“Can you feel me?” Slang that ignites a fire of emotion and drive.

Posted: March 29, 2023
Can you feel me? The phrase is slang (or non-standard) phrase means do you understand what I'm saying or can you see what I mean. Sometimes the person asking the question wants to know if the people s/he's talking to can sympathize or empathize with what s/he is saying, that is, s/he is asking do you feel the same way I feel about this.

If you are musician or artist, you can convey this phrase by means of words or by sound. The elements that comprise this action can take you to a different place in time. Can you feel me? Is often associated with a different decade. However, it’s a phrase that is used often in certain genres or cultures. It takes on a deeper meaning when you have something to say. Words that define, and sound that invokes emotion. This topic is not about different types of slang words. It isn’t even about the phrase “Can you feel me”? It is about accomplishing something special by means of your gifts. Such as singing or playing an instrument. How do I get that phrase from music? How is it applicable in what we want to convey, in this article?

Well think about the meaning. When you lament, can you feel me you are asking if you are clearly understood. Isn’t that what artists do when they write, or perform? In essence you are asking your audience to empathize with you. You are asking for your listeners to relate. This is often what draws us to an artist or sound. It invokes a fire of emotion and drive. It heightens your awareness of what is happening at that moment. Music says all of this and more. but are you listening, or are you just hearing?

Some artists or musicians can speak volumes with lyrics or sound. In some cases, it is necessary to enhance the message by site. A persona also enables empathy or understanding.

When I started writing about this topic, I wondered who I was going to direct it too. Then I heard some amazing sounds from a bass player. His name is Fernando Rosa. He represents everything about this topic. He is gifted, and Fernando is authentic. We couldn’t ask for a better artist to cover this topic with.

If you are not familiar with Fernando Rosa. That is ok. We will help you to identify with him. The rest is up to you.



The new bass sensation Fernando Rosa is proving himself as one of the most important and impactful instrumentalists both in his country and internationally. Playing on a recent Europe tour with completely sold out shows across cities like Paris and London, he as his guest up on the stage with him none other than Derrick McKenzie, Jamiroquai’s drummer. Throughout his career, Fernando Rosa worked along a variety of artists and musicians, developing a unique style that gave his bass the protagonism it has today, naturally positioning himself as the front man on his performances. With such a successful career, the bassist has a long list of national and international awards and honors. He is the first Brazilian musician to enter Ernie Ball Music Man’s roster of artists, American manufacturer of musical instruments known for making guitars, basses, and their amplifiers for virtuosos like Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Paul McCartney, Keith Richards, Lenny Kravitz and many others like them. In 2022, as the ultimate recognition of Fernando’s exceptional artistic craft, internationally acclaimed American manufacturer Fender gifted him an exclusive 1961 Jazz Bass designed and built by master builder Vincent van Trigt.

Fernando Rosa, born and raised in the suburbs of São Paulo, learned to play at the age of 8, beginning his professional career as a 14-year-old. His parents had to authorize his travels and performances as a minor throughout different cities. Even though they were not very fond of the idea, they respected the son’s wishes and so he got on the road.

He got to explore the world and discover a new passion, Jazz. By listening and studying the best bass players of the genre at the time, he found the references that would help him develop his own unique style. Fernando Rosa began dedicating his time and energy into composing and playing instrumental music of his own, a perfect combination of Brazilian music, Soul, Hip Hop, Experimental, Fusion and, of course, Jazz.

“To me ‘musical school’ is a concept that transcends institutions. Open your mind, listen to a bit of everything and do not create factions. Influence yourself, but find your way, you are a unique being equal to no other. Use your mind and your fingers, but specially use your heart. It has rhythm and will dictate the right cadence so that your music is always true.” - Fernando Rosa

Fernando Rosa remains truly authentic always, playing what he feels like playing. A clever researcher, he goes beyond music. During the pandemic, he began producing dozens of videos for his social networks, all of which are as simple and creative as they are powerful and revolutionary. Just him, his bass, and a camera travel through the universe of classics from Soul, Funk and Disco Music. Fernando Rosa creates musical references and adds his personal touch to these tracks through performances that give them a new feeling. Such work reinforced his position as a front man and boosted his international relevance to new levels. Some of these videos have reached over three million views while achieving the mark of almost half a million followers on his social media accounts. Amongst these followers are Slash (Guns N’ Roses), Lenny Kravitz, Adam Levine (Maroon 5), Stefan Lessard (Dave Matthews Band) and DJ Lord (Public Enemy), all part of this ever-growing list.


What I love about Fernando's bass playing is that he is well versed in multiple styles which he plays authentically. He has great tone in his hands and most importantly he expresses love and joy through his passion of playing.

- Lenny Kravitz


You can see that Fernando Rosa is an accomplished musician. He stands out as bass player, not because of his retro style and vibes. But because his abilities as a bassist. He continues to perform strong and has more to give the music industry than he has done thus far.



GT: Hello Fernando. It is awesome to have you interview with us for the April Issue of Guitar Thrills Magazine. You have a profound way of expressing yourself through your music. Do you think you speak words through your style of playing? If so, what is it that you are trying to convey?

Fernando: Hello! Thank you for having me here for this interview! I am very happy with the opportunity to be talking with Guitar Thrills, such an important magazine for the musical scene. I certainly think so. Music itself is a type of language, which can be developed in different ways in comparison to something verbally spoken. It transmits feelings and emotions through what you are playing. In my case, it fills me with happiness to see when people truly understand what I’m saying through my instrument. It shows that you can be anywhere in the world and music will be a universal language through which you can talk to anyone.


GT: Do you the type of slang that we made reference too in the introduction of this topic? How important is it to use these types of phrases?

