Creating a standard of performance, where everyone else will follow. Does your level of performance inspire other artists?

Posted: January 31, 2023
Inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

One of the most intriguing questions of an interview, is who or what provided the inspiration for what you have accomplished in your career? That is a must have answer. All of us music heads, want to know. After all, everyone has been inspired by another artist on some level. It just depends on what you did, with what you learned. We not talking about duplication or replicating another artist’s style.

Inspiration doesn’t even have to be about the musical talent that one possesses. It could be characteristics or personality traits. It could be how a person handles themselves on stage, or in their personal life. Some of the most inspiring individuals do not look for recognition, or the spotlight. Many great artists were humble and were low-key. They lead by example, and let their actions speak for them. This type of individual is certainly going to inspire others to be better individuals or assist them with their creativity. Unbeknownst, to the inspirational source, it occurs without them having knowledge of it.

Have you ever considered if your level of performance or charter is an inspiration to others? Have you ever received feedback, or showed up in someone else’s interview? If not, maybe it’s time for some soul searching. Discover what it takes to be an inspiration. I guarantee you; it will be a game changer.

You might be wondering what it takes to be an inspiring individual or artist. A website called had this to say:

What makes a person inspiring?

There are many characteristics that have the power to inspire and uplift those around you. You can learn how to inspire leaders and others with your courage, drive, creativity, or passion for life.

In the workplace, people look up to their leaders for inspiration and examples of how to approach their own challenges.


These are some of the many qualities of an inspirational person:

  • Believes in themselves and has self-confidence
  • Stands up for their personal values
  • Doesn’t shy away from challenges
  • Speaks up for themselves
  • Handles difficult situations with compassion
  • Is fair
  • Admits fault and takes responsibility
  • Refuses to accept unjust behavior
  • Communicates clearly and follows up words with actions
  • Aims to make a difference


There are some very important qualities that stand out to Guitar Thrills Magazine. Ones that we look for in an artist to interview. One of them is not shying away from challenges. It takes boldness and courage to stand up to challenges. We all know that the world and the music industry is filled with them. The only way to become a successful artist is to stand up and face challenges, despite the odds.

We were very intrigued by our special guest Laura Cox. Not only because of her dynamic skills as an artist, but what she has accomplished despite challenges.



Laura Cox (born 24 November 1990) is an Anglo-French guitarist, singer, and songwriter. Since 2008, she has achieved international recognition on YouTube as a guitarist. She is also the singer and lead guitarist of the Laura Cox Band, a rock band that she formed in 2013. Pioneer of the guitar on the internet, Laura Cox has led the way for many young guitarists and is now at the forefront of the current landscape of guitarists in France and beyond. From bedroom recordings of Sweet Home Alabama [Lynyrd Skynyrd] and a like uploaded on YouTube as early as 2008, she gathered a loyal following of half a million subscribers and her re-interpretations of classic rock songs (that also feature her on the banjo, lap steel or bass)

Laura Cox has reached more than 100 million viewers across the globe. The multi-instrumentalist is one of the few artists who managed to break out of the virtual bubble and bring her musical vision to life with her own band: After two albums released in 2017 and 2019 (Verycords/Warner) and having played the biggest, most prominent stages for rock music in France (Hellfest, Download Festival, Guitare en Scène, etc.), Laura Cox is now back with "Head Above Water", a long-awaited album with a more personal take and a solid anchoring in rock.

This third studio album proves once again that Laura knows how to re-invent herself while she is revealing new facets of her musical talent. Recorded at the renowned ICP studios in Brussels, and mastered by Ted Jensen (The Eagles, The Rolling Stones, etc.), "Head Above Water" is ready to rock the boat. In her riffs and solos, Laura masters both flow and precision and her playing clearly shows that this woman knows how to take a guitar apart. Blending classic rock with bluegrass elements in an unparalleled ease, Laura Cox once again illustrates that she will remain a driving force in a new generation of rock guitarists in the years to come.

The previous information doesn’t highlight any of the challenges Laura Cox may have experienced. However, there are things in between the lines, that is what we need to find out. Which leads us to the importance inspiration plays in the life of Laura Cox, and what sort of challenges has she had to endure? Let’s find out.



GT: Hello Laura. We have been in the music industry for a long time. Long enough to know what it takes to perform at the level you do. You don’t accomplish what you have, without putting forth a lot of effort. In addition, you must have the ability to overcome obstacles and challenges. It also requires standing up for yourself when it’s not the popular thing to do. This is what inspires others. How important do you believe inspiration is in the music industry? How has the character traits discussed in this topic has helped you?

