Avoid a reckless personality. Actions that damage your reputation. Develop traits that won’t tarnish your career.

Posted: March 31, 2023

What do you think of when someone says, “that individual is reckless”? Do the words irresponsible, unloving, and pathetic come to mind? Maybe the word pathetic is kind of strong. I guess it all depends upon the person and situation. The word reckless means that a person acts in a way which shows that they do not care about danger or the effect their behavior will have other people. How about now? Does the picture get a little clearer for you? It should. After all, there are countless times when someone has been physically or emotionally hurt, due to a reckless person. I couldn’t help myself from jumping on this topic. The actions of other people started to come to mind. A helpful article started to become bitter.

By nature, I am not a bitter person. Neither is anyone at Guitar Thrills Magazine. Therefore, I will try and keep this article positive, and helpful. Considering there are so many people that work for the music industry, an interaction with a reckless person is unavoidable. From a physical perspective this may not apply to anyone. At least we hope. However, from an emotional one, many of you can relate. A co-artist, agent, manager, label, etc. did something that was for personal gain, and acted unwise. Their recklessness damaged their reputation, and your perception of them. If this happens once, you get over it and move on. But what if it is a reoccurring scenario? Is the music industry to blame, or is it just people in general? Let me calm the waters for you. It isn’t just the music industry. It is people. There is a lack of love and regard for others. In the corporate world, much had to do with money and power. The same could be said about the music industry. Money, power, success, and popularity is the theme of the day.

Therefore, people will do what it takes to get ahead. Even if they must act recklessly. Emotional scars will develop. Wounds that will never heal. Relationships and reputations are damaged due to inconsiderate actions. I guess, the solution is just to avoid people all together. After all this will avoid pathetic and unnecessary behavior. That could be the answer, depending upon where you live. However, there are other ways to handle it. It is extremely important to avoid responses that might tarnish your own career. Even if you have just cause for retaliation. Take the high road, adjust negative thinking and actions that can tarnish your career. Build traits, that will improve your self-worth and focus on a positive outlook. Yes, there is more to dealing with the negative effects of a reckless person. However, you must start somewhere.

Procrastination is not a solution. It is a definition to define the lazy. I am not a self-help guru, or a therapist of any kind. I wish I had the answers to everything. If I did, I would be writing more often. Books, blogs, magazines, and more. An endless supply of helpful assistance from me. Wouldn’t that be exciting??? Since, I do not have the answers, I go to the people that do. The artists, my guests. They have all the answers, I just have allot of questions. Our guest for this interview is Liv Crash. He is a very intelligent artist, and is deliberate with everything he does. It isn’t a surprise that he is so successful in the music industry.



Milan-based musician Liv Crash is a guitarist at heart. He incorporates a melodic blend rock, funk, and jazz influences into his music, and pens his music on his own. Liv Crash’s signature sound, featured in his debut single, “’Cause even in this song”, showcases his versatility by featuring funk and rock guitar parts. Born on May 9, just like the great Billy Joel, Liv Crash was destined for music success. At 13, he began learning piano and started exploring rock music at 17 when he started listening to Iron Maiden. Dave Murray, a highly regarded musician, inspired Liv Crash to begin studying guitar. Liv Crash chose a black and white American Fender Stratocaster, just like Murray. After he began playing guitar, Liv Crash was hooked on all things guitar, and all things music. His songs are influenced by famous guitarists, including David Gilmore, Mark Knopfler, Jimi Hendrix, and John Petrucci. Now, Liv Crash has a knack for writing music with a clear theme. “’Cause even in this song” has a clear theme of “I don’t care,” evident by the lyrics. Liv Crash believes that life is short and enjoys spreading positivity and irony through his lyrics and accompaniment. His long awaited debut single is perfect to join the party, to care less, and to dance the night away.



GT: Hello Liv. This is the first time; we had an opportunity to chat with you. It turns out to be the best time. As this is a fitting and timeless topic to refer too. It is important for Guitar Thrills Magazine to turn to an artist that may have insight on this topic of avoiding a reckless Personality.

Liv: Hello GT. Thanks for this opportunity. A reckless personality is a dangerous one. Not only because a reckless person could do something to get ahead but also because he/she could make someone not do something, letting himself/herself get ahead. Unfortunately, there are a lot of reckless people in any context and knowing how to avoid them is very important.


GT: That is great to hear. So, what do you think about the topic today? It shouldn’t be that controversial. Afterall, many of us had to deal with the negative effects of a reckless individual.

Liv: I consider myself someone who has a lot of regard for others, and this is probably why I’ve encountered a lot of reckless people along the way. Speaking from experience, it takes a while to identify a reckless individual. This is because a reckless person is usually someone who has your trust. You meet this person, you talk with them and think they have a lot of good arguments which you agree with. After that, they start to give you advice that usually tends to discourage you from doing something you want to do.

“You need to be prepared more than that for writing music” “do you think pros are going to let you play with them? You need to study at least for other 20 years” “now is not the time to try for the best, why don’t you start doing this and after we’ll try for the best”(usually there’s never an after)

Another kind of reckless person is the one who becomes your friend and remains your friend until they find another “friend” who can make them get further than they got with you. They could still go on with you, but they don’t.

As you mentioned before, those people are going to have a bad reputation in the long period. But, even getting a bad reputation takes a lot of time.

I could talk about reckless people profiles for a week, I’ll stop for now.


GT: I often wonder if they consider their actions. I guess, if they did, then there would be more people that could be trusted within the music and entertainment industry. Don’t get me wrong, I continue to have wonderful interactions. There are some amazing professionals in the music and entertainment sectors. It is just the few, that create a reputation that is difficult to skirt. Despite the good things that are accomplished. Were you able to identify a reckless individual before establishing a business relationship with them? If so, how did you do it? What are some tips that you could share with other artists?

