Painting the perfect painting through the an emotional connection with your music.

Posted: February 21, 2023

With the experience of success comes confidence and trust that you are on the right path. It is a sign that your fans are consuming your music and making it their own. It is easy for fan to fall in love with the music that they here. However, Guitar Thrills Magazine begs the question: Do artists fall in love with their own music? It Almost sounds narcissistic. Yet, question takes on a whole different vibe when you consider the context.

We often stress the need to listen to the lyrics. Avoid getting caught up in the beat. If you fail to hear what the artist is saying, then you have missed the point. Most musicians sing from the heart. They put their emotions behind each intro, verse, or chorus. These are some essential building blocks for a successful song.

Behind that though is a “picture”. A perfect painting of expression. Therefore, many musicians are considered artists. It is because they know how to put these building blocks together to create a masterpiece. Notice, not all musicians can be artists. There is nothing wrong with being a musician. However, taking it to another level, differentiates you from the pack. It will also help you to become successful within the music industry.

Our guest today is Seraina Telli. She has a lot of experience creating music with emotion. The perfect lyric is essential to the start of a song that will last forever. At an early age she has been focused on building a career as an artist. In is our opinion that she had done so. What goes into creating songs, that are unforgettable? Do artists fall in love with their own music? What resource do they pull from to create songs that are heartfelt? Let’s direct our attention to our special guest today.



“My versatility is my greatest potential! I'm very good at really drawing on all things. " Colorful-loud-different-and above all-unique! With a style of music that “Straight in your Face Rock” couldn't describe better. The charismatic Swiss singer leaves a lasting impression. Visually and musically. Her music is as colorful and varied as her hair colors, one of her typical distinguishing features. The multi-talent is reluctant to be tied to one style, as her previous musical career shows. As the former front woman of the Swiss heavy metal band “Burning Witches”, she shook the stages of major rock festivals.

Now the time is ripe for her solo project, named after herself: Seraina Telli. Together with Rico H, the convincing drummer of "Stoneman" and "AnnaLux", and bassist Alice Lane Pandini, who already supported "Rammstein" co-founder. Richard Kruspe in his band "Emigrate", she recorded an album that impressively shows the creative path the multi-faceted artist has taken. "I am what I am and that's just right!" This message is very important to Seraina Telli. She wants to motivate other women to believe in themselves, to be completely with themselves and, above all, to stay that way. Seraina Telli combines everything that the modern rock world urgently needs great songwriting, vocal power, musical versatility, artistic depth, and a strong attitude. Coupled with her authenticity, she is the ideal mix of power woman and promising young artist.



GT: All I have to say is…wow!!! I don’t think I could ever get tired of hearing your music. The same could be said from your fans as well. You continue to move your listeners with the emotion that you project through your voice. What would you say is the most intricate part about songwriting?

SERAINA: Hello and thank you so much! I’m happy that you like my music. The hardest part of writing songs is creating something catchy and familiar without sounding cheesy and predictable. Which is a fun challenge actually.


GT: I opened this interview with a topic involving heart, and emotion. Both are important in convincing your listener that you relate to their experiences. Of course, not everyone will experience the same thing. However, emotion is important in expressing lyrics and connecting with the hearer. This is my opinion, but I want to know what you personally think. Do you draw on one source when you right music? If so, what is it?

SERAINA: I get inspired by life every day. There are so many things happening, good and bad things, so I never run out of stories haha. When I write lyrics I want to speak out. Talk about things people have to confront although they maybe don’t want to. I believe that music is the key to the peoples mind and heart and it can change the world for the better. That’s why lyrics are so important to me.


GT: You played major roles in the success of multiple bands. What impact has that had on your confidence to write lyrics that is adored by almost anyone that loves rock music?

SERAINA: Thanx! I've been very confident about my songwriting for some time now, which of course has to do with the success of the songs I've written or co-written. Confidence comes with quantity and knowledge. I know a lot about music theory and arrangement which makes it a lot easier to write good songs.


GT: There is a belief that the city that you live in, will be the one that will provide you the most opportunity for success. Is there one city or state that has added to your success as an artist

SERAINA: I live in Luzern which is a very creative city. It was a big change in my life to move there and one of the best decisions I’ve made- So yes it has had a good influence on my work till now 🙂


GT: In our book, you have paved the way for other musicians to enjoy success in the music industry. When will you be able to identify, that you have become a successful music artist? Is it money, popularity, sales, or it a combination of those things?