Fernando: I definitely do. I believe that it is important and it’s part of the tone of the content I create. These slangs are part of my concept within music, and they contribute to how people identify with the sound I’m putting forward.


GT: I believe slang brings on a different element to music. It is meaningful. I know some people don’t get it. That’s ok. For those that do, they connect easily with what the artist is trying to achieve. What is the most important message that audiences receive from your playing style?

Fernando: I try to play my music with a lot of authenticity, a lot of truth, so that the message that I transmit is one of love, a lot of it. And that’s because I love music, it has always been a part of my life, and I’m very grateful for it. Everything I have achieved and learned, the amazing places I’ve been to, the wonderful people I’ve met, I got all of that because of music. So, when I’m playing somewhere, I am fully there, truly showing what I believe in, which can be seen through the people listening who are really tuned into it.


GT: I must ask you about your persona. The style or fashion that you dig is amazing! It brings me back to an era and time that will never be repeated. What does it mean to you to wear some of the more fashionable clothing from the 70’s?

Fernando: I am passionate about the 70’s! It is my foundation. I began to play listening to bands and artists from this era. I have always enjoyed both the music and the style from this period, how people performed in the 70’s. And that’s what I try to rescue, as you rightfully said, these memories from such a good time that is a pillar for a lot of things nowadays. Many bands that exist today were surely based and inspired on important bands from the 60’s, the 70’s, the 80’s, and even from before that. So, I love to dress myself that way, it is something I naturally do, not only in my videos, but in my daily life as well. People like it very much; it brings back some good memories!


GT: I know some where it because of the style may be trendy. Others just gravitate to it because it means something to them. Have you ever considered a different persona, or has this always been your style?

Fernando: This has always been my style. Maybe nowadays I feel more confident to own it, since people will look at you differently once you stand out. But it has been something that I’ve done since the beginning, trying to live this style to the fullest, buying and listening to a lot of vinyl music, turning my performance into something more authentic. I study the period, the bands that played then, the scenography, what was trending back then, all of this has been part of me for a long time.


GT: I want to know more about your bass playing. Have you always wanted to play bass? Is that your instrument of choice?

Fernando: No, I began playing the acoustic guitar, in school when I was still very young. Right after that, we created a band and we needed to distribute the functions of each person. That was when I really got to know what the bass was, I started to pay more attention to this instrument, and I fell in love with it. I would listen to songs on the radio and CDs, with some phenomenal bass lines from people like Jaco Pastorious, Louis Johnson, Bernard Edwards, and I decided that that’s what I wanted to do.


GT: What type of bass do you play, and is it the only brand?

Fernando: Just like I dress in a certain fashion; I also have a certain style of instrument that I play. All my instruments are vintage, from the 60’s and the 70’s. I had the pleasure of receiving from Fender, as recognition of my work, a custom-built bass made into the style that I use, a Fender Jazz Bass. This came from a great luthier, Vincent van Trigt, who made it specially for me. In addition to that, I am endorsed by Ernie Ball Music Man, another classic instrument manufacturer that came from Leo Fender, who I consider a genius. So, my instruments come from these two, Fender and Music Man. But I’m also a fan of Gibson, Rickenbacker, if they are vintage, so they sound like what I listen to.


GT: What does your stage setup normally look like? You have your Bass, but what other instruments or accessories do you bring with you? And why?

Fernando: In my show I have always tried to create the same atmosphere from my videos from Instagram. So, I bring some pieces that I have myself, I am a collector of vintage furniture and objects in general. I’ll have on the stage an old dial phone, a tube TV, a record player, a carpet, turning the stage into a familiar and welcoming ambient, while also reinforcing the 70’s concept I bring with the music I play. As for equipment, I always use a valved amplifier and a good compressor, my sound is essentially very clean.


GT: We must ask you about your inspirations. Who were some of the inspirations to you as an artist? What bands did you listen to growing up?

Fernando: That’s a difficult question, a lot of names come into my mind when thinking about it. I would say some of the main ones are Led Zeppelin, Chic, Earth Wind & Fire, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Steely Dan, Doobie Brothers, and many others.


GT: What are the bands that you listen too now, and who would you like to perform with?

Fernando: Even nowadays I still listen to bands from the 60s, the 70s, the 80s. I really enjoy listening to Jazz, I’m a jazz aficionado. I like artists such as Bill Evans, John Coltrane, Charlie Parker and Herbie Hancock. As for the artist I would like to perform with, I can start with Herbie Hancock, which is someone I admire a lot, Steely Dan, which is a very important band in my development, and I have been recently invited by The Allman Brothers Band, an amazing group, to play with them on stage, which really honored me. It is very nice to find artists that you have as a reference to now become part of your life.


GT: You are one dynamic bassist. When all is said and done, what do you want to be remembered for?

Fernando: I would very much want to be remembered for the quality of the music that I play, as well as for maintaining alive the tradition of such important bands of global music. I am happy to present newer generations music that they do not know, while at the same time making so that the generations who know these songs remember things from their past that were important in their lives. So, I would like to be remembered as someone who bring joy to people, someone who is passionate about music, and to show how music can change you, change your day and transform everything. Music is transforming, it transformed my life. That’s what I want to be remembered for.


GT: That is awesome. We are certain that we want to have you back for another interview. How does that sound to you?

Fernando: For sure! I’ll be happy to be back here for another one. It is always a pleasure to talk about what we love. Thank you for the opportunity you gave me. I regard the magazine with a lot of prestige, because it is a channel that brings amazing music and musicians in a great way. Congratulations for the interview, I loved the questions and I’m ready for the next one!


GT: Excellent we look forward to it. Thanks again.

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