The priceless and uncompromising feelings of your favorite artist.

Posted: June 20, 2023

It is fascinating to see the eyes of a fan. The way they look at their favorite artist with admiration, is priceless. The loyalty for their favorite artist is almost un-compromising. I can recall wanting to be just like my favorite artist. I tried to look, dress, and even talk like him. For years I tried emulating his speech and how he sings. I am referring to the king himself, Elvis Presley. I watched his movies, documentaries, and interviews. To most people he was an icon. To me, he was like family.

We often think of the fortune and fame that our favorite artists experience. We try to forget or even distort the negative press or stories about our favorite artists. It’s not that we don’t care, we just want to picture our icons through rose color glasses. This is fair, and relatable. Our icons are untouchable. They are perfect in every way. Their lives are grand. At least that is what we tell ourselves.

Life “can” be ugly for many artists. Even those that we put on a pedestal. Many times, something impacts the life of an artist without public knowledge. Often, their Publicist will suggest that they protect all aspects of the artists personal life. Even if it is about a family member. After all, the artist must be seen in a certain way. Remember the comment about our icons. They must appear untouchable or non-human. The picture-perfect artist had to help us feel good about ourselves. Therefore, the experiences an artist undergoes will never be scrutinized by public eye.

Little do you know that the experiences often make it to the songs that you download and save to your playlist. The hurt is in the emotions that are spinning on your favorite vinyl records. The stories are clear and visible. We just don’t see them for what they are.

It is extremely important to get the viewpoint of an artist, who may or may know have experienced anything negative in his life. Though there doesn’t need to be bad experiences, to know the impact it could have. Also, fans should have the appropriate viewpoint regard their favorite artist. We have reached out to Bella Rayne for her input.



Up and coming musician, 15 year old Bella Rayne, is a self-taught guitar wiz who is quickly making a name for herself in the music industry. Her taste in early 70's psychedelic rock and 90s grunge-era music paired with her collection of vintage guitars makes her a standout in live performances and on social media. She’s already joined the stage with heavy hitters like Jerry Cantrell of Alice In Chains and has even picked up endorsements from several renowned companies. Bella has the confidence, poise, and talent of someone far beyond her 15 years and her trademark style and fashion is making waves on social media.

Though music has always been a HUGE part of Bella’s family life, she’s only been playing guitar for 3 years, seriously diving into it during the pandemic. She used her time at home to turn the negativity of COVID into something positive by playing guitar as much as possible. This hobby quickly turned into a passion and Bella found herself wanting to play music night and day. Songs from the 90s grunge/alternative era really inspired her so she watched hours of YouTube tutorials and live concerts to learn all of her favorite covers. “I just kept watching and learning… practicing and practicing, and I surprised myself at how easily I picked it up. I began using Instagram and social media to connect with other musicians and music fans around the world. This fueled my passion even more so I started posting videos of myself playing those covers and learned a lot from the feedback and support I received from others… and it all took off from there,” reminisces Bella.

Bella Rayne lives in a small, coastal town in Northern California where she performs locally, and has been extremely motivated in the studio where she has been working on originals as well. When she’s not busy recording or performing, Bella is an “A+” student and gifted visual artist who volunteers with children's after-school programs at her local community center and even teaches music camps to young children. In addition to continuing with her musical career, her ambitions include attending Berklee College of Music focusing on Guitar Performance and Music Therapy. Please visit @bellaficili Instagram to see her in action and for any news and updates.



GT: Hello Bella. Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for us today. Certainly, it is an interesting subject to cover. We often feel that our favorite artists go through life without challenges or bad experiences. Sometimes is just the total opposite. We just don’t hear all the bad news. Though the media will try their best to cover anything negative about the music industry. What are your immediate thoughts regarding the challenges that artists are faced with? Is it there allot of ugly moments in the life of an artist?

Bella: I think one of the biggest challenges facing artists, especially younger ones, is finding the confidence to really put yourself out there. It’s really nerve wracking to just throw yourself out into the public eye, because not everyone is gonna love you. Some people can be pretty mean and unsupportive so you have to try to ignore negativity and just keep being yourself, even though it’s hard sometimes. I can’t speak for all artists, but life for me has been pretty good so far. I am only 15 but I have experienced a lot of amazing opportunities, thanks to my supportive family, friends, other musicians.


GT: You were at one time a fan, did you have high expectation for the artists you idolized?

Bella: Haha. I definitely AM still a fan and always will be. I think its natural that anyone would hold a high expectation or standard for anyone they look up to or admire. I think that expectation is higher amongst younger fans who look up to their idols as role models and I think setting a good example as an artist is really important.


GT: You have many fans that follow you. Do you try to exceed their expectations of you, their favorite artist?

