"Success as an independent artist seemed impossible ..... showcasing a presence on social media has changed all of that". - Stephanie Ryann

Posted: March 22, 2024
According to Music and Tour News, “Stephanie Ryann is set to become one of the genre's most revered artists,” and with a catalog boasting over 500,000 streams across platforms, it's not hard to understand why.

Photo by: Tim Savard

Guard mounting, changing the guard, or the changing of the guard, is a formal ceremony in which sentries performing ceremonial guard duties at important institutions are relieved by a new batch of sentries. The ceremonies are often elaborate and precisely choreographed.

There are special individuals that vow to serve and protect the lives of individuals in their local communities and abroad. They can be police officers, military, EMS, and firefighters. Stephanie Ryann has had her share of serving and protecting her local community as a firefighter. She often calls upon her experiences from her previous career achievements, and those she experienced as a female. This has contributed to her success as a fashion model and a country music artist.

Her connection to her fans comes from her story telling lyrics, and the emotions that are conveyed through her music. Today, we are going to interview this 2020 Artist of the year. But first a bit more about her personal accomplishments as a country music artist.


According to Music and Tour News“Stephanie Ryann is set to become one of the genre's most revered artists,” and with a catalog boasting over 500,000 streams across platforms, it's not hard to understand why. Ryann has had the privilege of sharing a stage with several fellow artists, including Cole Swindell, Tenille Arts, Jamie O’Neal, Jackson Dean, Morgan Myles, and more.  Stephanie Ryann has been featured on an impressive list of media outlets including CMT, Celeb Secrets, Digital Journal, NY"s 94.7, and BCMA and has been named "Artist of the Year" by The Wood Music and awarded "2020 Song of the Year” by Rt 66 Country Music. Ryann has also been named “One to Watch” several times by NSAI (Nashville Songwriter’s Association).


Guitar Thrills: Hello Stephanie. We were proud to note that we have an artist that was previously a firefighter on our priority list of interviews. What factored into you becoming a firefighter?

Stephanie: My family has been part of our hometown department for many years so there’s a heritage there. As a young adult witnessing the experiences from my father and brother in the department, I decided I wanted to follow in their footsteps and become a member. My experience as a member were some of the best times of my life!

Guitar Thrills: Eventually, you became a fashion model. Was it a time for a break from the challenges of Firefighting?

Stephanie: No breaks for me! I was a fashion model in tandem with being a firefighter. My schedule allowed for the flexibility to do both at the same time.

Guitar Thrills: Who were you a fashion model for? What brands were you notorious for representing?

Stephanie: During my tenure as a fashion model, I had the opportunity to work with many brands/magazines including Vince Camuto, Maxim Magazine, Adidas, and Bulova Watches, just to name a few.

Guitar Thrills: We have established that you were both a firefighter and a fashion model. Two career choices, that are so different from each other. Next, you became a country music artist. Wow, do you enjoy difficult assignments, or extreme challenges?

Stephanie: I enjoy a challenge! I’ve always wanted to be part of something that would benefit humanity. Through firefighting I put myself out there to protect the lives of others and to bring more awareness to females in the industry. With fashion modeling I used it as an opportunity to work with companies that made a difference in the community. Through songwriting I can connect with people in a way I always wanted to. I want to touch the lives of others through words and melody.

Guitar Thrills: Why were you determined to get into a highly competitive industry?

Stephanie: I come from the mentality of, “nothing easy is worth doing/having”. I enjoy proving to myself that I can do anything I set my mind to. 

Guitar Thrills: What are some of the challenges that you had to overcome as an artist?

Stephanie: One of the biggest challenges of an independent artist is getting your music heard. There are hundreds of thousands of songs released every day, so it’s not an easy feat to cut through the chaos. I’m still, and will always be, building my fans and my brand to get my music heard worldwide.

Guitar Thrills: Did you know what you were getting into before entering a large market of talent?

Stephanie: I absolutely knew. When I was younger, I never thought it would be possible to enter the music industry as an independent artist, however over the years, releasing music and showcasing a presence on social media has changed all of that.

Guitar Thrills: How have you been able to stand out from the rest? What specific qualities would you say have contributed to your success?

Stephanie: I think being a good human and supporting others is a big thing in any industry. “Rising tides raise all ships,” so I do my best to support those around me as I would want done unto myself. I’ve been told that I have a unique quality to my voice which I think draws a listener in.

Guitar Thrills: Where are some of the venues that you have performed at? At the same time, what are some of the places you would like to play?

Stephanie: I’ve had the honor of performing at several venues throughout Nashville including The Bluebird and The Listening Room. My next goal is to play the Opry stage, which is something I’ve been putting out in the universe to accomplish this year.

Guitar Thrills: Who are some of the artists that you have enjoyed playing with thus far?

Stephanie: I’ve had the opportunity to open for artists including Cole Swindell, Jackson Dean, Jamie O’Neal, Morgan Myles, and Tenille Arts, as well as many artists outside of the country music industry. I haven't had a bad experience yet!

Guitar Thrills: What is different about Stephanie Ryann that makes you different from all other country music artists?

Stephanie: I believe my biggest competition is myself.

Guitar Thrills: What goals will you need to achieve, to say “I finally made it as a country music artist”?

Stephanie: I feel I’ve already “made it” as a country artist. I’ve written and released my own music. That was huge for me. Now it’s continuing up the ladder ... a publishing deal, possibly a record deal and going out on the road with some of my favorite fellow artists to eventually headlining my own tour is icing on the cake.

Guitar Thrills: How far away from your goal are you?

Stephanie: Everyday I’m inching my way closer to my goals. Persistence and patience are the name of the game.

Guitar Thrills: What are you currently working on, and what can your fans expect from Stephanie Ryann?

Stephanie: I’m writing and releasing a bunch of new music this year and will be shooting a few music videos for the songs. I also have a packed calendar for this summer so keep an eye on my website for all updates on touring and new music.

Guitar Thrills: That is awesome. We want to thank you for interviewing. We look forward to having you back soon. How does that sound?

Stephanie: Thank you so much for having me. I’m looking forward to the next time we catch up!

Guitar Thrills: It was excellent to speak to you today. As mentioned, we look forward to speaking to you again soon. Thank you.

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