Dressing the part with Riot Stitch Rockwear. Avoiding a disconnect.

Posted: May 17, 2023
Photo by: Bill Hogan
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If you are an artist representing any genre, you want to dress the part. Every artist is has the right or freedom to express themselves how they want. However, consumers do not see it that way. Throughout history, there has been a level of expectations for audience to see their favorite artist or band dressed a certain way. Anything contrary to that sends mixed messages. The result is a disconnect between fans and their favorite artist or band. Therefore, it is extremely important to avoid misleading fans by the way you dress. Defining how you dress, adds to performance and fan engagement. Never undervalue the importance this has on your popularity and success.

Guitar Thrills Magazine isn’t branded to accommodate clothing, and apparel. However, when we can identify with a brand that is conducive to the artists we promote in our magazine, then getting involved is the right thing to do. We identified an opportunity with a brand that made perfect sense. Riot Stitch Rockwear fits the bill. They are designed around the rock genre lifestyle. Sherri Lu is a fashion designer who was emboldened with the mindset to help her co-rockers with a clothing that would help artists dress the part. Her designs are authentic and manufactured with quality in mind.



In the 1960s Rock Music and Fashion established their deeply incestuous relationship with each other. Riot Stitch Rockwear fuses Bold Chic Fashion Design with Killer Stand-Out Stage Wear for Rock 'n Roll Lovers and Live Performance Artists around the world. Sparing absolutely no expense, all handmade garments produced by Sherri Lu are shipped from her studio in Los Angeles California, U.S.A. All custom stage wear pieces are made to order and one of a kind with a design that delivers an unparalleled edge to your music, your passion, and...your screaming crowd!

There has got to be more to Sherri Lu and Riot Stitch Rockwear that wasn’t mentioned in the introduction. This is the reason why we want to connect you with Sherri Lu and provide insight into why Riot Stitch exists.



GT: Hello Sherri. Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions about your history and the making of your brand Riot Stitch. First, how did you come up with the idea for Riot Stitch? Also, tell us about your background as a fashion designer.

Sherri: I’ve been passionate about fashion since I was very young, and I’ve had an intoxicating love of Rock n Roll since my teens. So, when I moved to LA about 20 years ago, I was surprised at how hard it was to find cool clothes that fit me, so I just made alterations and modifications to suit my taste. Then, 5 or 6 years ago I started helping artists I liked to rock out their jeans and vests. They loved my ideas for their clothes - saying my sense of rock style was cool! That started me thinking I should start my own rock fashion line someday. Suddenly the pandemic hit in 2020, and I decided it was time to launch my line and put my brand on the map… for real! And since I’ve always felt like rock and roll is like a Riot, and Stitch describes perfectly what I do - Riot Stitch just felt right to me. It took off fast on IG and FB - maybe because everyone was home and shopping online, maybe something else? I’m just happy to be doing what I love and it's all happening.


GT: That is awesome. Did you think that your journey would ever develop into fashion for rock bands and artists?

Sherri: Yes. I mean, designing for rock stars has been my ambition from the start. Seeing them under the spotlights, loud and proud… Each piece is as unique as the personalities that wear them… on and off the stage. That’s why I love what I do so much!


GT: Have you worked with or owned any previous clothing brands?

Sherri: Ever since I was a little girl, my mom would make all of my clothes by herself - just as nice as anything you’d see in stores. Then, when I was a little older, I would sketch my designs, hunt down fabrics, and bring everything to my seamstress friend who would cut, sew, and tailor complete outfits with me. I benefited a lot from growing up like that, but Riot Stitch is my first established brand, and I’m just getting started!


GT: Do you have any well-known names that have endorsed Riot Stitch Rockwear?

Sherri: Steel Panther is a recent client - and a perfect fit for the Riot Stitch line. Long story short; my great friend Tina Souza introduced me to the legendary rock photographer Neil Zlozower. Neil is straight up one of the nicest people you’ll ever know. He even came out of retirement to do a shoot with me, and the shots were amazing! One off my bucket list for sure. Anyway, one day he asked me who I’d like to wear my clothes- I said STEEL PANTHER! He introduced me to Michael Starr, and that led to designing pieces for the whole band. It’s such a thrill for me because I’ve been watching them rock it since the “Metal School” days!

Some of my clients are Steel Panther (Band), Brad Gillis (Night Ranger), Wolf Hoffman & Philip Shouse (Accept), Gus G (Ozzy), Keith St John (Montrose, Kingdom Come, Burning Rain), Eugene Henriksen (Completely Unchained), Anthony David (Led Zepagain), Mitch Malloy, Lucie May, Micky Magnum, and others… and I honestly know and love all my clients!


GT: What is your goal or mission for Riot Stitch Rockwear?

Sherri: I like Riot Stitch the way it is - as a boutique, custom rock couture line. That way I can keep offering unique and personalized, one-off designs to artists and rock enthusiasts - like me! So, if you love the rock and roll lifestyle, and have a bold, electric personality - Riot Stitch is custom-made for you!


GT: What kind of feedback have you received regarding your designs?

Sherri: It’s all been positive. My clients seem super stoked about their pieces, and give me comments like “AMAZING” “SEXY” “SO LIGHT” “ HOT” “ ROCKING” My turn over time ( usually takes 2 weeks) for made to order are a hit as well, they don’t need to wait for months to get their custom pieces, and I keep them posted on their progress as well.


GT: When I shop for clothing, I want to know how it is going to feel when I wear it. What does it feel like to wear Riot Stitch Rockwear?

Sherri: Hmmm. good question! Wearing Riot Stitch Rockwear makes you feel like multi-platinum rock royalty wrapped in skintight spandex and heavy metal studs!


GT: That is great to hear. How clothing fits and feels is a major selling point for consumers. Your clients especially will want to know how comfortable they will be when on stage.

Sherri: 99% of Riot Stitch pants are made of 4-way stretch spandex. My patterns are custom-tailored to hug you in all the right places, and my pants for men are especially “Sex God - Rock Star” style - no baggy, denim pants in the Riot Stitch line! They’re super lightweight, comfortable to move in on stage, and durable. I design pants for Van Halen tribute front men from coast to coast - all of them do the signature DLR splits and kicks… not one complaint of a split seam! My pants are as strong as any, and sexy as hell - and that’s a good sign!


GT: I want to thank you for your time today. I really excited about your opportunities for growth and success. Seeing your brand, the pages of Guitar Thrills Magazine will be welcomed by our readers as well.

Sherri: I’m excited and stoked to be featured in Guitar Thrills Magazine! Thank you so much for sharing the Riot Stitch story with your readers all around the world!

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