Overcoming discouragement. Pursuing your dreams despite the weaknesses of others.

Posted: March 31, 2023
“Don’t let people who are too weak to follow their dreams discourage you from pursuing yours.” - Anonymous

This is true in many ways. Some end up regretting not following through with their dreams because they are afraid of rejection. In this modern-day of social media and online forums, all you see are posts and articles that are negative. Most of the time, they are baseless claims. Unfortunately, they criticize and discourage without caring whom they discredit.

Yes, there are also legitimate claims. There are also opinions that are biased. However, the point of this interview is to continue moving forward regardless of what others say. Develop an appetite for success regardless of uncertainties. After all, whose career is it anyway? It is yours. Therefore no one should discourage you from accomplishing your dreams. Despite the possibility of rejection. Your success as an artist is affected by your level of appetite. Another term for appetite is passion. How passionate are you? How big is your appetite for success? Have you let discouragement hold you back from succeeding as an artist? If it has, then it’s time to figure out ways to counteract discouragement or rejection.

I believe the rate of failure is so high, not because of a lack of talent. It is due to discouragement. Unfortunately, the source of discouragement can be anyone, including friends and family. When that source is from someone you love, it tends to reduce our desire or passion. I couldn’t help to make this a topic for conversation with Camille K.

Camille K is a unique artist, old soul, and world weary and yet so young and fresh. She comes at every song with a deep sense of herself as an artist with an alternative view of what is cool and classic in the same breath. Her haunting voice and melodies and harmonies are instinctive, and Camille K operates at a speed and capacity at a level much beyond her young age. Camille K combines this natural ability with relentless learning and is constantly seeking to collaborate and study from the best.

Camille K is a Philadelphia, PA, and South Jersey musician, vocalist, and songwriter with a gift for turning emotion into song. A featured contestant on season 17 of NBC's America's Got Talent, Simon asked her to sing an original and described it as "Beautiful". Heidi Klum said she was “absolutely amazing" and "the whole package." Sofia Vergara added Camille's voice was “spectacular.” Camille's original song “I Believe in Miracles” is featured in the upcoming movie “Once Upon a Philly Christmas” to be released during the 2023 holiday season. Her vocal styling is sweet, soulful, influenced by classics, and ready for today.

Camille continues to write, record, and perform original music with more releases in the works. She considers her musical influences to be a vast mix of soulful R&B and classic rock. Camille performs solo and with two tribute projects, Shine On - a tribute to Pink Floyd, and haZy cosmic jive, a David Bowie tribute.



GT: First, I want to mention that you for taking a moment to answer some questions regarding this topic.


GT: Both discouragement and rejection are very strong words and can affect the course of an artist within the music industry. We all have started out with a passion for our talents, but along the way came more “lows, than highs”. It becomes very difficult to pursue a career within the music industry once you hear negative reviews, or rejection. So, my question to you is, how do you do it? How can you maintain a strong appetite for success despite rejection?

Camille K: First off, I just want to say thank you so much to Guitar Thrills for interviewing me and for allowing me this opportunity to express and share my story and music. It is an honor to get to be on such an amazing musical platform. Thank you for the question! The way I look at it, whenever you take a risk and put something out into the world, you’re always bound to get negative or positive comments. Everyone is going to have their own opinion, and that’s okay! When you come across a lot of rejection, it can definitely be hard to deal with. It was for me at first. But, I’ve come to use that negativity to drive me to be better and work even harder for myself. By focusing on my growth and improvement as an artist, I am able to persevere and keep my passion for my craft.


GT: I have worked within the industry for many years. I can’t tell you how many times my drive to succeed had been hindered by other people’s failure. It required that I step back, lower my expectations and to accept people for who they are. That is the only way to avoid being discouraged. How do you view the music industry as you were rising to the top of your genre? Were their adjustments in your expectations?

Camille K: While it can be disheartening, I try not to be discouraged by anybody else’s failure because I try to focus on myself and do the best I can. You can always learn from what happened as well. On the other hand, from what I’ve seen of it, the music industry is competitive and vast. That’s why it’s important to keep working hard, be creative, and innovate. There are so many aspects and layers to it, from songwriting, production, performing, business, etc. I still have much to learn, but I will keep aiming for the stars!


GT: The landscape of the music industry for independent artists has changed dramatically just within the last two years. Some of the most talented artists have moved on and are now pursuing a life without music. It is a challenge for many artists to continue performing, despite rejection. Giving up is not failure. It just means, there are way too many challenges to overcome to continue pursuing your dreams. I admire artists that have the endurance to continue with their life as an artist regardless of roadblocks.

One roadblock could be enough to make an artist quit. Looking back at your own personal obstacles or challenges, what helped you all to continue your persistence, and reluctance to quit?

Camille K: Wanting to follow your dreams and pursue a career in the music industry certainly is not easy, and roadblocks are sure to come your way. I have been through a few already, but what has helped me continue in the face of adversity has been a positive mindset and the love and support from my family, friends, and the people who believe in me. While performing, if I can make just a few people happy or help them through with my music, I find it all worthwhile. That’s what’s beautiful about music! It can heal and join people together. Whenever I’m going through a rough patch, I just think of this. There have even been some people who have reached out to me, saying that my songs have allowed them to overcome some personal obstacles in their lives. This and the positive comments and unconditional support I have been blessed to receive have kept me continuing on, determined.


