“I've gone on to meet so many amazing people and gone on to do things I only dreamed of. The fact that this is my career is still mind blowing to me." - Sophie Lloyd

Posted: July 4, 2024
Fame and fortune weren’t part of my expectations. At least until I got on You Tube. I used it as a platform to produce content. I thought that I would be pleased to get 30 views. It turned out to be more than anticipated. Which is when I started thinking this could be a viable career for me.
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Expectations - a strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future.

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I am glad to have heard, and interview artists that excel at their craft. They display an immeasurable skill set that set them apart from others. Guitar Thrills Magazine and website feature the best architects in the music industry. This talented individual is worth engaging. Especially as you discover other talents, that they do not publicly advertise. Often, they are guitarists, but they also play the piano. Maybe they are known for a specific genre but have the voice that can master any type of music. This artist has a plethora of talent. Sophie Lloyd is gifted and unique. She will exceed your expectations of what she has accomplish. You know, she continues to experience success, you are just not sure by how much. To what degree.

Nothing is every guaranteed for any musician or artist. Despite their capacity and knowledge of their art. There are just too many variables that can affect the results of an artist’s career. If you are in a band or a solo threat, you increase your opportunities for long-term success. Surrounding yourselves with individuals with the same purpose increases your opportunities. Your expectations are taken to another level.

I am blown away, by her presentation, and attention to detail. She has been influenced by many accomplished artists. However, she refuses to be compared with any of them. Because she covets authenticity and what she personally contributes to her sound and accomplishments in the music industry.  


Sophie Lloyd (born October 22nd, 1995) is one of the most prolific guitarists on the world wide web, a trailblazer who is redefining the concept of a “bedroom” guitarist. A talented composer and accomplished musician, Sophie graduated from the prestigious BIMM in 2018 with a First-Class Honor’s BMus in Popular Music Performance, honing and refining a talent she has nurtured since childhood.

Since then, she has amassed the kind of following that even the guitar gods she grew up idolizing would be envious of, with a reach surpassing 2.5 million followers across her social channels, built through a steady stream of sharing her talent via guitar “shredleys”, covers and her own original material.

“I started playing guitar when I was around 10 years old after listening to Led Zeppelin in the car with my dad. Because I was a bit of an outcast, I had a lot of time to practice and this gave me an escape from reality, helped me overcome my anxieties and really gave me a sense of fulfillment.”

While her classmates spent their spare time socializing and partying, Sophie would come home every day after school to spend 5 hours practicing on her Yamaha Pacifica, mastering her craft until bedtime.

With roots in classic metal, bands like Iron Maiden, Black Label Society and Pantera have been some of the biggest influences on her lead playing style. She has blended this heavy and technical style with the expression and feeling of blues guitarists such as Rory Gallagher and Joe Bonnamassa. Her rhythm playing is greatly inspired by punk bands such as the Offspring and Misfits. Having learned to play a variety of different genres which are noticeable in her sound, including elements of Jazz, Country and Gospel, Sophie has developed her own unique and creative style of playing and composing.

In search of a platform and community where she could share her material and meet other like-minded musicians, Sophie took to YouTube, enabling her to start building an audience of both fans and contemporaries. 100+ Million views later, it’s safe to say that turned out to be a very good decision.

“I've gone on to meet so many amazing people and gone on to do things I only dreamed of. The fact that this is my career is still mind blowing to me.”

In addition to her own content, Sophie’s talent and popularity has led to collaborations with brands such as Amazon Prime, Hard Rock Café, LiveNation and Harley Davidson, her own Guitar course on Truefire and a stunning performance at Paris Fashion Week for Redemption Brand Clothing.

Most recently, Sophie could be seen shredding on stage as guitarist for multi-platinum recording artist Machine Gun Kelly on his recent Mainstream Sellout World Tour, which included sold out shows at legendary venues such Madison Square Garden in New York and Wembley Arena in London.

At 27 Years Old, Sophie Lloyd is just getting started, with work on her debut solo album in progress and a few other items to tick off her bucket list.