SERAINA: I would say a combination of all because it all comes together. I don’t make music to be famous or rich. I want to communicate with people but this is only possible if people know me right? And I can’t produce new material if I don’t have money so it’s all needed.


GT: I had an interview with an artist, that discussed having passion without discouragement. They were convinced that it was possible, and that is how they continued to thrive within a competitive industry. There are frustrations, and disappointments. I guess you could say that about any industry or career. How are you able to cope, and move forward regardless of the challenges?

SERAINA: Well it’s a challenge and this is exactly what I want in my life. I see it a little bit like a game. You need to be smart and have a strategy. Sometime you f*** up but then you just learn and do it differently the next time. The quality of life increases enormously if you look at it this way.


GT: From your perspective, when is it time to “shelf” a song? Do you ever consider them too old to promote? Each of us, have our oldies. Some artists wouldn’t be called legends if their songs were not recycled. Yes, it is important to keep producing new songs. However, do you ever feel that a song has an expiration date to it?

SERAINA: I don’t think that a song has an expiry date. It just has to feel right... Sometimes it doesn’t fit what you are working on right now but maybe another time it’s the perfect fit to the rest of the new album or whatever you're writing. And it’s also always possible to change an old idea into something new. Just try to look at it from another viewpoint and it can be like a great new idea.


GT: The last couple of years have been difficult for us all. Some more difficult than others. When does it become time to focus on other things, instead of the pandemic? Do you continue moving forward with your career, and just take the needed precautions? If so, what methods have you used to promote wellness?

SERAINA: Actually I started focusing on other things then the pandemic right in the beginning. I believe that things are getting bigger if you focus on them and I decided to focus on music and not the Supposed End of the World. It was a very hard time and I had problems with money and other stuff too. But I always knew if I stop making music and working on my future THAT would be the end so I just kept producing. And it paid off!


GT: I believe that there is a time, to start focusing on other topics of the day. There are still wonderful things taking place in society today. However, negativity and fake news seems to take priority over the good. How important is it to you to help others promote healthy thinking? If so, is it through music?

SERAINA: It is through music of course. That’s just the best way to spread joy and happiness. I try to always be positive when I post something and when it comes to writing music. We all create our life, some are more able to do that then others but still, there is always something you can do to be at least a little happier. Listening to good music for example 😉


GT: What is your favorite brand of guitar, and why? Is there a specific sound that you are looking for out of your guitar of choice?

SERAINA: I play Fender Stratocaster because I like the shape. About the sound: in the meantime I have created my own original sound which I’m very happy about.


GT: What is the perfect set up for you for your performances? Is it a simple as always being amped in with an electric guitar, bass, and drummer? What does your ideal stage consist of?

SERAINA: Right now we play the shows as a trio which is a lot of fun! But I could also imagine the setup for the SERAINA TELLI band with another guitarist. Drums, Bass, 2 Guitars and Vocals - bam.


GT: Nice to hear.


GT: Is there a new release coming out, and if so, when? Do you have a particular event that you would like to promote?

SERAINA: Me and my band will be playing a lot of shows in germany in march, april and may which is awesome. Theretoo, I am writing like a maniac lately so be prepared for new music coming up very soon!


GT: It has been a privilege to interview you today, Seraina. I think this interview will set up other opportunities for discussion via interview or podcast. Would you be open to that?

SERAINA: I’d love to! Thank you for the interview. It was nice talking to you. Stay colorful & CU on the road


GT: Excellent. We will keep in touch. Hopefully we can set up something for the near future. Thank you for taking the time to interview with Guitar Thrills Magazine.


GT: In conclusion, we opened the topic with a question. Do artists fall in love with their own music? To some degree, they have too. Again, it’s not a lack of humility on the artist’s part. It’s a matter of the heart, and what is involved in creating “art”. Remember some of the essential building blocks of a song? Intro, Verse, Chorus, all the lyrics that make up each block are expressions from the heart. So yes, if you are talented to use those building blocks effectively, with your songs, then guess what? You will fall in love with the music as well.

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