Bella: I am honestly a bit of a perfectionist to my detriment… I wouldn’t say that I try to exceed expectations, but I definitely aim to always give 110%. I always listen to the suggestions and constructive criticism I receive from my mentors and followers and that’s a big part of what pushes me to make myself better and better. I’m lucky to have such amazing mentors and role models who are so supportive every step of the way: Scott Tarrulli, Robert Sarzo, Rick Friel, Ryan Davis, Alexx Calise, and Zach Nugent are all musicians who have all been in my shoes, and always have my back. My advice to someone starting out is: find your people, and lean on them. Listen to the words of those who you look up to and never give up… keep playing, keep practicing. Put in the work… when it’s hard is when it counts the most.


GT: What kinds of challenges have you faced during your time as an up-and-coming success in the music industry?

Bella: I would say the biggest challenges I have faced have been being overlooked or judged because I am a girl and also because of my age. I think women generally have a harder time being successful in the music industry, but lately it seems this trend may be changing for the better. I also live in a rural town in Northern California, so getting myself out there and finding other musicians to perform with has been challenging. That’s why I lean on social media so much to promote my music. It’s my dream to be able to make a stand in any way against girls being stereotyped. I hope I can make some kind of difference even if its small.


GT: It seems like you have overcome many challenges or trials during your progress as an artist. I must mention that I was impressed by your sound. Who were some of your greatest influences in the music industry?

Bella: It depends! I’m inspired differently every single day, based on what I’m listening to at the time, from Blues, to Southern Rock, to Grunge/Alternative. The 90s Seattle Grunge movement was what inspired me from the start to pick up guitar so my sound is heavily influenced by bands like Mother Love Bone and Pearl Jam. Mike McCready and David Gilmour are probably two of my biggest influences right now. I definitely hear a lot of their style in my playing but I’m working hard to establish my own unique sound.


GT: What kind of changes have you noticed in the industry, that are either positive or that will hurt the music industry?

Bella: I’ve noticed that rock and roll is definitely making a huge comeback. I think this is creating positive changes in the music industry and it seems like the superficiality of the last few decades is fading. I can’t wait to see what the future holds… real music is on the rise again!


GT: Tell us about your gift for playing the guitar? How long have you been doing it, and what is your favorite guitar to play?

Bella: I just dove into it during the pandemic and started spending my time in quarantine teaching myself by watching live concerts and YouTube tutorials. I’ve only been playing seriously and performing for about a year even though I’ve always been exposed to live music by my parents who are beyond supportive of everything I’m doing. I have always felt a soulful connection to music like it’s running through my veins.

Favorite guitar? That’s a tough one! Depends on my mood and what I’m working on.

Love my 60’s Gibson Les Paul Standard and my ‘75 Univox Hi Flier (one of my first guitars) but my favorite right right now has got to be my NEW Fender American Vintage II 61’ Stratocaster. I love the the vintage sound of my Strat and I can already tell we’re gonna make a lot of memories together. Fender makes an all around amazing guitar.


GT: What other accessories do you rely upon as you get ready to perform? In studio or live.

Bella: This is probably one of my favorite questions. When it comes to playing live and even studio time, there’s so much fun stuff to choose from but my pedalboard is a no brainer. Definitely one of my favorite pieces of equipment because I feel like its very personal and being customized with some of my favorite pedals, I think that’s where I can jump in and make a sound that’s really ME.

A “go to” pedal for me is my Keeley Electronics Dark Side, especially the delay feature and if you’re watching me recording OR live you can bet that it’s always on. For sound, I mainly rely on my Orange TH30 rig… can’t go wrong with that iconic Orange sound. Need something more portable? The Fender Tone Master Twin is the way to go. It has a kicking vintage sound, and so lightweight which makes it perfect for session work and smaller gigs. When I hit the road, my Reunion Blues gig bag is always on my back.


GT: What are your plans for the near future? Do you have new releases coming out?

Bella: You can catch me on stage at shows and festivals this Spring and Summer with Boonfire, an Alt/Reggae band from Northern California. They brought me on board to play and record solos for their upcoming album and I’m so excited to be joining them live in the coming months. I’ve also been in the studio working on some original tracks and I want thank The Deep End Studios for all of their support and taking me under their wing. Stay tuned!!! Lots of exciting stuff in the works.


GT: I am glad I had an opportunity to catch up with you. Your style of music is a great fit for the artists we like to promote in the Guitar Thrills Magazine. We will definitely keep tabs on you, and the continued progress that you make within the music industry. Thank you.

Bella: Thank you to Guitar Thrills Magazine for reaching out and having me in this issue. These questions really opened the door for me to talk about some of my passions. Thank you for continuing to support up and coming musicians like myself. I look forward to talking with you again in the future. And thanks to all the readers. Please check out my new website and you can also find me on Instagram @bellaficili.

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