"I don’t consider art to be a competition, and I generally prefer songwriting over technical proficiency." - Dallas Busha

Posted: January 16, 2024
If you describe someone as cultured, you mean that they have good manners, are well educated, and know a lot about the arts. He is a cultured man with a wide circle of friends. Synonyms: refined, advanced, polished, intellectual

Photo cover provided by: Dallas Busha

Excellent identification of how an artist should represent themselves. Good manners with the ability to exercise their culture or background would catapult the artist above their competition. However, it can be difficult to distinguish one artist from the other. Specifically, when it comes to the way they conduct, or represent themselves.

Is this topic important? Yes. Publicists often must cover for the behavior of their clients. Much of the song and dance around their actions is because they do not want to lose or affect the fan base. Which will lead to lose in revenue.  I have seen it on many occasions and had to clean up comments or actions for previous clients. I have heard comments that were completely unfounded. Say what you will, but some artists will never be void of spot from their bad reputation.

Our guest today is just the opposite. Dallas Busha is quite the talented guitar player and artist.


Dallas Busha began his career playing in various rock bands around the Tampa Bay area before releasing his debut EP, Moral Compass, in 2021. His eclectic guitar style has roots in jazz fusion and his time spent in the local hard rock scene. Creating harmony and a dynamic sound has always been his core goal as a musician.

His follow-up EP, A Moment Trapped in Amber, is a more personal, acoustic-driven album surrounded by haunting yet memorable hooks. The subject matter includes lamenting lost friends, pushing your own boundaries and love letters to his wife and daughter.

All his music can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, and every other streaming service under the sun.


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You may recall Dallas Busha from a guest appearance that he made with Guitar Thrills Magazine. It was for an Editors Column entitled “Music should cross all boundaries and borders. Connecting humans with a love of music.”

I addressed the following question with Dallas: What message would you like to send to other artists or songwriters thinking about future topics to write about? Is there a better way to convey speech that will be acceptable to the minds and hearts of listeners?

Dallas responded: Write what is important to you, write what you know, write what brings a smile to your face. I can’t speak to those writing about a hot topic because I may not share the same passion or anger as they do. But when writing music, I consider my audience and the message I want to send. I choose not to be irresponsible with the message I want to share, because we never know who we are influencing.

Dallas Busha is back for more questions. We have an entire list of questions that must be addressed. We look forward to what Dallas Busha has to say regarding them.


Guitar Thrills: Hello Dallas. Thank you for joining us today. First, I think you have one of the strongest live stage presences in the music industry. Some artists must try hard at it. It is a constant battle for them. However, you make it look so easy. Where does this natural ability of yours come from?

Dallas: Thank you for having me! I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to play many live performances, and the one word that would sum up my stage presence is “energy”. I’m constantly reaching inward to truly feel the music I’m playing. I want the audience to experience that, too. I’m fortunate that I get to share my music with others, and I think I owe it to them to give it my all. Plus, it helps that I’m just having a lot of fun up there. I’m probably smiling from ear to ear most of the time on stage!

Guitar Thrills: We all refer to inspirations for our music development. Who was your inspiration coming up through the ranks of the top blues artists of all time?

Dallas: I would consider myself more of a folk or rock artist rather than a blues player. Early on, I drew inspiration from the free form playing of early American jazz, and that helped me hone my improvisation skills. But as far as specific inspirations, I’ve got lots. Some of my early heroes were the typical rock and roll guitarists, like Jimmy Page, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and even Alex Lifeson. My taste has grown outward since then. Currently, I’m really into a Polish guitarist called Jakub Zytecki, whose style I would consider avant-garde. It’s very refreshing, and absolutely inspiring. There are so many guitarists out there who rely on flash and technical acrobatics, but that gets old rather quick, doesn’t it? The songs that stick with us in life are the ones that hit a chord with us (pardon the pun). I get inspiration from songwriting, rather than flashy guitar playing.

Guitar Thrills: Sometimes it’s difficult to make a comparison of yourself with other artists of the same genre. Who do you believe you sound like the most? Is there anyone comparable?

Dallas: That’s a great question, and I honestly don’t know how to answer it. A lot of my current style is based around my abilities as a singer-songwriter. I’ve dialed back my technical playing in recent years, and now I play guitar to complement my singing. To that end, I admire players like Frank Turner and the supremely talented Amos Lee. I certainly don’t have the vocal chops that they have, but I like to think my guitar style would be in their wheelhouse. For most of my teenage years, I spent my time playing and listening to punk rock. That formative, no-holds-barred, primal intensity is fundamental to my identity as a musical artist. I would imagine that I still have some of that in my style as well.

Guitar Thrills: I talk to my colleagues about artists that are better than others. How do you feel when your talent is compared with other guitarists?

