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Posted: August 18, 2023

It is my opinion that music should be one of the neutral messages that are sent across the world. Unspotted and unadulterated. However, some artists believe that a message needs to be sent for music to be good. Lyrics need to speak out and speak up about politics, religion, protests, etc. etc. There is a small percentage of people around the world that want to buy what these artists are selling. Songwriters believe may be under the impression that negative publicity is better than none. Well, at least that keeps their publicist busy and employed. There seems to be more back lash over words expressed under the freedom of speech than anything else.

What happened to the songs about love? Living life and enjoying the company of others. Do lyrics composed with these lyrics seem simplistic. Revert to the music decades ago. Remember Boston, and the hit “Feeling like making love”. It was a song that made a huge impact then and continues to do so in our era. Do you recall Joan Jett when she just wanted to “Rock and Roll”. Another huge hit. Which inspired many artists to follow in her footsteps. The Beastie Boys, wanted to “fight for the right to party”. Not sure who they were fighting against. Who doesn’t love a good party? 😊 The list of great songs, that didn’t consist of controversial lyrics will never be forgotten. On the other hand, many of the artists and lyrics that try to polarize society with their combative aggressive tones, will soon be forgotten. They are living for the moment and wasting valuable time and resources.

Great job!!!! Not really.

Today, we have a well-known talent by the name of Dallas Busha. This is the first time; he has fielded questions or topics from Guitar Thrills Magazine. Therefore, we look forward to the opportunity to get his honest feedback regarding this topic.

First, let’s take a moment to get to know our guest today.



Dallas Busha began his career playing in various rock bands around the Tampa Bay area before releasing his debut EP, Moral Compass, in 2021. His eclectic guitar style has roots in jazz fusion and his time spent in the local hard rock scene. Creating harmony and a dynamic sound has always been his core goal as a musician.

His follow-up EP, A Moment Trapped in Amber, is a more personal, acoustic-driven album surrounded by haunting yet memorable hooks. The subject matter includes lamenting lost friends, pushing your own boundaries and love letters to his wife and daughter.

All his music can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, and every other streaming service under the sun.


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Hi Dallas. Probably not popular topic to speak about. It is an important one, and worth giving consideration too. What are your thoughts regarding topics to build your lyrics around? What topics come to mind, and you are building upon your next song?

I’m at a pretty good place in my life. That being said, the subject of my songs are generally positive. I have a great relationship with my daughter, and that is a huge inspiration for me. I usually write about feelings that are concrete, that won’t change.

It is evident that many artists no longer care about backlash, or PR repercussions due to in appropriate lyrics or content. Is it as simple as “freedom of speech” or do artists really feel strongly about expressing themselves?

Music is an art form, and I do believe that art is personal expression. Subjectivity is at the heart of personal expression. While I can’t speak to those that use their art as a platform for heated debates, I will say that current events are a tricky topic. Twenty years from now, people may not remember the event you’re referencing, or your opinion on that topic may change in hindsight.

However, I remain diplomatic.


Are you concerned that the topics you sing about will end up offending your listeners? If so, why?

My music is mostly positive. It’s a celebration of things. As an artist, you want your audience to experience your feelings, right? So you show them your feelings through the message you convey in your song. My message happens to be about love and appreciation. Even if you have had a horrible week, you can always get away from your own thoughts and anxiety by putting on a song that you love, and it has the power to transport you somewhere else. That’s the magic of music.


What message would you like to send to other artists or songwriters thinking about future topics to write about? Is there a better way to convey speech that will be acceptable to the minds and hearts of listeners?

Write what is important to you, write what you know, write what brings a smile to your face. I can’t speak to those writing about a hot topic, because I may not share the same passion or anger as they do. But when writing music, I consider my audience and the message I want to send. I choose not to be irresponsible with the message I want to share, because we never know who we are influencing.


We know that Dallas has an opinion that lines up with many in the music industry. You can continue to follow Dallas Busha on his social media platforms. In addition, we will schedule him for a full-length interview soon.

The views of all artists are always based upon what they personally believe. Even despite, what I personally feel is un-welcomed.

When it comes down to songwriting, there are bands and artists that must give more consideration to the words and less to how it sounds with instruments, effects, etc. Time to get back to better times when music could be appreciated for lifting each other up. Sending positive vibes, and enjoyment.

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