Fear of the unknown. Overcoming barriers to success.

Posted: November 9, 2023
“The thing that frightens us most in a person or in a situation is, almost always, the unknown aspect of it. The moment it becomes known and familiar to us, fear and tension disappear.” – Anonymous

This is an excellent quote about the fear of the unknown. Which explains what it’s like getting into the music industry. There isn’t anything to fear under the typical definition of what frightens you. The unknown is causing all types of feelings and uncertainty. After all, success is never promised or guaranteed. Especially when it comes to the music industry. Regardless of how good you are at your craft; the unemployment line always awaits struggling musicians and artists. How do you cope with the fear of the unknown? It starts with building a foundation on the things you can control. Which includes a fallback plan. While you are working to build a career in the music industry, you can plan for the unexpected. Some may feel that all the money they make from gigs needs to be reinvested into their music career. This seems feasible, but is it smart? No. Money that you receive from gigs should go into a “savings account” or under your mattress. 😊

Focus on your education, and an alternative path. Not all resources need to be invested into a career that doesn’t promise success. An education, from either a community college or technical school is ideal. This will help build your confidence and reduce the fear of what is unknown. Moving forward. We are here to interview talented artists in the music industry. Today we have welcomed MIKY MIK as our guest.


MIKY MIK picked up guitar at 14 and hasn’t put it down since. She’s skilled in a variety of genres of music, focusing mainly on pop/rock/alternative with an electronic twist that is easy to dance to. Since adding vocals to her repertoire, she’s continued to grow as a lyricist, producer, and front man. She has been involved in several bands and collaborations in LA including Mik & Maxi, Mik x Yungcarebare, Stolen Audio.

Her modern pop twist on 90s garage band pop punk has allowed her to fit in with a mix of styles as it captures the dynamics of angst and affection.


GT: Interesting topic. Newcomers may not get the sense of it. After all, failure in the music industry is not an option. Even if they fail at first, success is all about failing multiple times. Getting back on your feet after failing is key. While all the popular key phrases have truth to it, they are not soluble solutions. They are fallible. They are meant to encourage and help grasp the reality of failure. However, nothing is better than confidence built upon a backup solution.

GT: Our guest is relatively new to the music industry. Her name is MIKY MIK. It is excellent to have you as a guest today. You have an unusual sound. There isn’t much about you and what has inspired your sound. Can you expound on who MIKY MIK is, and what connects you to your unique style and sound?

MIKY MIK: Thanks so much for having me! My music is a fusion of all the melodies stuck in my head when I'm awake at 3 AM. My lyrics reflect the experiences I've lived and breathed. I pull from many different genres that have influenced me. As this is my solo project, it's all about authenticity and playing what feels right.

GT: Did you get into the music industry with the mindset that you were going to be successful?

MIKY MIK: I leaped into this industry with the hope that I could share my music with anyone who'd listen. Success is about connection – if my music resonates with even one person, that’s it.

GT: Did you have any fail-safe plans in case you were not able to establish the results that you wanted? If so, what is your plan outside of the music industry?

MIKY MIK: Music will always be my first love, but I'm also passionate about academia. As a scientist and PhD student, I have used my creativity in music and in the sciences. Creativity is one thing that will never leave me and will find a way out, in one medium or another.

GT: Do you know when it is time to give up on your dreams as an artist? If so, what is a good indication of it?

MIKY MIK: It's more about evolution than giving up. If something isn't working, you remix it, you redefine it. When the joy in the process starts to fade, that's when you change frequency. But you never, ever stop playing.

GT: I have listened to your music many times. You have an excellent sound, and it reminds me of some of the earlier punk bands. Who have you been inspired by?

MIKY MIK: I've drawn inspiration from the raw energy of punk legends such as Green Day. Being from the Bay Area, like Green Day, they shaped my perspective on sound. But I am also heavily influenced by the Smashing Pumpkins and 90's grunge bands.

GT: Did you ever get a chance to perform with the bands that you grew up listening to?

MIKY MIK: Perform no, meet yes. But there's is always still time.

GT: I noticed that your videos show you performing with a guitar. Is that a prop, or do you play guitar professionally?

MIKY MIK: Defiantly not a prop! I'm very much in love with my guitar. It's my main tool in songwriting and performing. I've been playing since I was 14, and it's as much a part of my performance as my voice.

GT: Do you play any other instruments?

MIKY MIK: I mostly sing and play guitar, but sometimes I jump on bass.

GT: What opportunities have you yet been able to experience, as a musician?

MIKY MIK: I've been able to collaborate with some incredibly talented artists and producers. I've also played the iconic Sunset Strip venues.

GT: Honestly, you have excellent potential for greater things. Guitar Thrills Magazine is a great start. We are so glad to have you join us for a candid conversation. Would you like to come back and dive into some other topic involving the music industry, etc.?

MIKY MIK: Absolutely, it would love to come back! Thanks for the platform and promotion of music!

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