“I think a few of my music-based dreams would be making a collaborative album with artists that I've always looked up to, such as Slash, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai etc... I'd also love to do some kind of tour where I go around to different primary/secondary schools and do a masterclass to encourage younger, especially girls, to pick up the guitar. And finally, I'd like to have my own custom line of guitars with a company that people can buy.”


Guitar Thrills: I often like to refer to the Bio of a guest. It provides some into the accomplishments of the artist that I did not know. However, I also know that some details can be exaggerated. Maybe even misleading. There isn’t anything about Sophie Lloyds bio that inaccurate. Though, I wanted more detail on what was referred to as “bedroom guitarist”. The typical definition is that a person with talent “doesn’t seek fame and fortune”. You could agree with Sophie talent, anything less than fame and fortune would be a disappointment. Thus, I had to find out how this term applied to where she is at in her career.

Guitar Thrills:  Hi Sophie, as mentioned in the introduction of our conversation. I can always pick out something from a person’s bio that will provide some insight into the mind of the person I am interviewing. Your bio mentioned that you are a “bedroom guitarist”. With the amount of success you have experienced, do you still see yourself as a “bedroom guitarist”? (That you not seeking fame and fortune at this point). 

Sophie: That is a great question. When I first entered my career as a guitarist. I did see myself as being a bedroom guitarist. I grew up in a small town. I didn’t have your typical inspirations to collaborate with. I didn’t have any gigs to perform at. Most of my guitar playing was directly from my bedroom. It seemed a bit isolating. Though, I did play in the music rooms after school, and avoided parties. I went directly home to play my guitar. It was part of my escape as well.

Fame and fortune weren’t part of my expectations. At least until I got on You Tube. I used it as a platform to produce content. I thought that I would be pleased to get 30 views. It turned out to be more than anticipated. Which is when I started thinking this could be a viable career for me.

Most people use the term “bedroom guitarists” for guitar players that only perform with the intent to get You Tube subscribers and Views. Their only audience comes from those that view them on screen. For “bedroom guitarists”, there really isn’t a stage physical stage to perform from.

My guitar abilities have transformed into something bigger than I first anticipated. Now, I consider myself a professional guitarist.

Guitar Thrills: I am very happy to experience the performance that you have delivered through Video and online streaming. I thought I saw some of the best performances to date. However, I was wrong, until I saw you perform on You Tube. You are dynamic, intriguing, and unforgettable. Therefore, Fame and Fortune are within your grasp. If that is what you desire to achieve.

Sophie: Fame and fortune are things you desire to have. For me, there is just a limit. I enjoy the success. I also love the recognition for something that I am passionate about. I have put so much work into being a guitar player. The fact, that I can make a living from it, is incredible. If I can become famous, then that would be great. I am not looking to become a “Kim Kardashian”. 😊 Because I do enjoy my privacy as well.

Guitar Thrills: With that said, have you formed or devised a plan or strategy that will enable you to get to that next level of your career?

Sophie: I am at a stage in my career, where I have been planning on which direction I want to go in. I love going on tour. However, I don’t see 100% longevity in it. I love performing before fans. Though, I don’t want to be away from home 8 months out of the year. I am a family person, so I enjoy being around my home. However, I am thinking about minimizing the amount of time I am performing on the live in concert, to just a couple of months each year.

There are some other projects and opportunities that I would like to focus on. Such as transitioning into creating music for video games, animation, T.V. Shows, Movies. I would like to include my guitar playing abilities in projects featuring AI, etc. If the nuclear apocalypse hasn’t happened, by then. 😊

Guitar Thrills: I know that you have toured with Machine Gun Kelley. Is that something you have in mind, touring with other well-known artists or under your own branded name?

Sophie: When I toured with MGK it was easier to accommodate. It wasn’t a tour that required multiple months out of the year. It was several shows, which was a great fit for what I wanted to do. A long tour that consists of 8 months or more isn’t something I would want to do. At least at this point. I try to be open-minded as much as possible. However, what I experienced thus far was enjoyable. We will have to see what opportunities present themselves.

Guitar Thrills: Looking back and what you have accomplished in your career. Is there anything you would have done differently?

Sophie: That is a good question. I don’t think so. Everything seems to have worked out, as it was intended. I believe it comes down to the people you work with. They contribute to the level of your success. I am quite pleased with how my decisions have paid off. I am enjoying the success, those I work with, and the happiness it brings.

