“Playing with Billy Gibbons, He’s a true master and one of my favorite guitarists.”

Posted: May 19, 2023

I believe there are few blues artists that capture the essence of what the genre is all about. Singing the blues doesn’t have to consist of negative emotions. Getting down and dirty with your lyrics because it’s the way life has treated you. It is often about elements of joy, thankfulness, and love. When it comes down to it, your lyrics and how you deliver your message come from your heart.

The blues genre is ultimately a designation of celebration. It is an outlet for celebrating life’s up and downs. It’s twists and turns. A blues artist that can champion their lyrics down in writing, and communicate it to their audience effectively, are the ones that will always be remembered.

I couldn’t forget the first time I heard Susan Santos. Some blues artists came to mind. I tried to compare her with the likes of Samantha Fish, and Larkin Poe. While there are similarities, Susan Santos sticks out and is very aggressive on guitar. She plays it like she means it. There is a special connection between all elements of her performance. Which makes her unique and authentic. Her skill set is unmeasurable and compelling. An interview with Susan Santos was a must for Guitar Thrills Magazine. Finding out what makes her so great, was the topic of the day. We read her bio, we listened to her music, and stage performance. However, there is an underlying theme to makes her one of the all-time great blues artists.

Diving into this subject with her is going to be the focus of the interview. Before we do, take a moment to get familiar with her history and achievements.



A great passion for the music led Susan Santos to learn, in a self- taught way, how to play guitar and sing. Step by step the lefty guitarist and singer was creating her own songs and her style of understanding the music.

She has had intense years of performing in famous clubs and at numerous festivals around Europe, Mexico & USA, sharing scene with very important artists as Billy Gibbons.

Susan won The Best Musician Performance 2018 in The European Blues Awards & Best Female Album 2019 in The-LA Critics’ Awards.

She recorded 5 albums "Take me home", (Grasa Records, 2010), "Shuffle Woman" (Peer Music,2012) and “Electric Love” (Paella Records,2014), “Skin & Bones” (Paella Re- cords,2016) & “NO U TURN” (TWH Records, January 2019)

The 10th of July of 2020 She released her new Single " Dirty Money “recorded in North Hollywood, Los Angeles produced by Fabrizio Grossi & mastered by Peter Dolente song is included in her new EP “The L.A. Sessions” that it was released in October 2020 (Self Release)

Susan’s outstanding voice and appealing guitar style, along with her strong stage presence is very refreshing in the con- temporary blues scene. Blues-rock of XXI Century.

(Blues Blast Magazine, US) “Susan Santos is a guitar hero. She has chops to spare. She is a monster in the studio, overdubbing well performed layers of guitar that sound live and immediate. Santos is also an accomplished songwriter who crafts sturdy, hook laden numbers. But there are not any real Blues burners. There is not a traditional 12 bar pattern anywhere. However, for those purists who are loo- king for this talented slinger to lay it down old school check out some of the YouTube videos of Santos and band. She can get down and weep out a deep 12 bar Blues like nobody’s business. With this her 5th record, No U Turn is a high point for a deep soulful artist in her prime.”

(Get Ready to Rock, UK) “Spanish guitar tornado, stinging, sinuous guitar lines, powerhouse riffs, sumptuous slide, great songs, and a killer power trio.

She’s got an understated confidence that bubbles to the top, via snaking guitar lines at the core of a song-driven album, full of energetic arrangements, sparkling solos that illuminates her considerable abilities"

“No U Turn” all fit together seamlessly and flow like the best albums always do, as Susan shapes her material with the kind of gusto that has led her to winning the ‘Best Performer’ category at the European Blues Awards.

(IBBA, UK) NO U Turn, Nº 5 in the most played Album in February 2019

A Bio of an artist is never enough. They are not supposed to cover everything about an artist. Afterall, that is what interviews are for.



GT: Hello Susan. It is awesome that we are able to interview you for the first time. Having a guitarist of your caliber is always exciting. You also have an amazing voice as well. What do you contribute to your success as a blues artist?

Susan: Thank you for your words. I just try to do what I love the most. It’s something I need in my life, I can't understand it without music, without my guitar, without playing live or writing songs. And without a doubt, struggling day and day to live doing that.


GT: Where do fit among all of the elite blues artist that began their career before you?

Susan: Wow, I don't know, it's complicated to answer. I am a totally independent artist.


GT: Do you believe you receive the credit that you are due for your abilities? Please explain.

Susan: It's not easy at all. If you don't have the support of a record label or a good management agency, things become more complicated and it's not easy to position yourself in a better place as an artist. This is currently my situation.


GT: With many artists attempting to make a career in the blues genre, how difficult or easy has it been for you?

Susan: Easy nothing, but when I really love something, I can't help but keep doing and keep fighting.


GT: Is there more that you think you can accomplish with your career? Do you anticipate achieving your goals within a given timeframe? What are some of the goals that you have as an artist

Susan: Yes, of course, I want to do many things and I have several plans in the short term. The closest thing I can tell you is that I will be releasing a new album soon and I'm very excited about it.
You have performed with many talented artists. Is there one that particularly stands out? If so, why is that?
Without a doubt, playing with Billy Gibbons, He’s a true master and one of my favorite guitarists.


GT: Regarding your brand of choice, what guitar brand and model is comfortable for you to perform with? Do you have a preference?

Susan: The truth is that I like many guitars. I love to play with Strato, telecaster Fender and depending on the song I can also play SG or 335 Gibson. Lately, I play a lot with a green surf telecaster that “Lsl” made especially for me.


GT: There is a song that I heard called “Rattlesnake”. Can you tell us more about the song? What is the story behind it?

Susan: It’s a song from my 4th album. I'm very fond of it and very fun to play live.
It's about how I'm lost in the middle of the desert, the sun blinds me, all I see is a rattlesnake that confuses me and I can't find my way back home.


GT: Is there a song of yours that is an absolute favorite?

Susan: Sometimes it goes by periods, sometimes I love to play a song, and suddenly one day I need a different one and then time goes by and I really enjoy that song that I haven't played for a long time.


GT: Where do you go from here? What is your next move within the music industry? Do you have any songs that you will be releasing?

Susan: We’re right now with the mixes of my new album, I am not yet clear about the release date and other details, but soon I hope to have more news.


GT: Performing live on stage, is something you do well. You do it with such ease and grace. Undoubtedly you have a large audience awaiting your next performance. Where will that be held? Do you have an artist that will be opening for you?

Susan: This summer I will be playing in different festivals in Europe. Next Autumn, when we will play more gigs in venues and indoors, I guess we will have some opening act, although it’s true that many times the promoter or venue proposes the band to us.


GT: Wow. It has been awesome asking you some important questions. We hope that we can arrange for another interview soon. Even a cover would be great. How does that sound?

Susan: Great! I'll be glad about it.

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