"Determine that it’s time to move on. There is no value in losing your joy

Posted: March 3, 2023

There were many occasions when I could have walked away from the music industry, completely. However, the love of music is what keeps me motivated. Music is able to accomplish something that most things cannot. The feeling of joy and complete bliss. So when something negative occurs in your life, and it’s directly related the industry you work in, you try and re-focus. Music is powerful, and has the ability to make all the wrongs disappear. The drawback is letting people walk all over you. They may see vulnerabilities that they can take advantage of. Therefore, they try tapping into those vulnerable areas to see how far they can manipulate you.

Music has the power to bring joy and happiness to your life. But there is a danger. It is when you accept the actions of individuals, agencies, or organizations that are cunning, and divisive that the problem exacerbates. Any issues or disagreement can be resolved. However, people like to thrive on negativity. It makes them feel good about themselves. It gives them a sense of control. However, it’s a false narrative. It is a story that they tell to create confidence withing their world. Needless to say, the joy you once experienced is affected by those with these character traits. If you want to understand why you haven’t reached you full potential as an artist, look to those that are in a leadership role. This has nothing to do with governmental agencies. Leadership is used to describe those who have the authority to make decisions.

In simple words, leadership is about taking risks and challenging the status quo. Leaders motivate others to achieve something new and better.

During my time in the music industry I have gotten to know artists that have never reached their full potential. Not because of their talent, and certainly not because of their songs, or performances. But it was something that their leaders were not doing that would be conducive the career of the artist that they represent. Artists often look to their leaders for guidance, and reassurance. However, this is looked at a vulnerability and it is used against the artist to control them.

This is something that I recognized early on in the music industry. It was difficult to overlook as I couldn’t change the system. However, I could change how I interacted with artists that I worked with. As a Publicist and Booking Agent, I only had control of what I did to help my artists. I quickly found out that there was other variables and factors that were outside of my reach. The saying goes “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink”. Same applies with the artist that is satisfied with the bare minimum. They would like reach the top, but they do not have the passion or drive to make it happen.

There are two distinct things at play in this article. There are those who selfishly hold back those they represent. Then there is the artist, that simply doesn’t possess the courage to maneuver through the competition. Is it time to move on for artists that fall under one of these categories? No, not necessarily. Only they can decide, if it’s time to move on. However, keep this in mind, how much do you value your joy. This should determine if you are willing to move on or not.

In harmony with the introduction, it was time for me to move on. I had my fill of ups and downs. I recognized that honesty will not overcome the weaknesses of others. Setting the example of excellent character will only make enemies. Which is totally ok with me. I rather fight and excel at honesty than to bring myself to a point of lying, cheating, and selfishness. I found my joy elsewhere. Today, I promote artists through a magazine called Guitar Thrills Magazine. I brings me close to music that I love, and I can determine who I want to work with. I still come in contact with the rotten apples, but I refuse to let them diminish my joy.

With this said, it is time to bring in a guest for some questions related to this topic. Her name is Andrea Krakovská. You know her because of her dynamic artistry as a guitarist. However you have also read her interviews in Guitar Thrills Magazine. She has been a friend of ours and we appreciate her feedback regarding some important questions.


Hello Andrea, we are glad to have you back on our platform. It was kind of you to take on this subject. The Editors Column can be somewhat controversial. However, we pick individuals that will give us honest answers. You happen to be honest, and educated regarding the music industry. Regarding this topic, is the music industry worth giving up your joy?

Andrea: Thanks for having me back! The music industry is tough enough already without other people bringing you down, but it’s definitely not worth giving up your joy! On the days that are hard try to remember why you are doing this, what made you so passionate about music and why it makes you happy.


Have you ever experienced a negative situation that made you question your involvement in the music industry?

Andrea: I’ve been lucky enough to meet some amazing people and have made lifelong friends through music, so when negative situations arise I know I have a great support network to talk to or ask for advice. Like in any industry, there will times when you might question choices or decisions that you or others have made, but at no point has this affected my passion and drive to continue in the music industry.


Do you personally know when it is time to move on?

Andrea: I’m always thinking about moving forward, how to progress with my playing, to push myself with songwriting, to learn recording etc. Many years ago I moved on from being a ‘bedroom’ player to playing live in multiple bands. More recently I’ve moved on from just playing covers to writing and recording my own music. I’m constantly moving onwards and upwards and can’t wait to see what the next few years will bring!


What suggestions do you have for those that no longer have the passion or drive for the music industry that they once had?

Andrea: My advice would be to take a break, and then look back and reevaluate if it’s something that you miss from your life. Lots of bands and artists find themselves in a position where they need to step back from music, and many bands have come back stronger than ever after an extended hiatus.


Thank you for being open and honest with us today. I know that you are passionate about your accomplishments and will continue to thrive as a guitarist. I can’t imagine you ever losing your joy for the music industry. If you ever think that you are, come and talk to us. Hopefully we can change your mind. Your too talented of a musician not to follow through on your abilities.

This subject was difficult to write. I could go on and on about my experiences. I could even write about the experiences others have been through as well. Maybe in a future article we will cover them. If you feel like an experience has left you exhausted, and without joy, then it’s time to move on. Only you can make that decision. Never do it in haste, or out of frustration. Do what makes sense “for you”.

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