“No longer standing in the shadows. Picking up the torch. Blazing speed and success.” - Ashley Suppa

Posted: August 19, 2023
There would always be music playing in the house, specifically Alice In Chains or Tears for Fears, and I suppose that I just absorbed all of that sound to the point where it felt to me like music was in my blood. As I got older, I became more and more passionate about it, thanks to my father’s influence and encouragement.

I am glad to have heard, and interview artists that excel at their craft. They display an unmeasurable skill set that set them apart from others. Guitar Thrills Magazine and website feature the best architects in the music industry. This talented individual is worth engaging. Especially as you discover other talents, that they do not publicly advertise. Often, they are guitarists, but they also play the piano. Maybe they are known for a specific genre but have the voice that can master any type of music. This artist has a plethora of talent. Ashley Suppa is gifted and unique. She will exceed your expectations of what she has accomplish. You know, she continues to experience success, you are just not sure by how much. To what degree.

Nothing is every guaranteed for any musician or artist. Despite their capacity and knowledge of their art. There are just too many variables that can affect the results of an artist’s career. If you are in a band or a solo threat, you increase your opportunities for long-term success. Surrounding yourselves with individuals with the same purpose increases your opportunities. Your expectations are taken to another level.

I am blown away, by the bass playing ability of Ashley Suppa. Most of us are aware that she has been performing with the band Plus for several years. Her attention to detail has made her one of the most influential bassists in the music industry. Ashley refuses to be compared with any of them. Because she covets authenticity and what she personally contributes to her sound and accomplishments in the music industry.

If you recall the interview that we had with Ashley Suppa this year entitled:

“No longer standing in the shadows. Picking up the torch. Blazing speed and success.”

Guitar Thrills Magazine asked Ashley the following question:

I believe that it’s essential for all women to be recognized for their skills and talent. It isn’t a matter of rights. It comes down to facts. The fact is some of the best guitarists and performers is women. There is a long list of names, not even mentioned in the introduction of this article. Do you think there should be a distinction between men and women guitarists? If so, why do you feel that way?

Her response was direct and pointed:

Female musicians should be recognized and treated equally as their male counterparts. Music has historically been a male-dominated industry. Most of the famous rock instrumentalists I looked up to growing up were men because there was this scarcity of female role models in the mainstream. It is important that we keep taking strides towards more female representation and recognition in the touring industry as well as within the commercial music industry.

Ashley Suppa understands her role in the music industry. The value and weight that it carries is enormous. However, she is up to the challenge and is very focused on maintaining her accomplishments as a dynamic female bassist.


Let’s take a moment to review a little bit about Ashley Suppa before we jump into the interview.

When I was six years old, thanks to my dad, I had an amazing experience to sing background vocals on Ace Frehley’s Anomaly album. It ignited my love for singing that evolved into a passion for songwriting. I began studying guitar when I was 12 and found my love for bass guitar at the School of Rock where I learned vocal techniques and refined my live performance skills working with other musicians at the school and performing in local theater.

At 15 I started writing and recording my own songs on a laptop creating demos – one that made its way to the Grammy® nominated producer Alex Salzman who collaborated with me on my debut release. Fashion is also one of my passions that I equate to songwriting, both being ultimate forms of self-expression. My songwriting influences have come from so many great artists like David Bowie, Lady Gaga, The 1975, Tyler the Creator, Dua Lipa and Bruno Mars. I write songs that reflect my personal experiences, feelings and perspectives on life hoping that they empower people of any age to think deeper about their relationships and interactions with the world around us.

As a bassist for Plush, she continues to manifest her stronghold on the music industry. Her talent is surpassed only by what she does to improve her skill set.


Guitar Thrills: I am very happy to experience the performance that you have delivered through Video and online streaming. I thought I saw the best performances to date. However, I was wrong. You are dynamic, intriguing, and unforgettable. What is the source of your talent?

Ashley: Wow, thank you so much for all the kind words! The inspiration behind me pursuing music was that I grew up in a musical family, my dad being a guitar player that I looked up to very much. He has jammed with artists like Mike Starr from Alice In Chains, Ace Frehley from Kiss and some others. When I was very little, I never knew silence. There would always be music playing in the house, specifically Alice In Chains or Tears for Fears, and I suppose that I just absorbed all of that sound to the point where it felt to me like music was in my blood. As I got older, I became more and more passionate about it, thanks to my father’s influence and encouragement.

Guitar Thrills: With any talent, there is risk involved. You must understand what will work within the industry. Did you have any clues, whether your style of performance would work?

Ashley: When you first start in the industry, it feels like uncharted territory. It’s a very strange thing to navigate. I was just out of high school when we began touring, and it was like my life had taken this turn I had truly not expected it to. I was so excited and just in disbelief that we were going to be able to do what we’re doing now. Feedback from others is a key in finding out what works. We played our first show with Daughtry a month after I had graduated, and I had no idea what to expect or what anyone in that crowd would think of the performance that we were about to put on. As soon as our set was done, we were met with such positivity and graciousness from the audience and from Daughtry! Everything just felt how it was supposed to. I think those are the moments that you realize that you’re on the right track.

