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Posted: January 31, 2024
A fierce animal or person is very aggressive or angry. They look like the teeth of some fierce animal. Synonyms: ferocious, wild, dangerous, cruel More Synonyms of fierce.

In the corporate world the term fierce is used in a different context. We lean on the “very aggressive” portion that defines “to be fierce”. However, the display of anger or dangerous has grown in popularity. Especially within the Heavy Metal genre. If you have observed the bands from the heavy metal genre, it seems that they are taking self-expression to the extremes. The popularity of some of these groups or bands are astounding. They do not represent my version of being “fierce”. Unfortunately, these bands represent what is wrong with society. They engage in on stage behavior that is quite repulsive. Thus, taking on the actions of what is seemed animal like, or dangerous.


There is a generation of music listeners that desire Extreme Heavy Metal music. It is a way of life for them. Though it does alienate an audience that would probably invest in their music. I know this to be a fact. I have interviewed artists or musicians from these types of bands. I know they are talented. To my surprise, they even have other tastes in music genres. I had a conversation with an artist that was captivated by what could be accomplished with a mellow or calm presentation of lyrics and sound. So, it must be true, that certain melodies can quiet or calm the most aggressive personalities.

This article is not intended to create bias or pass judgement upon a specific genre. Our intention is to educate those with a misunderstanding regarding Extreme Heavy Metal bands. Which may include some bands that are on the border line of being considered extreme.

Our guest today is Esmee Van Sinderen. She is a 23-year-old guitarist from the north of The Netherlands. Her guitar career started at the age of 16. Where she played in a Thin Lizzy tribute band for a few years. Still one of her all-time favorite bands! Right after that she joined the heavy metal band Cobra Spell. Where she has been touring with bands such as Ross The Boss, Enforcer and Evil Invaders. In December 2021 they recorded the EP ‘’Anthems Of The Night’’ which was recorded in Madrid, Spain at PKO Studios.

During Cobra Spell Esmee decided that she wanted to start her own band as well. This became an oldskool heavy rock band named Gramophone, starting in the beginning of 2022. In this band Esmee wrote music with Mattis Karlsson (Ex-Dynamite) from Sweden. They did everything with just the two of them. Their debut EP titled ‘Time To Strike’ came out this year which is being mixed and mastered at Pama Studios, in Sweden!

After the split of Cobra Spell, Sebastian Spyder Silva (Unto Others, Ex-Cobra Spell) and Esmee Van Sinderen decided to start a brand new 80’s heavy metal band! This became Neon Black, started at the end of 2022. Currently they are working a lot behind the scenes on everything band related but are thrilled to release our music soon!

Besides music Esmee spends a lot of time on cars and painting. She graduated as a restoration painter and builds her own guitars as well! Whenever she has time left, she works on American muscle cars! Esmee owns a Buick Skylark from 77 and a Chevrolet Impala from 78. Esmee would love to drag race in the future as well! On her Patreon she is restoring a 79 Pontiac Trans Am!


Guitar Thrills: As mentioned earlier it is important for music aficionado’s to completely understand and relate to the branding of Extreme Metal bands. Their branding says a lot about who they are, and how they want to be viewed. In every brand concept, there are artistic expressions that will go over the head of many people. Including fans. After all, it is usually all about the music.

Guitar Thrills: Hello Esmee. Thank you for joining us today for an insightful opportunity. I hope that our first impression didn’t send a mix signal or imply negativity towards freedom of expression. That wasn’t our intent. We are focused on education. With that said, how would you describe your sound? Are you Heavy Metal or an extreme version of heavy metal?

Esmee: Thank you for having me today! Well, I’m really all about the old school! I’m totally in love with the 80’s, and still wish I was born earlier to live it myself in real life. I’m always searching to get as close as possible to the 80’s, the same goes for my sound as well.

Guitar Thrills: Reviewing the art produced, with its lyrics, what message are you sending to fans?

