Authenticity: When wearing your heart on your sleeve becomes a strength, not a weakness.

Posted: May 25, 2023
The most beautiful people wear their hearts on their sleeves and their souls in their smiles." "You are, after all, what you think. Your emotions are slaves to your thoughts, and you are slave to your emotions." "Authenticity: When wearing your heart on your sleeve becomes a strength, not a weakness." – Anonymous

To where your heart on your sleeve is an idiom to make your feelings and emotions obvious rather than hiding them. It the time that we live, emotions and feelings can often be taken advantage of. It is almost a guarantee that you will be seen as vulnerable. The easiest way to a person’s sense of reality, is through their emotions. Connect with what motivates people to action. This isn’t something new and has created victims for decades. However, don’t think for one moment, that this is a sign of weakness for all individuals. There are those, who are not afraid to show their emotions. It promotes strength and a high level of awareness. People who wear their hearts on their sleeves have learned from their experiences and are ready to recognize any potential danger from others around them. Anything that will compromise their mental stability and heart condition.

A slave to your emotions is only a weakness if you don’t add wisdom to it. Emotions in conjunction with wise decisions, will crush any argument that says, “wearing your heart on your sleeve is a bad thing”. You have heard the love songs of a heart that has been broken. Never going to give my love away, anymore. My emotions got the best of me, but never again! Well, maybe these are not actual song titles, but the content of each title is familiar to something we have heard. It conveys the thought that emotions will trick you into making bad decisions. While this is possible, it is not certain. Learn from those that are not afraid of wearing their heart on their sleeve.

Today’s guests are excellent group of women called “The Sixsters”. If you are not familiar with them, we want to take this opportunity for you to get familiar with them.



Ukrainian rock band “The Sixsters” is a unique product of our time. It was the result of the personal efforts of their founder (now the producer of the band). In 2018 he created children’s professional band in the direction of punk rock. Many factors, such as competent approach and creative ambitions of the leader that came together, quickly made “The Sixsters” as a well-known children’s rock band in Ukraine.

The members of a band are girls who have grown up and made music together, brought up exclusively in musical conditions. Minor changes in the composition of the group occurred due to the life circumstances of their parents. However, this was not an obstacle for the progress of the band. The growth of creative and professional potential of each of the participants continued developing and improving.

Currently, “The Sixsters” plays punk rock with a recognizable vocals and stylish English-Ukrainian lyrics. These are exclusively own composition – authors. Also, the band’s music includes elements from other rock genres, eg. ballad, pop, funk and others that are always successfully combined in compositions and liked by the public. “The Sixsters” are the band of professional musicians. Almost all participants have their own musical professionalism already honed as part of the group, while receiving musical education in different and independent ways.

Maria – (vocals, rhythm guitar) – professional vocalist. She’s grown up in a family of professional musicians, which left her no chance to do other things except for music. Large vocal range and unique timbre with its’ variety enable her to express her tremendous vocal possibilities. Moreover, Maria’s confident voice control pairs perfectly her vocals with rhythm guitar parts in the songs.

Katya (drums) – born in Simferopol. She is the basis of the rhythm in the band. She is a unique and highly professional drummer. For her age, Katya has already gained a huge authority in the music sphere while being recognized by famous drummers and the other musicians all over the world.

Maya – (keyboards, backing vocals) – Born in Boyarka. She is in the band since the first day of the foundation. She is a professional keyboard player. Maya is such an energetic and positive girl that everyone in the band calls her “Battery girl”.

Anna (solo guitar) – Born in Poltava. She has joined the band quite unexpectedly and stays with “The Sixsters” since that day.

Polina – (bass, backing vocals) – Born in Luhansk.

She is the quietest member of the group despite being the bass player. But this does not prevent her from playing the bass guitar. Bright and kind child.



GT: Hello. It is an amazing opportunity that we get to speak to you. I know you are busy, and we have a small window to ask some questions that are applicable to each of you, and your music career.