Dallas: I don’t consider art to be a competition, and I generally prefer songwriting over technical proficiency. I know my scales, I’ve practiced theory, but to that end I wouldn’t consider myself a “great” guitar player. That being said, I’m quite proud of some of my acoustic work, such as “Little Dove Lullaby” on my new album, or even some of my older work like “A Word to Remember”, from when I was in the rock band Dungeon Boss. Both are heavy on finger picking (both songs can be found on your favorite streaming platform). While I’m not a big soloist, I certainly love playing the occasional solo, but it is usually for the benefit of the song rather than me trying to be flashy.

Guitar Thrills: I think if you have what it takes, it’s something that is welcomed. It doesn’t mean that you’re not humble, it is just a reflection of your abilities. The topic of our article revolves around being cultured. Would you call yourself cultured? In what aspects?

Dallas: As cultured as someone who has never left the United States can be, I suppose. I read a lot, and that has always kept my mind sharp, and more importantly, open to new ideas and viewpoints. It’s important to have strong opinions, but it’s equally important to learn about opinions you don’t agree with and to dissect them. This definitely helps to broaden one’s perspective, and I would argue that it creates more compassion in a person. Anyway, I used to consume anything I could find about eastern philosophies like Taoism, and I also love the Great American Writers of the mid-to-late 20th century, like Kurt Vonnegut and Tom Robbins. I really do enjoy unique… even quirky… writing. Literature is an art form, and when someone comes along and stretches the boundaries of the form, we all profit from it. Just like music, really. Growing up, I had a tendency to be a sponge, and I like to think that a lot of what I’ve read has shaped my perception of life.

Guitar Thrills: I believe it adds to the character of an individual. Which is why our focus revolves around traits that make artists unique. What would you say makes you different than those who perform in the same genre as you?

Dallas: Maybe my most unique aspect as an artist is that I don’t have a specific genre. I’m influenced by everything I listen to, which is broad. I believe that, as a musician, and an artist in particular, it’s important to broaden your horizons. I was weaned on punk rock, and I’ve always carried that aesthetic with me. But my different moods call for different music. If I’m cleaning the house, I may be listening to indie pop or synth, like a group called Vallis Alps. If I’m working on a project on the computer, I might have classical music on. If I’m relaxing, it’s most likely something like Daniel Herskedal, who is just this amazing jazz tubist. But if I’m in the mood for some great guitar, there are so many good ones to choose from. It’s really a matter of personal preference, isn’t it? I happen to love John Mayer, someone that my wife got me into. He is an understated bluesman and incredible acoustic guitar player. So, I suppose, to answer your question, I hope that all of my disparate tastes in music show up in the songs that I am writing and sharing with the world.

Guitar Thrills: What has become your biggest achievement to date?

Dallas: Hearing my 7 year old daughter singing my songs! It always brings a smile to my face. If no one in the world ever hears or enjoys my music, that’s okay because my daughter sings my songs.

Guitar Thrills: Looking back, who is that one artist that you have performed with, that is unforgettable?

Dallas: I live in the Tampa Bay area, so I tend to play with a lot of local artists, who all have their unique talents. However, I also perform part-time in a 90s rock cover band called Remnants Altar. The guys are incredibly talented and I’ve certainly learned a few things playing with them. Our singer is a step above. He has a commanding presence on stage and a wonderful voice that can mimic every singer he emulates. This has certainly been a big influence on my own singing and performing.

Guitar Thrills: What do you want your fans to know about you? Maybe something that is undiscovered to date.

Dallas: I perform all my new, unfinished songs on TikTok and Instagram. I guess that would count as something people don’t know?

Guitar Thrills: What are you currently working on? Is there any new released or promotions that we can look forward too?

Dallas: I’ve got a new album in the works! Most of the songs are finished. My writing ebbs and flows, but my muse has been gracious and I’ve been very inspired lately. My new single, which is out now, is called “rinse and repeat”, and is a bit folky and a bit punk. However, my most recent album, called “A Moment Trapped in Amber”, is still relatively new and I’m really excited about it. All of my music can be found on pretty much any streaming service on the internet.

Guitar Thrills: As a guitarist, what is your “go to” guitar, and why?

Dallas: Lately I have been playing a lot of rock and punk, and for that I use a tricked-out Xaviere, specifically a Les Paul clone that has a fat, warm tone, thanks to some custom humbuckers. But for clean songs and my live sets, I always play PRS guitars. I’ve always loved the action on a PRS and the look of their guitars are absolutely beautiful.

Guitar Thrills: Excellent. We look forward to talking to you again soon. Would you be able to make room in your schedule for another interview in a month or two?

Dallas: Absolutely! Thank you for this opportunity.

Guitar Thrills: Nice. Thank you for taking the time to speak to us today.

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