"Every artist has their own musical personality, DNA and sound."- Lari Basilio

Posted: September 7, 2023

I have interviewed many artists that have dedicated their abilities to their upbringing. The musical aspirations of an artist are often due to childhood development. The inspiration of a mother or father to undertake a musical instrument is very strong. Especially if you live in a diverse or multi-cultural home, or country. An influence from a mother or father is so striking, that it can determine the musical path that a child undertakes.

This may not be true for all artists, but it applies to many of those that we have interviewed over the years. Family tradition in a musical setting provides artists with endurance, accomplishment, and value. Do you recall when an artist wants to thank someone for their achievements? Normally, they have to thank their family. Including Mom and Dad. Afterall, without their direction from an early age, they wouldn’t have become an accomplished artist, or performer.

This calls to mind, an artist / performer from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Her name is Lari Basilio. If you have are familiar with Lari, then you know she has a wealth of natural ability and talent. Guitar Thrills Magazine wants to know, just how much of an influence her family had on her. With a bit of research we found that at the age of 4 she started studying the organ. Then at the age of 8 her father taught her first chords on the acoustic guitar. Which she then fell in love with the guitar. The rest was history. She went on to becoming an accomplished guitarist that is well known throughout the world. Give consideration to just some of her accomplishments:

In 2011, Lari started working on her instrumental five-song Extended Play (EP), named, simply, Lari Basilio, which features Felipe Andreoli, bass player of Angra. The EP was produced by five-time Latin Grammy winner Lampadinha.

Her second original work, the CD and DVD “The Sound of My Room“, was released in August, 2015 at Cine Belas Artes in São Paulo. “The idea of taking instrumental guitar music to a movie theater proved (to be) a creative initiative (equal to) the compositions of Lari Basilio,” said Guitar Player Brazil magazine in its October , 2015 issue. The 10-song package includes a mini-documentary and behind-the-scenes footage on the DVD.

Lari won the instrumental category of the Samsung E-Festival in 2014 and performed for a crowd of 15,000 alongside Keb’ Mo’ and Quinn Sullivan at the Samsung Best of Blues Festival in Brazil. She has also opened for guitar clinics by Paul Gilbert and Andy Timmons and appeared at the Malibu Guitar Festival in 2017, alongside Steve Vai.

She was also invited by Joe Satriani to be part of the G4 Experience 2019.

Lari’s original work, “Far More” album, was recorded at Capitol Studios in Los Angeles with an all-star band: Vinnie Colaiuta (drums), Nathan East (bass) and Greg Phillinganes (keys/piano). Also bringing two very special guests: Joe Satriani (on the track Glimpse of Light) and Siedah Garrett (on the track Man in The Mirror, for which Lari created a new arrangement).

In January 2021 Lari Basilio released, in partnership with Ibanez Guitars, her first signature guitar, the Ibanez LB1. The guitar also features the Lari Basilio signature pickups developed in partnership with Seymour Duncan. Lari Basilio’s most recent album “Your Love” was released on August 5th, 2022 and debuted at high positions on iTunes Rock Charts around the world. The album features once again Vinnie Colaiuta (drums), and also the bass players Sean Hurley and Leland Sklar, and Ester Na (keys and piano) recorded at United Recording Studios in Los Angeles.

Needless to say we had to know more about this amazing talent. Our ears were pleased by what we heard. Even her style and grace was profound. We had to know more about this dynamic guitarist.

Interview with Lari Basilio and Guitar Thrills Magazine

Guitar Thrills: First of all, I want to mention how excited we are to interview you. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule.

Guitar Thrills: This particular topic is a favorite of mine. Tradition is very strong within my family. Thus many things that impact my life is based upon family values, and influences. I mentioned that your father had taught you a couple of chords from childhood. When did you first decide that you were going to be a guitarist?

Lari: On my teens I already knew that music is what I would like to do for the rest of my life. It has always been something so strong inside of that it never let me give up on it, even with all the adversities that I faced.

Guitar Thrills: When I was younger I tried playing the guitar. I even took lessons, but never had the patience to continue. My brother did, and he became very successful at it. Did you have to learn more from a guitar teacher, or does guitar playing come natural to you?

Lari: For a few years, I tried to improve and learn a few things by myself, but using as a foundation those first chords that my dad taught me and also, the music theory that I learned during my years studying organ. Later, I took lessons with some private guitar teacher from my hometown São Paulo, which really made me go a step further. I believe we can improve by ourselves but the presence of a teacher is really important and will help the student to unlock things with ease and organization.

Guitar Thrills: Do play the guitar well, is a privilege and talent. There is a saying “that all you need to learn is 4 chords”. If you wanted to limit your experience using the guitar, than I guess that would be true. What is the extend of your guitar skills? Have you ever compared yourself with other guitarists?

Lari: I think we’ve all done some comparison at least once, right? But, with the years, I understood that in the same way we are unique people we are unique musicians. Each one has their own musical personality, DNA and sound. Some have already found their voice and how to put it out, others are on the way to discovery. It’s the process and it should be really fun and enjoyable.

Guitar Thrills: Do you believe that there is still room for improvement?

Lari: Absolutely! I think there’s always gonna be, and that’s something I’ll keep seeking.

Guitar Thrills: I can’t see where you would need to improve. You are an example of what you can accomplish when you apply yourself to learning the guitar. There is no doubt dedication to guitar playing is also needed. What would you say to those, that are having a hard time learning? Should they give up, or keep trying? Is there a particular method that you used in overcoming any challenges learning how to play?

Lari: There’s no shortcuts or secrets. You just need to put in the work. As cliche as it may sound, it’s the truth. It’s all about the hours you spend working on your instrument. Progress doesn’t come overnight. It takes years, but it’s worth it and rewarding. You just gotta enjoy the process and have fun! Results will come!

Guitar Thrills: Who would you say is your biggest guitar idol? Is there someone that you wish you played like now, or in the past?

Lari: It’s really difficult to say who is the biggest because I really have many guitar heroes that have influenced me so much. Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Andy Timmons, Steve Lukather are some of them, just to mention a few. All of them have contributed somehow for the musician that I am today.

Guitar Thrills: That is pretty awesome. While we have a moment, I would like to tell our readers, where they can see you perform?

Lari: Right now I’m doing a guitar clinic tour across UK and Europe. Soon I’ll be announcing new dates of concerts with band. They will be announced on my website:

Guitar Thrills: Also do you have any releases or tours that you would like to mention?

Lari: Yes! I have just released a new album called “Your Love”. This album is a very special one and I have the pleasure of having legendary musicians recording it with me: Vinnie Colaiuta on drums, Leland Sklar on bass, Sean Hurley on bass and Ester Na on keys. Honored to have them part of this! This album is a collection of uplifting tunes with a modern approach to the sound. “Your Love” is available to stream everywhere and physical copies can be purchased at my website More info about me and my previous albums as well can be found on my website.

Guitar Thrills: Again, I want to thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for us today. Please let us know if you ever want to promote your music, or products. I know you have your own line of guitars as well. Feel free, to share any information with us, we will be happy to pass it along to our readers.

Lari: Yes, I have a signature guitar developed in partnership with Ibanez, the LB1. This guitar was designed with the intention of being a super versatile instrument and it really covers so much ground in terms of tones. It also features my signature pickups from Seymour Duncan. I’m proud to be working with some of the most legendary brands in the industry. Laney Amplification is also part of my sound and the Lionheart is my favorite amplifier out of their line.

Thank you guys for having me! Such a pleasure to talk with you! Looking forward to talking more in the future. All the best and God bless!!!

Guitar Thrills: Excellent. We look forward to speaking to you again.

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