Guitar Thrills: What is your motivation to be the phenomenal guitar player?

Sophie: It kind of changes. When I did “delusions” which was my very first LP. It was mean to be a Christmas present for my mom and dad. It really wasn’t supposed to be a public release. I had some t-shirts printed up and present it as a gift. However, it turned out to me more than anticipated. My motivation was my parents. Especially since my dad is a huge rock fan. The Imposters album turned out be one dedicated to my 15-year-old self. All the moments of guitar playing, inspirations, and dedication was wrapped up into one LP.

Guitar Thrills: You made references to certain bands that you came to appreciate over the years. Such as the Offspring and Misfits.  What is it about their style that you appreciate, and what is it about them that you try to implement in your own style?

Sophie: With the Offspring they have a power of raw emotion in their music. They are story tellers. Their music is relatable. Emotional content that is human. I feel that it is beautiful and is lacking in today’s music. The Misfits their drums sound like cardboard. It isn’t the best, audio quality. However, there is passion behind it. It’s not perfect, but there is a rawness to it, that makes it special. Both have the human element that I try to bring into my music as well. Which is some of the reasons why I love both bands.

Guitar Thrills: We both can agree that the Offspring always connected with their audience. With that said, how do you find ways to connect with your audience?

Sophie: Do you mean through music, or everyday life?

Guitar Thrills: Musically

Sophie: I always say that I’m a little fan girl at heart. I enjoy telling a story through my music. Especially with my solo’s. However, I still must work on it. I also refer to the amount of "shreddy" things I can do. I must remind myself to step back, and work with the emotional part, instead of showing off the chops. 😊 I also do a lot of writing on Twitch to get my readers to provide feedback, on certain things I do. I use You Tube to connect with my audience as well. Everything I do is genuine. Often too real, as I like to show them what is involved in being an accomplished guitarist / shredder.

Anxiety is something I battle. Which is something I try to express through my performances, blogs and writings.

Guitar Thrills: I see that you have several guitars in your room. Is anyone specifically considered your “go to” guitar? If so, why?

Sophie: I work with a brand called Kiesel Guitars. They are an American custom guitar company out of C.A. U.S.A. Out of all the guitars that I have, there are a Gibson, and Fender. However, the rest are from Kiesel Guitars. I found that Kiesel Guitars works perfectly for me. I even have my own signature line of Kiesel Guitars. One of the cool things about Kiesel is that they have a custom builder online. So that you can make the guitar completely unique to you. It is forward thinking as not many companies are enabling so many custom features. I have worked with other guitar companies. However, they have lacked creativity. The way their guitars are set up out of the box, is just like magical to me. 😊

Guitar Thrills: That is some great feedback. While we have a few minutes left, I want to get into the “break-through” album of the year. Imposter Syndrome. Do you think the choice should be a “Slam dunk”? Is there anyone that you believe is close to winning the “break-through” album of the year?

Sophie: My album is quite different then some of the other competition. Though I have enjoyed some of the other artists. They have some strong writers from the U.K. scene. I would never say that it is a slam dunk. Hopefully people will vote for me, but just being nominated is a joy and I am super excited. It is an honor, but I want to win!!! 😊

Guitar Thrills: One last question. I don’t hear a lot of vocals from you. So… what is your voice like?? 😊 Do you have the potential to take on a lead singing roll?

Sophie: 😊 LOL… my voice is fine. It’s just not strong. Some say I should stick to guitar. I would love to have an incredible voice. I love Lizzy Hales voice. I wish I could, but its just not me. My guitar is my voice, where I can tell a story through my music. So, we will leave the singing to the real singers, or in the shower.

Guitar Thrills: I am very excited to have you in the January issue of Guitar Thrills Magazine. If the world doesn’t already know about Sophie Lloyd, they will. At least, I will try my best to make sure that happens. We look forward to your continued success.

Sophie: Thank you. These were excellent questions and I look forward to our next interview.

Guitar Thrills: Awesome. We look forward to it. By then we will have more questions for you. Especially since we are now huge fans of yours. Thank you.

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