picked up my first guitar, I was HOOKED and my passion for playing has driven me to practice for hours on end, play as many live shows as possible, and to just learn and absorb as much as I can from every moment. And I know I mention this in every interview, but my mentors are a big part of who I am today! In addition to my own determination, I have been fortunate enough to receive guidance from some amazing players like Zach Nugent (Deadset) who have taken me under their wings and are always there to help navigate the complexities of this crazy industry. Their advice and encouragement have been invaluable in shaping me as a musician and pushing me to reach new heights in my playing.

Guitar Thrills: Do you experience setbacks as a guitarist? What helps you to overcome them?

Bella: As a guitarist, setbacks are inevitable. Whether it's struggling to learn a new song for tomorrow’s show with zero notice or just feeling stuck in a creative rut, we all face challenges on our musical journey. I think it's how we handle these setbacks that truly defines us as musicians. This reminds me of a show back in January… It was the biggest show I had played to date, and I was so excited for that moment. Everything was going great but when I went to take my solo, there was no sound… I could see the techs trying to figure it out but there was nothing I could do. I could’ve walked off stage, but I wasn’t going to do that.  I had come too far… so instead I just made the best of it and got the crowd pumped up and clapping until it was fixed… this wound up being one of my best performances and most memorable. I think that moment helped me to realize that the show must go on and if you keep pushing, anything is possible.

Guitar Thrills: If I don’t see a guitar player or vocalist enjoying their performance, it is a major turn off. I know that it impacts their reputation, and prospects. One thing that I noticed about you, is that you always seem to be enjoying the moment on stage. Is this something that you learned over time, or is just part of who you are?

Bella: Haha. A lot of people like to pick on my funny guitar faces, but I just can’t help but make them.  I don’t even realize I’m doing it. If you’ve seen any of my videos, you know what I mean. But I do make it a point to just let go and have fun on stage. It’s something I have learned over time so if I said I wasn’t ever nervous, I’d be lying. Once I’m up there I just try to connect with the crowd and feel the music then the nerves slowly fade away. When you love music and performing as much as I do I guess having fun on stage just kinda happens naturally…

Guitar Thrills: I remember to this day, that your bio mentioned that you have been influenced by 90s grunge. I can relate. Many of my featured artists are from the 90’s. The grunge age didn’t survive for as long as I wished. However, there were amazing bands from that era that are still performing today. What are some of those bands that stick out to you?

Bella: All of them stick out to me but no matter where this musical journey takes me, Grunge will always be my first love. There’s just something about it. My favorites are the Seattle bands like Mother Love Bone, Pearl Jam, and Alice in Chains. Mike McCready is one of my favorite guitarists and the one who inspired me to start playing and I also love Jerry Cantrell. I had the chance to jam with him back in 2022 and he’s such a nice guy.

Guitar Thrills: What have you accomplished as a guitarist that you didn’t anticipate so early on in your career?

Bella: This year has been filled with so many surprises that I couldn’t have ever expected! I recorded on my first album, had several articles published in well-known publications… (including yours) … played Jerry Garcia’s guitar at a Women’s Day concert, was booked as Artist at Large at several festivals throughout the summer, and will be performing at Great American Music Hall (one of my favorite venues) as part of the Grateful Guitars Benefit this August. I am overwhelmed by all these opportunities because they are beyond my wildest dreams.  I feel so lucky, and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Guitar Thrills: I have always suggested that artists should start from an early age. Not just because of the experience they can learn, but labels are always looking for young talent. What motivated you to pick up the guitar from the young age of 14?

Bella: Honestly, it was one good thing that came out of Covid. I was stuck at home and bored and one day I found my mom’s old Strat in the garage in a dusty case with lots of stickers on it. It looked cool so I brought it inside and started fixing it up as best as I could figure out. I was into 90s grunge music at the time, and I couldn’t wait to play like Kurt Cobain or Mike McCready, so I started watching YouTube videos and live performances from my favorite shows. Before long I was playing full songs and it just spiraled from there!

Guitar Thrills: You are currently performing with a band. Have you thought about what you could accomplish with a solo career?

Bella: Yes, I have really enjoyed playing with Boonfire over the last 2 years and have recently recorded guitar for their album Complexity which is now streaming on all platforms. But most recently, I have been spreading my wings as a guitarist and have been sitting in with bands from many different genres pretty much every weekend, in hopes of branching out as a solo artist. This has exposed me to so many unique bands and styles and I think these experiences are vital to my growth and I am so fortunate to have these opportunities. It is the DREAM to have my own band so stay tuned… coming soon.

Guitar Thrills: Is there something that you wish you would have done to help your career, earlier on?

Bella: I am only 16 so everything is still so new and fresh to me, but I wish I would’ve learned to trust myself and my ideas from the beginning. I try to be as authentic as possible and not everyone is gonna love what I love and that’s ok. Learning and accepting that hasn’t been easy, but it’s a work in progress.

Guitar Thrills: Do you have a goal, and do you have a plan on how you will achieve it? Can you also tell us what goals you have as a guitar player?

Bella: My goal is to ride this wave wherever it takes me and to just learn as much as I can along the way. My ultimate dream would be to have my own band but for now, I am just gonna play as much as possible, meet as many people as I can, and keep spreading love through music.

Guitar Thrills: Do you continue to practice playing guitar? Are there certain skills that you would like to develop, please explain.

Bella: I practice every single day because I love it. Playing is what makes me feel alive so it’s never a chore. I learn something new every day and that inspires me to keep going. I’m pushing myself to learn styles from genres I would’ve never imagined playing and I’m constantly reaching out to other musicians for advice… I’m just working hard to develop and define my own unique style which is a blend of everything I have swirling around in my head.

Guitar Thrills: From what I understand you are endorsed by Cream Guitars. What specifically do you enjoy about their product? Do you have other guitar brands that you use, and why?

Bella: I love my Cream Voltage and its sparkly finish! It has a heavier sound but looks super girlie which I love. These guys have been super supportive, and I love them and this company so much! I also work with Fender, and they have been beyond amazing! Most recently they sent out their 70th Anniversary American Professional II for me to try out… and it sounds AMAZING… everything you’d expect from a Strat and more… plus looks gorgeous. Did you know it’s the year of the Strat? Fender is celebrating 70 years of this iconic model.

Guitar Thrills: At what point can you anticipate working on an album that focuses on your guitar playing ability?

Bella: Hopefully later this year so stay tuned, and thanks for the encouragement!

Guitar Thrills: I feel that character is so important. I have tried to teach it to artists that I worked with as a publicist. A specific trait that is hard to come by is humility. While that is important, I also think that it is good to compare yourself with the skill set of another guitar player. Have you ever compared yourself with guitarists who are in the spotlight often? If so, what have you concluded?

Bella: In the beginning I did this all the time, but one day I realized it wasn’t doing me any good. It’s ok to watch other players and learn from them… but I try not to compare myself to anyone else. We’re all on unique journeys, and this isn’t a competition. It’s better to work together because at the end of the day we’re all in it for the love of the music.

Guitar Thrills: One of the reasons why I continue to interview you is due to your authentic style of playing the guitar. There are certain traits, that you just can’t teach. They come natural to you. I still believe that 2024 is your year, and thus far you haven’t disappointed. Please proving that you are one of the best young adult guitar players in the world. We will continue to follow your career. Thank you for taking the time to interview with Guitar Thrills magazine

Bella: Thank you so much Edward. Also, thanks to Guitar Thrills for always supporting and promoting young musicians.

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