Emulate with the ability to surpass. Develop realistic expectations.

Posted: November 25, 2022
To Emulate means to match or surpass (a person or achievement), typically by imitation. "lesser men trying to emulate his greatn

Emulating your favorite band was common when I was younger. I had a fondness of music. Still do. When I was younger, I wanted to be just like my favorite artists. I bought their records, cassettes and CD’s. I also attended their concerts and changed my wardrobe. I thought picking up the guitar would help start my career as a musician. Isn’t this the way that some create a desire to become an artist?

I thought, “If I could only be as good as the band I was listening too. It would be the key to my music success. Well, it didn’t all turn out that way. No band, no album, and I didn’t get the girl. However, that hasn’t stopped me from an accomplished career in the music industry. I owe it to the bands that I emulated when I was younger. They paved the way for success for many of us. Including the artists that are thriving in the music industry today.

The authentic bands and artists of decades gone by, stayed together through thick and thin. Yes, there were times when they would break up. But they would get back together because they had a good thing going. These are the same bands that you hear today. You may wonder, “why are they still performing at their? The answer is easy, these bands still have something to say. They continue to have a huge following, and they are relentless at performing before their fans. Even if one member falls, they continue moving forward. Those are the true musicians, the real artists. They are the ones I wanted to be when I grew up.

The bands and artists you wanted to emulate never die off. They leave a lasting impression forever. I can listen to a band or song, and immediately be drawn by the connection that once was created. One of my favorite songs, is “Imagination” by Xymox. AKA as Clan of Xymox. The album “Twist of Shadows” was a favored album release. It was popular within the U.S. but Xymox or Clan of Xymox was the foundation of goth and industrial music in the early 80’s. The industrial sound that they were known for, was intentional and deliberate it its style and execution. They were progressive in every way. There is no doubt, that other popular band’s desired the formula for success that Xymox had.

It is important for you to understand more about Xymox or Clan of Xymox. There are reasons for the slight changes in the name.



Since their formation in their native Holland (1982) their music has been constantly changing, always challenging and often quite breathtaking. Considered by BBC's John Peel as Dark Wave pioneers . Some of us have always been of the opinion that XYMOX are something special. A band fired by electronic music but determined, always, to make something that is very much their own. They are unique. Clan of Xymox, during the years released many hit and cult albums since their signing with 4AD (UK) . Later signed to Universal Music (USA) and now toTrisol (EU) & Metropolis Records (USA).

A steady flow of critically acclaimed albums were released , all timeless, deeply emotional Dark Wave records. The band has released 18 studio albums, 2 DVD's, a Remix and Live album , "Best Of " and even a cover album named " Kindred Spirits”(2012), giving ode to Ronny’s past influences.

In 2017 the 5 star album " Days Of Black" was released of which most said that CLAN OF XYMOX have reached a new, perhaps even their highest peak , or ...? Followed up with "Spider On The Wall" (2020 ) 3 singles with videos were released and reached all number 1 in the DAC charts.

As 2020 saw the world shut down, and Clan of Xymox unable to tour, Ronny Moorings began crafting new material, influenced by the pandemic. Limbo is a master stroke of modern dark wave, expanding the signature Clan of Xymox sound to create a captivating take on this moment in our history. All single titles released reached number 1 in the DAC single and album charts.

These albums are an artistic triumph for the band. Dark & intimate, while masterfully exploring signature dark wave sound that has made the act adored around the world.

In 2022 Ronny wrote a song called " Save Our Souls " to put attention to Putins war on the Ukraine . All proceeds are donated to agencies against human and animal suffering. The band tours constantly successfully around the globe from Arena's to the regular live clubs. So now they are here for you to see live in action , meet again or to get to know them. Ronny Moorings writes, records and produces all music and lyrics for his songs.

Clan Of Xymox LIVE are :

Ronny Moorings : vox, guitar , Mojca Zugna : bass. Mario Usai : guitar / bass. Sean Goebel : Keys , backing vox. Daniel Hoffmann : FX & Sequencer.
Since their formation in their native Holland (1982 ) their music has been constantly changing, always challenging and often quite breathtaking . Considered by BBC's John Peel as Dark Wave pioneers . Some of us have always been of the opinion that XYMOX are something special. A band fired by electronic music but determined, always, to make something that is very much their own. They are unique.

First there was Clan of Xymox, formed in Amsterdam but signed to leading English independent label 4-AD, home at one time or another to Bauhaus,the Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance and Pixies among others.

Subsequent Pleasures was the very first official release of Xymox in 1983. Recorded at his 4 track home studio Ronny Moorings released it as an ltd 500 copies only and sold out in 3 weeks time. This paved the way to get signed to 4 AD with additional demo recordings of future works.


Interview with Ronny Moorings and Guitar Thrills Magazine.

Normally, I wouldn’t go into an extensive background on an artist or band. However, Clan of Xymox are architects of music. You can appreciate each album in a different way. Though the sound and style doesn’t change, it’s the meaning that each album brings. Each album is a masterpiece in design. The artists that make up Clan of Xymox have a purpose. Which is to stay true to their foundation, and what brought them success throughout the decades.


GT: Hello Ronny. I thank you for interviewing with Guitar Thrills Magazine. Probably some of the most difficult interviews are with those bands you have been following throughout the years. My first question, is where do I start? I thought it best to express our gratitude for the many albums released, and songs that made a difference in the lives of so many.


