Western Australia To Nashville Honky Tonks: Luke Gallagher

Posted: February 29, 2024
In Luke’s own words, “When I first visited Nashville in 2017, I was given a complete wake up call. I quickly realized I would need to work much harder if I planned on relocating to Nashville.

Photo by: Luke Gallagher

From Perth, Western Australia Luke Gallagher has performed all over Australia and in the U.S.A gaining live experience in packed venues, outdoor festivals, wineries, and intimate spaces. No matter what the event, Luke knows how to tackle a live performance situation.

Performing hundreds of gigs as a live musician since 2010 and playing with many Australian artists such as Adam Brand, Kristy Cox, Travis List plus many more he is highly regarded for his musical ability. Luke is not only recognized for his performances but also his hard work in the music industry, with high praises from some of his biggest musical inspirations such as Brad Paisley, Dann Huff (Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, Michael Jackson), Brent Mason (Shania Twain, Brooks and Dunn, Alan Jackson), Steve Vai, Vince Gill, and David Ellefson (Megadeth).

Luke, an Australian country/pop/rock musician divides his time between Australia and Nashville’s, music city. He has amassed a large following with country music fans and lovers of 'chicken pickin' style guitar.

I caught up with Luke at the Australian, Tamworth Country Music Festival and he shared with me his Nashville experience so far.

In Luke’s own words, “When I first visited Nashville in 2017, I was given a complete wake up call. I quickly realized I would need to work much harder if I planned on relocating to Nashville. Musicians would play live downtown with people they’ve never met and play songs they’ve never heard to massive crowds. The standard set and their expectations would be much higher than I was used to back home. It would take another couple of visits and extensive preparation before I would make the final decision to move in 2021. Even by the time I had made up my mind, I still didn’t feel ready.”

Comparing Australian and American country music he believes it is very similar, but the quality of American musician’s performance delivery is above and beyond.

“I wouldn’t say there is a significant difference. Maybe the lyrical content is different but musically it’s similar. The USA has always been known as a superpower of the world. They strive to be the ultimate best at what they do, whether it be massive companies like Google, Apple, Medical Professionals, Hollywood....with that standard, American country music is going to be much higher in quality and influence Australian country music. It’s more challenging and fulfilling to me to play American country music but it’s always very comforting to play Aussie country music.”

Luke Gallagher has had some incredible highlights this past year including playing over 900 hours in just one year all over the USA. He has created some unforgettable memories and friendships. “Ive really felt a calling to Nashville and truly think God has led me there.”

I’ve been so lucky to play with some incredible artists and musicians. I’ve found my musical skills have gotten much sharper and I feel confident to tackle practically any gig! As great as 2023 was, I have a feeling 2024 is going to bring many more great experiences.

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