"There’s a lot of people who do feel like they have to silence others in order to have success". - Clare Dunn

Posted: April 8, 2024
I always believed that Clare Dunn was one of the most authentic country music artists in the industry. She started impacting her music career with a Rock / Country sound. During the days when most country artists were following the trends, Clare Dunn was doing her own thing.

Photo provided by: Clare Dunn

One of the artists I miss since focusing on other genres is Clare Dunn. She is amazingly talented and has an impeccable voice to boot. It has been a couple of years since our last interview. In fact, she appeared on an earlier cover of Guitar Thrills Magazine. With every artist that we interview, we promise they always have a home at Guitar Thrills Magazine. One way or another, our roads will cross paths again.

I always believed that Clare Dunn was one of the most authentic country music artists in the industry. She started impacting her music career with a Rock / Country sound. During the days when most country artists were following the trends, Clare Dunn was doing her own thing. There was more to her wanting to please her own creative vices, than following trends. She startled crowds with such songs as “Tuxedo” and “Move On”. I thought this sound was a great fit for Clare Dunn. Her music, stage presence, and favorite Fender Tele made her one of the most incredible singers out of Nashville.

The first time, I had an interview with Clare Dunn, I knew it wouldn’t be the last. She is too dynamic for one interview or conversation. Getting in the mind of Country Phenom is no easy task.


Guitar Thrills: Hello Clare. Thank you for joining us once again. Honestly, I am stoked that you are still crushing it. Have you been?

Clare: Really good! Took back control over my music and have a lot of exciting things in the pipeline for this year and the coming years. So things are great.

Guitar Thrills: Excellent. You received a lot of attention for the releases of Tuxedo and Move on. In some respects, I would compare it with Shania Twain. Either Shania, or Chrissy Hynde from the Pretenders.

 Do you feel that you were able to experience the same amount of success since then? If not, why?

Clare: Hahaha not that kind of success yet in my opinion. There’s a lot of reasons why that is - if you follow me on TikTok I’m starting to share more of that story. It’s been a crazy ride but I’ve been able to share some of the behind the scenes truth of the corruption in country music that goes on.

Guitar Thrills: Has the country scene changed much since we last spoke? Has the competition for intensified for you?

Clare: I don’t feel competition amongst artists or any other creatives to be honest. There’s a lot of people who do feel like they have to silence others in order to have success - but I think there’s room for good music and that’s what I focus on. I think the industry has changed for the better because of TikTok and it forcing other platforms to play fairer. Apps like TikTok are taking control away from corrupt labels and other entities and putting true choice in the hands of the people. We need more of that.

Guitar Thrills: Have you changed the way you view your career in the music industry?

Clare: I haven’t really thought about it to be honest. I’ve been in the belly of the beast for a while and I’ve always known the corruption I faced, that many others face, the only difference is I now able to speak out about it where I couldn’t before. Speaking out isn’t easy but as long as it helps keep one person from going through what I went through, or it makes a corrupt jerk think twice about trying to screw over an artist, I’ll always speak out.

Guitar Thrills: You just released a new song called “Wasn’t looking”. How has the song been received by your fans?

Clare: It’s been awesome!! I’ve been very humbled by the response. The folks who support my music are the best there is and I am grateful to have them. 

Guitar Thrills: What was the message that you wanted to convey in this song?

Clare: You never know when something or someone great is going to walk into your life. For me, it’s always been the times I wasn’t looking for anything that opened the best doors to walk through. For me, when I didn’t try so hard or didn’t worry too much, things just opened up and good things happened. When you write songs you don’t ever know if anyone will ever hear them or not, so I wrote this first as a message for myself, but I’ve been humbled by all the great response folks have shown.

Guitar Thrills: Do you write music with a reflection on your own experiences?

Clare: Definitely. I was at a place where I was single and okay with it and not looking for anyone at all. Then, a great man walked into my life just out of nowhere. It’s funny how you a simple thing like a song can end up affecting your life so much.

Guitar Thrills: How long does it take you to compose a song? Do you collaborate with other artists or songwriters?

Clare: Jeff Trott wrote this song with me and it took us a couple hours to write it and have most of the track done that day. Jeff is a monster talent and success so I felt lucky to be in the room with him any time I get a chance to create.

Guitar Thrills: Where do you normally perform live?

Clare: All over the country. Anywhere in the US.

Guitar Thrills: How do you separate your life, with your music career? Do you ever feel like giving up?

Clare: It’s all one thing for me kinda. I keep my private life pretty private in terms of social media and what not, but life is music to me. And the best music comes from life so I don’t see them as separate things. As far as giving up, hell no. I’m just now getting unwound from bad deals and getting the opportunity to finally run towards my career.

Guitar Thrills: What is your muse, or inspiration as an artist?

Clare: My muses are living a normal life (or as normal a life as possible) when I’m off the road. I keep my studio where I live, so I can jump in a write songs and record about life anytime I want.

Guitar Thrills: You have a wide range of vocals; you could singe any genre. Have. you considered another genre besides country?

 Clare: It would just depend on the song. I don’t take anything off the table - I think when you’re an artist you desire to create and desire to create something that you’re proud  and makes you feel something.

Guitar Thrills: What projects are you currently working on? Is there another album in the works, or do you plan on going back into the studio soon?

Clare: I'm in the studio working on my next project. A compilation of cover songs I'm doing from some of my heroes. Its gonna be rank I'm stoked it’s happening ! First single “Her Strut” by Bob Seger comes out May 3rd.

Guitar Thrills: I must ask you about your side kick. Your guitar. What is your “go to” guitar for all occasions?

Clare: That’s tuff. It used to be my blonde tele “Goldie” but I find myself playing my cream colored Strat “cream” more and more these days and for the last several years.

Guitar Thrills: I have a ton of questions to ask you, but I will save them for next time. Will you come back soon? Maybe we can discuss the opportunity to promote your next release via cover. How does that sound?

Clare: amazing! I’m in. Anytime

Guitar Thrills: Awesome. We will keep in touch. Thanks again.

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