GT: The topic today, is based upon emulating the artists that you are inspired by. Many artists in the past, and today attempt to emulate their favorite bands, etc. While it is one of the greatest forms of flattery, it doesn’t quite make sense to duplicate those bands that you admire. What are your thoughts about it?

Ronny: I think in the entire modern music history all bands tried to copy their favorite band(s) . When a musician starts with learning and trying to understand songwriting one has to listen to music and what better way than listening to your favorite bands. Many artist are self taught and the only way to get to grips with an instrument is listening to records and trying to figure out what they play. Subliminal influences over the year you will always have .

This way modern music evolves for decades . It makes it all very exiting in my eyes and ears.


GT: Who were some of your favorite bands? Which ones inspired you to develop the gothic / industrial sound?

Ronny: As I child the only means of getting to know music was the radio or Top of the Pops later in the 70s. In the Netherlands we had bands like Shocking Blue, Earth and Fire, Focus, the Golden Earring and such, which appealed to me a lot. These were the bands I was interested in. On TV we grew up with the Beatles, the Stones and the Monkees. These bands made me want to play an instrument at a very young age. After that I always stayed on the alternative side of music. On my album “ Kindred Spirits “ you can see and hear which artist influenced me in the direction I was going. Bands for example like joy Division and the Cure were very important to me .


GT: When you first started performing, did you have a feeling that you were going to be successful? Is there a point, when you all felt like, “we are going to be a huge band”?

Ronny: Yes and no. We started slowly in the 80’s with playing local clubs and later clubs in our country before we had a record deal. The band constantly changed with different people at that time. Only after securing a 4 AD deal I felt we were going in the right direction and we got ourselves more known playing abroad and getting attention from UK’s own John Peel (BBC influential radio DJ -R.I.P.-) Without 4AD this would have never happened. After two albums at 4 AD we got the Major Label (PolyGram ) offer in the USA and that made me realize that we were getting into the bigger league . Certainly the clubs we played became bigger and bigger over time. This adventure also lasted two albums and after that it took me a while to see a future for Clan Of Xymox again.

In 1997 we started to play live again and picked up from where we left it. Since then it has been a constant. We never stopped playing live and releasing albums I do since that time through my own label and licensing it to Metropolis USA and Trisol EU . So far these are the best of times for me personally.


GT: I have read an article, where it said Xymox was moving away from their industrial sound, to be engulfed by the Pop culture. It was referring to the album release “Phoenix”. I don’t feel that way about that album. I noticed a slight change. Maybe a less aggressive style. What is your thoughts about the album? What is an attempt to pursue the electronic sound that other bands were doing?

Ronny: Yes , true. The Phoenix album was the last album for Wing Records, part of PolyGram and now just Universal. This album was a pretty confused album if you ask me . Sure , there are some nice songs on it but I have to agree that we were drifting away from our own roots in order to get more commercial attention.

This backfired I think and we were making the mistake trying to change our own blueprint and thinking we should be more 90's “modern “ and change our sound accordingly.

The Manchester scene was already happening and all bands wanted to have this kind of sound and vibe. Also our label wanted to employ a Mancunian producer for this , but I could steer this away whilst I liked working with Peter Welsch . ( Simple Minds , Jene Loves Jezebel ) In many case this change of attitude lasted two more albums ( Metamorphosis 1992 and Headclouds 1993 ) before I realised that it is better to stick to your own trade and taste . The way forward was again with the release of “ Hidden Faces” in 1997.


GT: The album Twist of Shadows was a game changer for me. The lyrics were compelling, and deeply inspiring. Arguably, one of the best albums to be released by Xymox. Do you have a favorite album? Which one, and why?

It is funny how everyone has their own favorite album. That is a good thing. To me of course it is the latest album , always. Just because it is fresh to me and before I release an album I have to be 100% behind it. The last album “ Limbo” had four number 1 placings in the DAC charts last year. There are now so many albums to choose from. So , each to its own I say.


GT: You have experienced a lot of success. You are one of the bands that were able to make it despite the ever changing climate of music. Did you ever think about giving up completely? Or did you always see a “place” for your brand of music?

Ronny: Yes , in 1994 when I moved from London back to The Netherlands I wanted to do something else. I didn’t feel like having a band anymore. When I got asked to make music for a CD Rom game by Domark USA I started again with recording music. Mind you , the last release of “ Headclouds” was in 1993 , so that much time did pass 😉 I made 2 CD ROM games music before I started writing a new album for Clan Of Xymox. When I finally settled in Amsterdam I formed together with Mojca a new live band. The release of “ Hidden Faces “ was in 1997. From there on I never stopped or looked back.


GT: I have had conversations with Brian Canham of Pseudo Echo, and David Sterry from Real Life. While they are different from Xymox, they all set a different style and sound for their era. It is fascinating that they are still doing it. They continue to produce music that fans love to hear. How long do you think, or even want to continue producing top performing records?

Ronny: Till whenever I feel inspired. Simple as that.


GT: It were up to me, I would say continue until you cannot sing or write anymore. You have words and music. Poetry at it’s best.

Ronny: Thanks. For me music is a way of life and not a job. So yes , as long as I breathe I most likely will write songs.


GT: I want to express my gratitude for all of your hard work and dedication. If a band were to emulate another, it would be good for them to be inspired by Clan of Xymox. Though, it would be very difficult for them to surpass you. I want to extend the opportunity to interview with us anytime. I would like to set up another interview soon, and find out what you have been working on. How does that sound?

Ronny: Thank you for your kind words. Yes , by all means . Ask away 🙂


GT: Awesome. Thank you for your time.

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