Guitar Thrills: What is your background? Tells us more about you.

Ashley: I started playing music when I was 6 years old, where I sang backing vocals on Ace Frehley’s solo record “Anomaly”. I began performing when I was 11. I attended the School of Rock, beginning on guitar and eventually playing bass as well. It was a really great time for me, and I learned a lot about live performance and being in a band with so many different people. I started writing and recording my own music when I was 15, and joined Plush when I was 18. It’s been an amazing ride ever since!

Guitar Thrills: Have you had opportunities to perform elsewhere? If so, where? Also, where do you hope to perform?

Ashley: We have been lucky enough to perform in all sorts of venues and environments, from amphitheaters to arenas and everywhere in between. Every time we play a show it never fails to feel new and exciting. There is nothing like the energy of a live audience. One of my favorite venues that we’ve gotten to play so far was the Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle while we were on our first tour with Halestorm and Evanescence. My dream venue to play would be Madison Square Garden. It is so incredibly iconic, and I’m also from New York and have seen quite a few shows there. I think playing there would blow my mind!

Guitar Thrills: Have you performed with bands other than Plush?

Ashley: I have fronted a band for my solo project, which I have had a lot of fun with! My solo music is more of a funky, pop vibe. I find it very fun and fulfilling to be able to express a more rocker side of myself with Plush, and then show a completely different side in my own music. It keeps things fresh for me and it inspires me to be as innovative as I possibly can.

Guitar Thrills: What are your future expectations for yourself?

Ashley: I always am striving to continue learning and growing. Outside of Plush, I am currently working on solo music that I will be producing myself, which I’m very happy about. There is new solo music on the horizon for me. I’m also expecting more touring and new music for Plush in 2024!

Guitar Thrills: What is your bass guitar of choice and why?

Ashley: My bass of choice is always a Fender! Lately, it has been the Fender Meteora basses. What first drew me to these instruments was that they came in these gorgeous colors and had a unique body shape. I’d never seen a bass quite like it. Then I played my first Meteora and fell in love. The feel and quality of Fenders are unmatched to me, and I am always so proud to carry mine with me on stage each night.

Guitar Thrills: I have interviewed artists with the ability to play multiple instruments. Do you perform with other instruments?

Ashley: I do! When I perform solo, I love being able to rock out with a guitar. I’ve also played the flute live before back when I was in the School of Rock!

Guitar Thrills: Who are some of your favorite artists? This could be anywhere in the world. Also, if you could tell us why, that would be excellent.

Ashley: My music taste has been all over the place lately! Right now, my most listened-to artists on Spotify are Chevelle, Morgan Wallen, Massive Attack and Zach Bryan. The rock is a given, but I’ve been listening to a lot of country in general lately because I love the songwriting. I think it is very clever and heartfelt! The War and Treaty are a phenomenal and soulful country duo I’ve been loving lately.

Guitar Thrills: I know earlier this year you had the opportunity to join the Kiss Kruise. What was it like and tell us about your memorable experiences.

Ashley: The Kiss Kruise was such a great time. We are so grateful that we got to be a part of such a fun event! I initially was a little nervous at the idea of being on a boat in the middle of the ocean, but I was way more excited, so I got over it almost immediately! My most memorable experience from that cruise was meeting Paul Stanley. I first noticed how kind he was towards other people on the ship. He took time to watch all the bands on the cruise perform, which was super cool of him. He was very nice to the girls and I and made us feel very comfortable when we met him, cracking jokes and making conversation with us. He is just a very cool person, and it was a great experience meeting him overall.

We also had a great time exploring Cabo! I had never been to Mexico before that, and it was cool getting to visit such a beautiful country for the day.

Guitar Thrills: What is Plush currently working on?

Ashley: We just released our latest single “Left Behind” and are currently working on our second album, which we are super excited for. The direction of the new music is heavier, and we’re especially excited to bring that energy to our live performances. We don’t have a release date for the album quite yet, but we’re hoping some time in 2024.

Guitar Thrills: I always wondered just how far Plush would go in the music industry. There is much talent for there to be anything less than success. I think there is a cohesiveness that enables each artist to succeed. As a unit, or band, you all should be proud knowing that there is so much more awaiting you.

Guitar Thrills: Do you think there are any roadblocks that will prevent you from moving forward in the music industry? If so, are you working to overcome those challenges?

Ashley: That is very nice of you, thank you so much! There will always be obstacles to reach the points that are the most worthwhile. It goes for anything! I hike a lot, and this is a lesson that I have learned in a very literal sense. Once you get to that point, everything will be worth the hardships you’ve faced. In the meantime, find something that motivates you to get to where you need to be. Focus on the positive and no matter what, keep going. Be an unstoppable force.

Guitar Thrills: I am very excited to have you in the September issue of Guitar Thrills Magazine. Some of my favorite artists and musicians will represent Guitar Thrills Magazine. I am happy that you are one of them. Thanks again for joining us for an interview.

Ashley: Thank you so much for having me again, it is always such a pleasure chatting with you!

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