"I discovered KISS in 1989 and it’s the only band I never stopped listening to so I think it’s pretty normal that they influenced my guitar technique." - The Broken Dolls

Posted: June 20, 2024
We love to drink and party so there are a lot of cool stories regarding the band, but the best one happened some years ago in Hamburg.
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Photo by Enrico Dal Boni

The Brokendolls are a heavy hitting punk rock band from northern Italy.
Formed in 2007, their sound was influenced by bands such as Nashville Pussy, Motörhead, Backyard Babies and hardcore tales of skateboarding.

Their debut album “NO ICE IN MY DRINK” was released the following year and the band has constantly toured Italy since. They also played around Europe opening for international acts like PETER PAN SPEEDROCK, VALIENT THORR, BACKYARD BABIES and HARDCORE SUPERSTAR just to name a few. Since then, they have released two more LPs (Twofiftnine and Wolves Among Sheep on Tornado Ride Records) and one EP (Carillon Infernale on JetGlow Records).

Their explosive live performances got them the attention of VANS that decided to shoot a short documentary about the band in 2021. While their commitment to RNR remains the same, their sound has constantly evolved throughout the years and their new album “SNAKECHARMER” is a perfect blend of punk attitude and heavy riffs! In November 2023 the band amicably parted ways with their drummer So and promptly replaced him with Stopa (formerly of Dirty Dogs)

Manuel: Hey there Casey,It's very nice to chat with you again! We don't see each other since the "Hey Ho Laghetto" Festival in 2018. I've seen you guys released a lot of cool videos, any plans to release some more?

Casey: Hi Manuel, so happy to hear from you after such a long time! Yes, I remember lending you my Hardwood “Heroine” for that show. it has never been played as good since then! I’m glad you enjoyed our videos! Those are the three “singles” from our latest album “Snake charmer”! Unfortunately, we’re not going to release any new stuff soon. But we’re currently working on songs for a new album... hopefully it will be out next year!

Manuel: First! How much your love for KISS influenced your way of playing guitar and songwriting with The Brokendolls?

Casey: Nice question! Well. I discovered KISS in 1989 and it’s the only band I never stopped listening to so I think it’s pretty normal that they influenced, in a way or another, my guitar technique. But to be honest what I write for THE BROKENDOLLS has a little in common with them even if some of my leads or licks are influenced by BRUCE KULICK! It’s a shame that he was not invited at their final

gig last year! What KISS have done in the last 24 years it’s questionable and, if I must be honest, I am more than happy that they finally disbanded... maybe!

Manuel: Guys, in my eyes you look like a proper skate band. How would you define your music? Does it have any bond with the skate culture?

Casey: When Nino, Giordy and Ross formed the band in 2007 they head their heads deep into the skateboarding culture, so it was normal that the band took a lot from that. honesty I don’t dislike it but at the same time I don’t find that culture very appealing. I love to wear creepers and watch football on tv! I think the band sound in 2024 is a mixture of punk rock and hard rock. As I like to say “we’re too metal for punks and too punk for Metal heads”

Manuel: Do you think punk rock is still alive?

Casey: Yes, I think it is. even if I don’t consider the Brokendolls a proper punkrock band the genre (in his various forms) is still very active!

Manuel: What's the craziest thing you have done on the road?

Casey: We love to drink and party so there are a lot of cool stories regarding the band, but the best one happened some years ago in Hamburg. We were playing there on Saturday Nite and then we had a day off before coming back to Italy. We slept almost the entire Sunday and then we went out partying until 6 in the morning! Our flight was scheduled for 9 o’clock. Obviously, we were late and we had to leave our gear at the airport lockers and on top of that while running to the gate our bass player got lost and he wasn’t able to hop on the plane! He had to buy another ticket for a late flight to another airport. I think he arrived home on Wednesday!

Manuel: You have an endorsement deal with Vans. isn’t it? How's to work with such an important brand?

Casey: Yes, our guitarist Nino used to be a pro skater and he still skates daily, so I think that was the main reason why Vans approached us in the first place. We’re happy about the deal we have with them thou. We still get some free stuff once a year, so the guys don’t have to worry about buying new skate shoes ehehe

Manuel: This made me think about Sex Pistols and Vivienne Westwood. Do you think there's a connection between bands and brands?

Casey: I think there should only be a strong connection between the music you play and the way you look or dress! To fall in love with a band I need the full package. There are a lot of bands I like that look like an H&M catalogue or the guy working at the local supermarket. And those band. no matter how much I enjoy their music. can’t find a place in my heart.

Manuel: How do you think internet has affected the music industry?

Casey: I have a love/hate relationship with the Internet and the various streaming services! I love it cos I’m able to listen to a lot of music I didn’t know about, and I can listen to an album before deciding to buy it (the guys my age know the struggle of buying horrible albums based on magazine reviews) But at the same time I kinda hate it cos the younger generations don’t buy any physical stuff and artists aren’t paid enough for their work!

Manuel: Thanks a lot Casey, it’s been a pleasure to chat with you, can’t wait to meet you at the next festival.

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