New UK Band KillerStar with David Bowie Collaborators, Album out in March 2024

Posted: November 8, 2023
KillerStar is a new British band led by Rob Fleming (vocals, guitar, synths) and James Sedge (drums) who will release their debut album on March 1, 2024. With songs written by Rob and James, the self-titled album features an array of David Bowie’s most trusted collaborators as guests throughout: Mike Garson on piano, Earl Slick and Mark Plati on guitar, Gail Ann Dorsey and Tim Lefebvre on bass, Emm Gryner on backing vocals, and Donny McCaslin on saxophone. Collectively they have crafted a sound which fuses the scale of classic rock with sophisticated harmonies and elements of art rock.

KillerStar recently shared the video for their second single “Falling Through.” It’s an ambitious, audacious adventure of a track, a song of two halves which recalls Pink Floyd in the way that it begins as a ballad before taking off on a journey into the cosmos via a soaring saxophone solo from Donny McCaslin (a contributor to Bowie’s Blackstar album). Watch the imagery-rich video HERE.


Watch the video for their debut single “Should’ve Known Better,” directed by JJ Eringa HERE.


KillerStar make a striking first impression with the critically acclaimed “Should’ve Known Better.” It’s a big-sounding song rooted in Rob and James’s love of timeless music from the early 1970s to primeval rock ‘n’ roll and sleek hard rock, but its synth textures and driving guitar driven intensity provides a contemporary edge too. Rob’s voice—a vocal delivery filled with drama and conviction—adds another distinctive element, especially as it’s complemented by sophisticated, hook-laden harmonies from Emm Gryner. Mike Garson contributes beautiful avant garde piano, and Gail Ann Dorsey provides driving, melodic bass lines that lock in with the powerful drums from James Sedge. As Guitar World noted: "Crunchy hooks form the bedrock of the track, which weaves together interstellar synths, kaleidoscopic electronic soundscapes and ethereal harmonies."


Collectively, KillerStar’s musicians have contributed to almost every era of Bowie’s vast discography, from the landmark Aladdin Sane to the final goodbye of Blackstar. Although, while the KillerStar name references one of Bowie’s relatively deeper cuts, “Should’ve Known Better” really doesn’t feel like an homage to The Thin White Duke. And that’s simply because it was never intended to be one. Rob andJames had recorded the first KillerStar demos independently, without any advance planning on who else would be involved.


Earl Slick says, “Since Bowie died, we’ve all gone off in different directions, but with this album we worked on new material and that was great.”


As you’ll hear on KillerStar’s album, there are fleeting touches that recall classic Bowie moments, but really this is something altogether new and exciting. Bowie chose these musicians for their unique style and ability, and that is what they have brought to the record: reunited friends and some new connections, all playing to complement the songwriting rather than to retread the iconic music they created alongside their visionary former leader.


As Emm Gryner considers, “The Bowie alumni have a very special bond and we always will. David united us in a truly special way, where we spent a lot of time together, and to be able to hear each other again in this way was unique.”


KillerStar’s debut album will be released on March 1 on CD, black vinyl, a limited edition 180-gram gold vinyl pressing, and digital formats. The album was mixed by Dave Eringa (Manic Street Preachers, The Who), digital master by Joe La Porta at Sterling Sound, vinyl master/cut by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios.


KillerStar will play a special UK album launch show at London’s 100 Club on March 16th. Rob and James will be joined by three of the key musicians on the album in the shape of Earl Slick (guitar), Mark Plati (bass) and Emm Gryner (backing vocals), and the line-up will be completed by keyboardist Dom Beken (Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets, The Orb).

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