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Posted: December 5, 2023
Learning how to be vulnerable involves a willingness to accept emotional risk

Cover Photo provided by: Nadia Lanfranconi

Vulnerability - Vulnerability is a state of emotional exposure that comes with a degree of uncertainty. Learning how to be vulnerable involves a willingness to accept the emotional risk that comes from being open and willing to love and be loved. A fear of vulnerability is a very common fear.

I think of vulnerability as a respectful fear of the unknown. Not a debilitating fear, or fear that something dreadful is going to happen. However, not all individuals think the same way. The words used to describe vulnerability are often spoke or thought about without needing to express the term vulnerable. This article is not about the day-to-day risk of sharing your emotions. The application is for those artists who are accepting of this fear and find a way to overcome it. I have interviewed many artists that live on the edge of emotional risk. They share their heart and soul when they comprise or produce a song. The lyrics can be so intense that they literally are exposing themselves to emotional risk. They realize the possible outcomes, with their music not being understood or appreciated. However, they move forward despite the degree of uncertainty.

We thought about Nadia Lanfranconi when we developed this article. She is an extremely talented artist with her own degree of vulnerability. Being open to share herself with fans has enabled her success.


Triple threat singer-songwriter/ actress and painter with a little Italian drawl that seems to disappear only when she sings, Nadia Lanfranconi was born and raised in Lake Como, Italy.
Self-taught guitar player and drummer, don't get fooled by the tomboy rock attitude with no filter, her sweet emotional vocals reveal her feminine side and vulnerability that allowed her to be successful in other artistic fields so prominent in a town like Los Angeles, CA, where she currently resides.

Latest Release Sept 2023: Die 

With this new single she’s moving into a new direction by going back to her roots, rock music, catered by one of the masters in the field, Chris Lord-Alge who kept the perfect balance between powerful distorted guitars and her sassy clean vocals. 

There is so much more to Nadia Lanfranconi, which is one of the reasons for this interview today.


Guitar Thrills: Hello Nadia. This is our first-time interviewing. So, welcome to Guitar Thrills Magazine. We enjoy your sound on every level. Then when I reviewed your BIO, I discovered what was the source of such an influential vibe. I believe I am on point, when you mentioned that there are vulnerabilities that contributed to your success.

Guitar Thrills: Why do you think there may be artists hesitant to express their vulnerability in their music? Is it as easy as saying “because they are afraid”?

Nadia: Cause they’re human, ( beside Keith Richards, he’s something else and will outlive us all ),  and humans struggle with being vulnerable with them selves already.  Artists should be here to set a different example and be the voice of the collective, should tho doesn’t mean it’s always the case, we all have our own journey, God knows, maybe he’ll tell me one day.

Guitar Thrills: What do you believe gives you the upper hand on other artists, when you express your vulnerability?

Nadia: I don’t feel like I have to upper hand but I definitely have a middle finger that’s up more than it should sometimes, it hasn’t been easy being a female artist and deal with the challenges we are presented with, sometimes we have to put up stronger boundaries. I’m resilient tho, that I can say, maybe I have a harder shell cause there ain’t nothing you can say to me to bring me down I haven’t already heard from my dad, lol. I’ll cry for a minute and then I’ll be on my merry way, me and my middle finger..

Guitar Thrills: We expressed some of the things that define being vulnerable. Fear being one of them. Is there a challenge that you had to overcome that contributed to your fear of writing, or performing?

Nadia: Yes, I had stage fright as a kid. Like bad!  As far as writing I struggled with conveying feelings into words at time as they can be overwhelming and our brain tries its best to translate the claustrofuck we have inside. Excuse my French. Altho I’m Italian so, excuse my Italian.

Guitar Thrills: Do you still believe that expressing yourself from the heart makes you vulnerable?

Nadia: I believe it’s the only option at this point, courage lives in the heart and it takes courage to be vulnerable so yeah, that precious box we have in there is full of surprises we’re meant to discover. When we don’t , we become robots, which is unfortunately what’s happening more and more in our society. AI…but like Joe Walsh said “ AI can’t destroy a hotel room”, best answer ever.

Guitar Thrills: I mentioned that you continue to experience success in the music industry. What has been that one thing, that helped you identify that you have become successful?

Nadia: Honestly, I don’t know any artist who actually feels successful, I mean really, doesn’t matter how much money or how many grammys they have, we’re constantly in competition with our selves and maybe real success is all about being authentic in life. I’m always asking my self that, am I being authentic in how I show up in life, including in music? Sometimes I was not! This year I’m making it a PRIORITY. I say it here too, it’s printed, done, and I intend to keep this promise.

Guitar Thrills: What are you currently working on, that you would like to tell others about? Is there a time frame for completion?

Nadia: I’m mixing a new song I wrote a few months ago when I went through some real shit storm. I felt betrayed in ways I haven’t known before, it was a process, a beautiful one at the end, I came out on the other side different, if I haven’t seen you in a while I might have to reintroduce my self. Should be done soon, stay tuned.

Guitar Thrills: What has been your inspiration for pursuing a career in the music industry?

Nadia: Other artists, honestly, there are some incredible ones out there, some are friends, so inspiring, they humble me and elevate me at the same time.

Guitar Thrills: Many artists believe that they have so much more to express through their musical talents. If that is how you feel, what is there to accomplish, or what would you like to achieve?

Nadia: I want to do anything that’s who I really am, is that cheese? I mean it. If that shows up in music or different avenues that’s God’s call, I’m open to his plan.

Guitar Thrills: What type of instruments do you play, and who stands out as your favorite brands?

Nadia: Guitar, piano occasionally, used to play drums also. I would like to give a shoutout to D’Angelico Guitars who have supported my journey and brought their beautiful instruments to me every time I needed,  there’s nothing better in life than receiving an instrument, it’s a blessing, truly.

Guitar Thrills: We would like to invite you to come back and talk to us at your leisure. We know you are busy, but we are always open to speaking to you. Thank you for your time today.

Nadia: Thanks to you guys, seriously, anytime!

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