GT: Thank you for being open and honest about this subject. It is my determination to help all artists to continue despite discouragement within the music industry. Music will last forever, and there will always be opportunities to perform. Doors may shut, and critical individuals may remain. However, if you have the appetite for it, you can counteract discouragement. Rejection “can” be overcome.


GT: So, let’s focus on Camille K. You have the kind of voice that would accommodate any genre of music. What genre of music is your best fit?

Camille K: The genre that is my best fit is pop with some R&B influences.


GT: It is important for most artists to stand out as unique and different. However, there isn’t any style that hasn’t been done before. Is there a music artist that you pattern your style after?

Camille K: I do not really pattern my style after anybody specific, as I try to make each song I sing individually my own. However, I do have some artists whom I admire, such as H.E.R., Beyonce, and Jennifer Lopez.


GT: If you had an opportunity to perform with a particular music artist, past or present, who would that be?

Camille K: This is a hard one! I have three artists in mind. It would be a dream come true to perform with H.E.R., Alicia Keys, and Taylor Swift.


GT: The last couple of years have been very challenging due to the pandemic. Though it looks like there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Have you been impacted at all, and if so, in what areas?

Camille K: The pandemic, undoubtedly, has affected us all. I remember that in 2020, after March 13th, a lock down was mandated in my area. That day ended up being my very last day of in-person school! During quarantine, musicians, like myself, could no longer perform out, and this was devastating. However, with the new time I had on my hands, I realized that I could practice more, and still perform for others through social media and live streaming. This became my outlet throughout quarantine. Each week, I would learn at least four new songs and perform every Thursday on the live-stream show I created, called “Live it Up Thursday.” My performance would be streamed to multiple platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, simultaneously. And after I sang and played my songs, I would then invite a special musical guest, interview them, and share their music on my platform. For me, it was not only a great way to keep growing during a time when it was easy to stay stagnant, but it also allowed me to meet and connect with some amazing musicians and people from all over the world. In addition, the purpose of Live it Up Thursdays was to spread joy, positivity, and the love of music to all those who were watching. I’m so thankful for the love and support that I have received from my live-streaming days! I have not been able to live-stream recently as much because of more live gigs and school, but I always try to when I can.


GT: Our introduction of you was limited. However, we know you have accomplished so much more in the music industry. Can you tell us more about your recent achievements in the music industry?

Camille K: Last year, I released two singles that I am very proud of. The first, Still In Love, was the song I got to perform in front of the judges on America’s Got Talent. I also recorded a music video for that song, which is available to watch on YouTube. I released the second, How Can I Ever Love Again, on my birthday in December. I am continuing to write a lot and I’m working on more releases for this year. I’ve been fortunate to open for Eliot Lewis (Average White Band and Hall & Oates) and Paul Cullen (former bassist for Bad Company) recently. I also got to sing the National Anthem and my single Still In Love on stage prior to the Pop 2K Tour hosted by Chris Kirkpatrick of NSYNC. I’ve had the privilege to perform at some amazing venues around the tri-state area as well.


GT: We hope that you continue to achieve your goals within the music industry. With the quality of your work and your fan support, we are going to be hearing more smash hits from “Camille K”.


GT: Do you have any upcoming releases that you would like for us to know about? Also, if you have any big events coming up, feel free to let us know.

Camille K: At the moment, I am currently working on recording two originals, one of which should be released sometime soon in March 2023. I’m super excited to share my new music with everyone! I have more releases planned for this year as well, so keep an eye and an ear out for them! Starting in February, I will be performing and hosting Friday Night Live at the Hard Rock Cafe Philadelphia every first Friday of each month until June, so make sure to come on out if you’re in the area. It’s always a great time at the Hard Rock! I have plenty more solo performances coming up as well as more shows this year with Shine On, the Pink Floyd Tribute Band I’m in, and with haZy cosmic jive, the David Bowie Tribute Band I’m also a part of. One cool gig I have coming up with haZy cosmic jive is at the Milton Theater in Milton, Delaware on February 24th. Hope you can come on out! I always make sure to post upcoming shows on my Instagram and Facebook, so make sure to check and follow me to keep up to date with my gigs and new music. You can find me everywhere at @camillekmusic.


GT: Needless to say, we are huge fans of Camille K and would like the opportunity to interview you again soon. We look forward to hearing about your success within the music industry. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer a couple of questions today.

Camille K: Thank you so much for having me! It’s been a pleasure.


GT: In conclusion, it is often difficult to overcome discouragement or rejection of any kind. There is a huge obstacle to maintaining passion despite the challenges or trials of a competitive industry. However, Camille K has proven that she has the courage to overcome any roadblocks that may come her way. You can hear it in his lyrics and see it in her performance on stage. Camille K has a deep sense of appreciation for what it takes to succeed. That drive enables her to remain focused regardless of adversity. We look forward to catching up with Camille K soon. We continue to wish Camille K the best in her music career.

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