"We always knew we were good. But again, we weren’t thinking about the big picture, long term, legacy of a decade...". - Gin Blossoms

Posted: March 18, 2024
We were packing the local clubs, so we had a sense that something special was happening. 

Photos credit: Shervin Lainez

 “The idea of 'invoking the muse' suggests a spirit, not a person,” she says. “A muse supposedly provides a source of inspiration for an artist, but that 'source' can come in so many different forms, whether that's posing as an artist's model or just offering advice and support through the creative process.”

How do you overcome a decade filled with inspired song writing and sound. After all, the 80s was an experience of a lifetime for most that lived through it. It was the 2nd British Invasion. Rock / Pop was orchestrated in a way that could never be repeated. Even the hair bands of the 80s had their own trademark.

This is why I appreciated the bands that came on the scene in the 90s. They were accountable for changing the 80s vibe, that was difficult for many to leg go of. I for one, still have issues with moving on. I often get caught up in comparing new artists and bands with those of decades past.

During the late 80s, a band emerged that would help change the 80s dynamic. For many, the 90s ushered in hope, and fondness of what the music industry would accomplish. The Gin Blossoms were a “muse” to many artists trying to find their way out the 80s. They produced quality records and hits, at an alarming rate.

Gin Blossoms were an MTV favorite. As they were invited to perform at the MTV music Awards. They increased their fan base with Smash hits such as “Hey Jealousy”, Allison Road, Until I Fall Away, Mrs. Rita, and “Found Out About You”. The Gin Blossoms were not showing signs of giving up or becoming music of the past. In fact, they are our guests today. With much delight, we get to chat with our muse the Gin Blossoms.


Guitar Thrills: Thank you for joining us for the April Issue of Guitar Thrills Magazine. It is amazing, that we get to interview one of our favorite bands.  

What were your expectations coming out of a decade, that changed the way we listen to music? 

ROBIN WILSON: In our early days our goals were simple but ambitious: to be the best band in our local scene, to sign a major label deal, make a good record, and hopefully get on the radio and tv. No one in the band was thinking: “one day in the future we’ll get paid a small fortune to play private parties and casinos. Let’s do this until we’re old men and have kids.”

Guitar Thrills: Which bands from the 80s were instrumental in helping you create a different sound, that would take us out of a historic decade of music? 

ROBIN WILSON: Many, many, many — The Replacements, REM, The Church, Cheap Trick, The Smithereens. 

Guitar Thrills: Did you feel intimidated or uncertain as to how your music would be received?

ROBIN WILSON: No. We always knew we were good. But again, we weren’t thinking about the big picture, long term, legacy of a decade etc. 

Guitar Thrills: You have experienced much success with your authentic style of music. Did you ever think it would have been as successful? Also, what was the first indication, that you had something special? 

ROBIN WILSON: We were packing the local clubs, so we had a sense that something special was happening. 

Guitar Thrills: First thing I thought of, was they might be just a “one hit wonder.” After all, the 80s were filled with them. However, you started producing smash hits one after another. I knew the Gin Blossoms were serious about their music and would not be content with just one successful release. Who or what do you contribute to your success? 

ROBIN WILSON: We are successful for one simple reason - we write good songs. 

Guitar Thrills: During the 80s and on into the 90s MTV was the platform to be noticed. It was an indication that you made it big. How did you feel about being invited to perform at the MTV Music Awards? 

ROBIN WILSON: We did several awards shows and lots of stuff on MTV, and we appreciate the support from our fans and the notoriety this platform provided us.

Guitar Thrills: Many bands from the 90s era, didn’t make the transition into the decades to follow. Did you experience a point in your music career, where you thought a change was needed? If so, what kind of change did you make?

ROBIN WILSON: Our career sucked during the 2000s. It started getting good again around 2011. It’s been growing ever since. Now we sell more concert tickets and merchandise than ever before. 

Guitar Thrills: Here we are in another decade where the music is quite different. Some of it doesn’t compare to what the Gin Blossoms accomplished over the years. What has kept your group together, and do you often have different opinions regarding the music you currently produce?

ROBIN WILSON: There is great music being produced today. My favorite young band is White Reaper. I hope they have a long and prosperous career. 

Guitar Thrills: What are you currently working on in the studio? Can you give us an indication of what we can expect? 

ROBIN WILSON: We are writing more songs and will eventually record them. 

Guitar Thrills: Will you be touring? If so, where can fans experience the Gin Blossoms in person? 

ROBIN WILSON: We perform about 100 shows every year. All types of venues — stadiums, PACs, casinos, private parties and corporate events, festivals and sheds. 

Guitar Thrills: That is awesome. We really enjoyed getting insight into why the Gin Blossoms can maintain their success. 

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