"I’ve always believed hard work and dedication leads to success. No matter what the goal." - Faith Powell

Posted: March 3, 2023
I was beyond excited when I was offered the position in Plush. Ever since I was 10 years old, I had dream of being a drummer of a touring band. After rehearsing together for the first time, I knew these were my people and the band I wanted my future in music to be with. It was such an exciting moment for me realizing that these dreams were becoming a reality.

Some of the artists we interviewed over the years were musicians with just a plan, without a way to implement it. That is until the day their idea became a reality. The attainment of a desired idea requires an objective and a time frame for accomplishing it. Without it, you leave success up to chance. There are artists that have had their ideas realized early on in life. You might say it was due to unusual circumstances. True success in the music industry can be compared to winning a lottery ticket. You hope you bought the winning ticket, but it eventually proves to be nothing of value.

Even for those that experience success, years often go by without accolades or rewards for hard work. Especially if you work within the music industry. Musicians can go many years without reaping enjoyment from their skill set. Unless you are Faith Powell. She is a highly skilled drummer with a unique privilege to come out of High School and perform with a dynamic hard rock band called Plush. Maybe you have heard of them. Here is the perfect example of an idea coming to fruition. The realization that she would one day become a drummer of a highly coveted rock band seemed like a dream. Maybe even something that would eventually happen. Just not right away. When you are a talented musician, an idea comes to fruition when you are dedicated and talented to your craft.


Faith Powell started drumming at the age of 10. She joined the symphonic, jazz and marching band in her classes from 5th to 9th grade. Although she enjoyed every band she had been in, Faith’s love for music always has been in the rock genre. This led to her playing live shows and recording for various local bands ages 16 to 18. After graduating high school, Faith received an offer to play at the New York State Fair with the band Plush. She flew out to the audition, played the show, and was offered to join Plush’s tour. The band went on to open for Alice in Chains, Breaking Benjamin and Bush. After the tour, Faith officially joined the band and Plush went on to play the Kiss Kruise from LA to Mexico. The band plans to record in the winter and release new music in 2023. Faith is eager to continue recording, touring, and expanding her drumming knowledge with each opportunity presented.

It is indisputable that Faith Powell experienced the results of her hard work early on in life. Which gives her an edge over other musicians. In addition to that, she is a drummer of a successful band. The accomplishments of the band Plush has well-established by Guitar Thrills Magazine.


Guitar Thrills: You may be wondering why we are interviewing a drummer for a magazine that is about guitar players and artists. I believe there should always be exceptions to the rule. Especially when you have musicians as talented as Faith Powell. I have covered drummers in the past. One of which was Roxy Petrucci of the 80s band Vixen. Drummers are the key component the longevity of bands. Therefore, we couldn’t miss out on an interview with Faith Powell.

Guitar Thrills: Hi Faith. I want to thank you for joining me today. I have a ton of questions for you. However, I will have to save some of them for a future interview. My first question is about the success you experienced early on in life. How did the audition for Plush happen exactly? How soon after graduation did you receive the invitation? Who contacted you regarding this amazing opportunity?

Faith: Thanks so much for having me! It all happened over social media. I got the opportunity to audition for the band a month after graduating high school. Plush found me on Instagram. I sent in a video audition and it lead to me flying out to play the New York State Fair show. It was truly perfect timing.

Guitar Thrills: What was your first response when you heard you were selected to be the new drummer of Plush?

Faith: I was beyond excited when I was offered the position in Plush. Ever since I was 10 years old, I had dream of being a drummer of a touring band. After rehearsing together for the first time, I knew these were my people and the band I wanted my future in music to be with. It was such an exciting moment for me realizing that these dreams were becoming a reality.

Guitar Thrills: Some drummers that join bands do not even get the great gigs right away. It often takes years to start performing with some of the top tier bands. You go to play on the same stage as Bush. Which happens to be one of my all-time favorite bands from the 90s. What was going through your mind, learning that you were going to be on the same stage as these monsters of rock?

Faith: I was thrilled when I got the offer to play drums on the Alice In Chains tour for Plush. It was mind blowing to wrap my head around the fact that I was getting the opportunity to share the same stage with these rock icons. It was such an honor to be a part of a tour with such talented and experienced bands. This was my first tour and it was such an amazing experience. I can’t wait for the next!

Guitar Thrills: You also were part of the Kiss Kruise. What was that like for you? Which of the artists from Kiss did you get a chance to meet? Did you also get a chance to perform with them?

Faith: The Kiss Kruise was actually the first cruise I have ever been on. It was a surreal experience to be surrounded by music while traveling across the ocean. I was able to meet Paul Stanley, Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer from KISS. They were amazing musicians to watch on stage and such kind people to talk to. I hope we can do it all again next year!

Guitar Thrills: What do you contribute to your success as a drummer? Is there anything specific that you can narrow it down too?

Faith: I’ve always believed hard work and dedication leads to success. No matter what you are trying to reach, if you put time and effort into that goal, it will lead to success. I’ve also had a great support system from my family and friends always pushing me to reach my goals. I’m grateful to have all of those people in my life.

Guitar Thrills: Do you have any regrets by jumping into a band right out of graduation?

Faith: I have no regrets at all joining a band straight out of high school. I had zero hesitation. I knew this was an opportunity of a life time; especially with a band like plush. They are all incredible musicians and people. I feel very lucky.

Guitar Thrills: That is a great response. I am sure your band members are going to be excited to hear that as well.

Guitar Thrills: Tell me about your stage setup. What are those must haves on stage in a live performance? What does your stage set-up or plot look like for the Plush band performances?

Faith: I use Vater 5a stretch drumsticks, Tama Starclassic drum kit, DW hardware, Evans drum heads and Zildjian cymbals.

Guitar Thrills: Nice. Are you currently sponsored by any of the brands that you perform with?

Faith: Yes, I’m currently endorsed by Vater. Vater Stretch 5As have such a great feel and finesse around the kit. The added length of the stretch series gives the perfect amount of reach when playing fills. The 5A Stretch sticks are the perfect fit for my style of drumming.

Guitar Thrills: I know you have amazing things happening in the studio. Is there anything that you can talk about with us?

Faith: We are in Nashville recording new music for our second album. It’s been an amazing experience working with our team and we can’t wait to show everyone what we’ve been working on!

Guitar Thrills: I know 2023 is going to be a busy year for you and Plush. Hopefully you will take some time out for a break. We want to thank you again for joining us today. We will have a follow up to this interview soon. How does that sound?

Faith: That sounds great! Thanks for having me and I would love to follow up in the future!

Guitar Thrills: Awesome. We will keep in touch with you, and look forward to hearing about your accomplishments.

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