Liv: Of course, it’s not all bad. I found a lot of amazing people that made me grow up as a musician, that gave me the opportunity to learn how to be a professional and were kind enough to give me some advice in order to improve my career. Some of them treated me as a son or a brother and I’ll always be grateful to them.

As I said, identifying a reckless person takes time. So, on some occasions I was able to identity a reckless personality before establishing a business relationship, on others I did not. Now I’m more experienced and what makes me think are the words. They have a lot to say, they have a lot to complain about (they will most likely complain about you whenever you are not with them), they have a lot of advice for you (and because you met them 10 minutes ago, you tend to give them credit). Nothing is good and everything has to be done with some kind of “space shuttle launch procedure plus one step” process. And everything is still inappropriate, and you feel inappropriate too.

The first time I met a reckless person, I got out by that remembering all my studies, what I was able to do (also what I was still not able to do), and I realized I was not the kind of donkey they were trying to make me believe. And this is what I never forget when I meet new people. Don’t misunderstand me. I always believe I have to learn and I’ll never stop to. Sometimes you need to take in consideration all your knowledge (also being a little hard on yourself) in order to work out? if you are that kind of donkey (if it is a reckless context, usually you are not)


GT: I really appreciate your candid and honest feedback. Afterall, there is only one way to get the answers to these vital questions. You must lean upon the professionals. So, thank you.


GT: Regarding your music career. What have you been up to as of late. I know you have a new song coming out. Can you tell us more about it?

Liv: Thanks for asking. There are actually 3 singles out. The last one “You Fool (Mad)” is a ballad that talks about people fighting for love even when defeated, people who “did it all for love”. It was released on March 10th and is doing very well. There is a fourth single, called “Wonderland”, coming out on May 5th which is going to give an additional mood to everything. In this song I wish to go to Wonderland and be bad with everyone, like saying to the Queen of Hearts that the roses are not red and getting the guards in trouble (spoiler alert). What makes this song different from the others is the magical atmosphere created by the music. It’s like it creates a little bit of Wonderland every time it’s played.

We have recently worked on the master and I received the first draft of the artwork that looks very good. We will shoot the official video soon but I still haven’t decided how I want this video to look. It’s a great responsibility, keeping the atmosphere I was talking about.


GT: Creativity at work, no doubt. We are at the beginning of 2023 respectively. What kind of projects are you working on? What do you have in store for your fans?

Liv: “Wonderland”, “You Fool (Mad)”,”Shakespeare inspired the boobs”, “’Cause even in this song” will introduce my debut album “’Cause even in this album” out on July 7th .

It will be available both on digital and physical format (CD and vinyl). I enjoyed designing some merchandise according to each single topic, some of it is available on my store.

We are working on the release party which will be on July 7th , coinciding with “’Cause even in this album” release date. We still haven’t found a good venue but we know it’ll probably be in Milan. I’ll keep you informed!


GT: Very nice. I enjoy your music, and it is small sampling of your creative genius. Which side of the family do you get it?

Liv: My mother’s side, no doubt


GT: How did you manage to become so proficient in all areas of the industry?

Liv: Since I’m doing it all by myself, I started studying all aspects outside songwriting (marketing, video making, social content, promoting). After that, I found some people who helped me cover those aspects (not reckless ones, of course) and now there is a team with me. I really believe that team work is crucial for success. There’s still a lot of work to do. Our main goal at the moment is getting in touch with people in the USA and the UK. It would be a dream to me to be a guest of one of my idols and then to do concerts with a lot of people. “it’s a long way to the top”, quoting AC/DC


GT: You mentioned that you want to continue singing music as long as you are able. That is love for music and love for entertaining your fans. You couldn’t ask for more from your favorite artist.


GT: I see you have a passion for classic rock… what genre would you say your original music is these days?

Liv: When I’m going to write a song, usually I provide two guitar parts that play together. One of them plays usually a rock guitar riff, with an aggressive sound. The other one plays a funky groove, with a lot of ghost notes and percussive feeling. Even if there are also jazz and a little bit of progressive influences in my songwriting, I think the best fit is in funk rock.


GT: How have you been impacted by your success in the music industry thus far?

Liv: No relevant impact at the moment. But I hope for a huge one some day.


GT: What is your stage set up like? Is there particular brands of guitars or accessories that you prefer? If so, why? I know some artists are stuck on a specific brand or style for a reason. Could be sound, feel or just nostalgia.

Liv: My stage set up has guitar, pedals and an amplifier . Actually, I use a Dv Mark Raw Dawg EG with a DV Neoclassic Cabinet (For the records, I never sold my fender hot rod deluxe). My favourite pedals in my pedalboard are the Wampler Pinnacle Deluxe V2, the Laney Secret Path Reverb and the Jam Pedals Delay Llama. Actually I have on stage my ‘83 Fender Stratocaster because it sounds better than the others on funky parts, but I also have with me my “American Special” Telecaster

I’m not stuck on a specific brand, but today I enjoy playing mostly my Strato or my Tele instead of my Les Paul. It’s only a matter of sound. And today I prefer to listen to a Strato or Tele sound.


GT: That is awesome to hear. It sounds like you really have a connection to your guitar. That is the way it should be in fact.


GT: I know you are going to make a huge impression on the music industry with this release. Just when I think we heard you best, you come up with something better. Thank you again for joining us for this interview. We will be featuring you with other music artists in our rock edition of Guitar Thrills Magazine. The format is going to be awesome and focus a lot of attention on music artists, like yourself. Look forward to talking to you again soon.

Thank you for this opportunity. It will be a great pleasure to talk to you again soon.

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