Laura: I have to say I started all of it without knowing where it would take me... Without even thinking I could succeed and make a living of my music. Inspiration is the base of everything. If you're not inspired, how can you evolve in an art related passion? I think I can relate to some of the traits you mentioned above, but not all of them. I still need to work on this, to be fully myself. I guess it's a long journey and that's what life is about.


GT: Do you think there has been an accommodating spirit in the industry to do whatever it takes to be successful, even if it requires giving into your personal believes?

Laura: It's hard to answer, as we don't know what other people are willing to do to be successful. We can't judge other artists because we are different people. I guess some are willing to lie to themselves to become successful, but maybe they have their reasons. Others won't push that far and will stay true to themselves, even though it means never making it big. We all choose our paths, and I don't think people should judge each other.


GT: What sort of challenges have you endured? What enabled you to overcome them?

Laura: Being a woman evolving in a men's world is quite challenging... And trying to lead a team of guys too! I always hated being the leader, giving orders, and say no to people. But with time, I realized that this was my musical project and if I wanted to move on and get things done, I had to be in charge. Maturity and being older have something to do with it. It becomes easier as I'm getting more confident.


GT: What is your mind-set like? Is it morals, is it the way you were raised? What helps you to be courageous in an industry that is not conducive to someone such as yourself?

Laura: I think the environment I'm evolving in, is helping me to be myself. I'm finally surrounded by positive and supportive people, and that makes the job way easier for everybody. Now, my mindset is to focus on my work, and only listen to myself. I think it's important when you're in the middle of promotion for a new album, to stay focused and know where you're going.


GT: Who were some of your inspirations as you decided to get into the music industry? Tell us what specific traits stood out to you about them?

Laura: When I decided music would become my job, I had no idea about how the industry was working and didn't really care. I just wanted to play music... My inspirations were musicians, not businessmen/women. I didn't know what to expect, and kind of hid behind my team, always avoiding making decisions. I changed with time, but this wasn't easy.


GT: When I refer to inspiration, it isn’t always about the music. I noticed that you covered songs from both Fleetwood Mac and Elton John. Though there are musical influences that really makes a difference in the type of genre path that you follow? Who were they for you?

Laura: These artists are legends! I think they inspire all the generations, from all kinds of music. That's their biggest strength. I love some of their songs and challenged myself to cover them, arranging them in a more personal way. I didn't want to copy because it's clearly impossible to make it sound as good as them, so I tried something different. That's also why they are big inspirations for people... They motivated me to go out of my comfort zone and try something new.


GT: When you decide to end your music career. What do you want people to remember you for?

Laura: I want them to remember me as one of the first (and the few) people from YouTube who managed to build a real career on the road. Most musicians are either one or the other, and I'm happy I managed to find a balance between these two worlds.


GT: How often do you get a chance to perform internationally? Where have you found your strongest fan base?

Laura: Of course, our strongest fan base is in France because that's my country and where we're performing the most. Germany is the second country where the crowds are getting bigger and bigger, and I love touring there. For now, we're mostly touring within France and Europe, but I really hope we'll get to visit the US soon!


GT: Is there a particular region or even venue that you would like to perform at? If so, where?

Laura: I would love to go back to Norway. We opened for Jeff Beck there in 2018, this country is breathtaking, and I kept amazing memories of this trip. In general, I love playing shows in places surrounded by nature, it's a big change from Paris!


GT: What kind of projects are you working on, and what can your fans expect from Laura Cox?

Laura: I just released my third album “Head Above Water”, and I'm about to release my signature beer as well. We'll be on the road from March to September to share this new music with the fans and I can't wait to meet all of them and get their feedback!

I also feel really motivated to start writing for the next album, so I'll start soon as the inspiration is here.


GT: We know you work with a band of musicians. How instrumental have they become in your success?

Laura: It's been hard to find a balance, but I feel like we finally found it and we're heading in the right direction now. The work dynamic is good, and it feels nice to be surrounded by a supportive team. There were ups and downs, but they played a big role in my music and how I got here.


GT: It has been wonderful to interview you today. You have many strengths that both us and your fans adore. Undoubtedly, you will continue to leave a positive mark on those that you perform for. We hope that you will agree to interview with us soon. How does that sound?

Laura: Avec plaisir! Thanks a lot, and I hope to meet you in the US at some point!


GT: Excellent. We look forward to it.

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