Esmee: For me it’s important that you can be who you would like to be, and don’t get held up because of others. I’ve been bullied a lot in the past, because I was always that person who was a little different. I like old stuff, old clothing, old cars etc. And maybe a few years ago when I was in college this wasn’t really a thing or vibe yet. So, I was a completely weirdo, I was totally fine with it, but others were not. But most important, I always was myself, and I still am. Always will be! People do always criticize others, don’t let that bother you.

Guitar Thrills: Does it matter to you, or even your bandmates what other artists or music enthusiasts think about your genre of music?

Esmee: No. I already heard a few comments like ‘The 80’s has passed, we live now’. But I will still do what I like. If I do what others want me to do, I won’t be a happy person.

Guitar Thrills: What would you say to someone that didn’t appreciate your artistic expressions?

Esmee: Unfollow me and seek someone you do like. 🙂

Guitar Thrills: If you had a chance to win over a specific fan base, what changes would you make to accommodate their taste in music?

Esmee: Nothing, I won’t change myself for anything. My fan base is currently the best! The sweet comments I receive daily are priceless! And you will only accomplish that with being yourself, without faking or winning them for you.

Guitar Thrills: Is there ever a point where you think you may have gone too far with your lyrics or branding content? If so, provide an example.

Esmee: If I don't agree with something or don't support something, I say no in advance. I don't do anything against my will. Because I know I'll regret it afterwards. I think carefully about everything and only do something when I feel 100% behind it.

Guitar Thrills: I really appreciate your honest feedback. Thank you. Now, on to what you are accomplishing in the music industry.

Esmee: Currently I am thrilled to release anything with Neon Black! This is like my 80’s dream and I’m lucky to work together with such amazing artists here! We hope to release our very first single soon! With my other band Gramophone, we just released our debut EP called ‘Time To Strike’.

Besides my two bands I’m working a lot on my own business as well! I own a business in customizing guitars and guitar parts called Studio VS. And soon the new website with new products on it will launch! I’m so excited!

Guitar Thrills: How do you think your future in Heavy Metal will be received?

Esmee: Well, I hope good of course. 🙂 I hope everyone can enjoy heavy metal in a positive way, and I hope more and more people are wanting to crawl back to the 80’s!

Guitar Thrills: From what I understand you are sponsored by Blackstar Amplification. How did that come about, and why that brand?

Esmee: Blackstar came to me to ask if I wanted an endorsement with them. I felt super honored! Blackstar was the first amp brand I owned. And I have loved it since the first day already! So, when they asked me I said yes immediately! I think it’s an amazing brand and I love working with them! They also have beautiful products, some of them even have a super cool vintage look, which I love!

Guitar Thrills: Many musicians have several different brands that they use. Either on stage, or in the studio. Which brand of guitars do you prefer and why?

Esmee: For me, it’s Jackson. I loved this brand since I knew guitars existed haha! They look cool, brutal and have so much variation. I play on the Randy Rhoads and Warrior model the most! I’m just truly in love with them.

Guitar Thrills: Is there a way that you play the guitar that would differentiate you from the other guitarists in the heavy metal genre? What specific things do you incorporate when you play lead guitar?

Esmee: I think it’s hard to say such things about yourself. Because I don't want to imitate a certain person. I do always try to be as energetic as possible on stage, lots of people notice that during the show. What I also noticed about me playing live or in videoclips is that I swing my right hand to the top a lot! I also have a lot of pictures about this movement!

Guitar Thrills: I know I took up your time to get some important questions answered today. However, I think it is important to get to know the message that you are sending, and how to draw a larger fan base. Especially with those that might be hesitant. I would like to have you back again, to answer some more important questions unrelated to this topic. Does that interest you?

Esmee: For sure, I would love to! Thanks for having me! Cheers, Esmée.

Guitar Thrills: Awesome. We look forward to it. Thanks again.

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