GT: Usually, we openly discuss the meaning and inspiration behind our songs, sharing personal experiences and emotions. This helps people understand us not just as musicians but also as individuals, giving them insight into our lives. It allows for a deeper connection between us and our audience. However, there are some who prefer not to reveal their emotions publicly, fearing judgment or vulnerability. We are comfortable with sharing, and our fans love to follow our journey by the lyrics in our songs.

The Sixsters: We do usually talk about what is going on in our songs and outline from which background we took it and why the lyrics are like this. The good thing about it is that people got to know us more as not only artist but also about our life and what is going on in there.


GT: You are brave for doing so. Though as I mentioned, it is a misconception that it is a sign a weakness for everyone. It is apparent, that it makes you strong in many areas of your life. Especially in the music industry. It has a direct impact on your lyrics. What is one of the songs, where you first started implanting your emotions?

The Sixters: Since our first album "Svit," we've infused our lyrics with emotions and meaning. One notable song from our latest English album, "I'm gonna be," is called "Happiness." This song holds a special place for us as it was the first one we wrote after reconnecting amidst challenging circumstances in our country. In this song, the word "Happiness" is used metaphorically. It conveys a message of persistence. It acknowledges that sometimes life gets tough, everything feels overwhelming, and negative thoughts creep in, saying, "I'll never make it." However, if you have a dream, nothing should deter you, not even setbacks or others' opinions. We are determined to never give up on our goals because this is our life, our existence. We want you to know that you can achieve your dreams too. We believe in you!


GT: Are you insecure? If so, in what ways? Also has this hindered you in anyway, or has it become the foundation for your success?

The Sixsters: We're passionate about our work and feel very confident in what we are doing. Our songs are intense and full of energy, emphasizing the importance of having your own beliefs and staying focused on your goals. We believe that success comes from having strong convictions, being brave, and having confidence in your actions. We strongly believe, that it's crucial to ignore the negative opinions of others and stay true to yourself and with people who support you.


GT: Who are your inspirations? Is there any artist that you compare yourself too?

The Sixsters: Our music falls under the genre of pop-punk/punk-rock, infused with elements of alternative and indie rock. We draw inspiration from punk legends like Blink182, Sum 41, and The Smashing Pumpkins. However, we don't limit ourselves to one genre. We blend different styles together, creating a unique sound that sets us apart. Our music is a fusion of diverse influences, making it distinct and unlike anything you've heard before. This is what makes "The Sixsters" music so special and one-of-a-kind.


GT: I believe every artist should compare themselves with others who have had success in the music industry. It gives you an idea of where you are now, and where you need to be. What do you think you need to work on to become a top tier artist? Like the artists that have inspired you.

The Sixsters: In our opinion, to become a top-tier artist, we need to stay focused on our music, consistently writing and sharing our songs with a wider audience. We should actively promote our music and seize opportunities to perform at various shows and events. By continuously honing our craft and building a strong presence, we can gain more recognition and take our career to the next level.


GT: I believe you’re not far away from ground break success in the music industry.


GT: If someone thought about becoming an artist, what would be your number one suggestion to them?

The Sixsters: Following your passion and staying true to your unique creative voice is what embrace your individuality and create art that is authentic and meaningful not only to you, but to your audience as well. Don't be afraid to take risks, learn from failures. Being surrounded with a supportive network of fellow artists, who can inspire and guide you on your artistic journey is valuable.


GT: You probably could create a list of things that they have to consider before attempting a career in music.


GT: What kind of projects are you currently working on? Do you have a new release that you would like to promote?

The Sixsters: We're currently in the process of recording our new album, which will be a blend of Ukrainian and English songs. It will have a distinct style that sets it apart from our previous album, "I'm Gonna Be." Additionally, we've just released our latest single, "Same Kid," and we highly recommend giving it a listen. You can find it on various streaming platforms like iTunes, Spotify, and YouTube Music.


GT: I think it is awesome that we get an opportunity to interview you today. Would you be interested in setting up another interview for 2023?

The Sixsters: Absolutely! We're always excited to share our future plans and upcoming music with you. Thank you for having us!


GT: That is awesome. We will make note of it and reach out to you soon. Thank you for your valuable time today.

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