Getting results despite the competition.

Posted: September 7, 2022
I think what it really comes down to for me is just my personal connection & my of course having great musicians to cover it with.

Competition. No matter what job position, or career that you set your eyes upon will always include competition. As I write about this topic there are thousands of other online media organizations, feverously writing, in attempt to get your attention. Could this possibly create self-doubt and fear, that my articles will not be read? After all, there are millions if not billions of articles, and news feeds that are grabbing attention of people all over the world. What chance do I have? Who am I? What makes me so special? Well, if those questions are not enough to make me stop writing, I don’t know what will.

The word “purpose” trumps all those questions and doubts. Anyone attempting to overcome the challenges of competition to figure out their purpose. What is my purpose for writing? You notice, I didn’t say “goal”? The difference between having a goal, and having a purpose, are as different as day and night. You see, you can have a goal, and fail. But if you have purpose, no matter how many times you fail, you continue going. You don’t limit yourself to goals that can be unattainable. If you are purpose driven, then you find a way to beat out the competition. Nothing is fiercer, than someone that is inspired by purpose.

Purpose, Drive, Fierce, Competitive are just some of the words I would use to describe Melia.

Melia has become known as one of the top female indie rock artists on the music scene today. The winner of 3 awards, including "Best Female Rock Artist", as well as "Best Rock Song" and “Song of the Year” (“Just A Bride”) at the 2012 Indie Music Channel Awards held at the House of blues in Hollywood, again in 2013 “Best Female Rock Artist” and once again in 2016 for "Best Rock Song" for "Charge Like A Bull" and "Best Female Rock Artist". Melia’s EP “Soundproof Walls" has received rave reviews. Her follow up EP "Skeletal Remains" was released in December of 2015. "Skeletal Remains" was recorded in NYC at The Magic Shop and was engineered and produced by 8 time Grammy winning Kevin Killen (David Bowie-Blackstar,Peter Gabriel, Shakira).

Melia is an endorsed artist with Engl Amps, PRS Guitars, Sinister Guitar Picks, GHS Strings, Spectraflex, Earthquaker Devices and EMG Pickups.

She had been trying to get her parents to let her take guitar lessons after going to her first Green Day show during its “American Idiot” tour. They made her wait two years before taking up lessons, which she feels propelled her motivation. She excelled at guitar very quickly, practicing 6-8 hours a day and within eight months of taking up the instrument had formed her first band with a couple of high school friends. Although she had always written poems and lyrics while with her first band she also began writing her own music and lyrics and started playing some of that original music at shows. She took on the role of vocalist in her first band as well and wanting to sing to her fullest potential she began taking vocal lessons.

Two years after starting guitar lessons, she had the experience of a lifetime when she attended another Green Day concert and was chosen by lead singer, Billie Joe Armstrong, to play guitar for the song “Jesus of Suburbia”.

She is still splitting her practice each day between guitar and vocals, in addition to becoming a guitar teacher. She is now playing with some excellent backing musicians for her live shows. The music is a guitar-driven alternative rock style with message laden lyrics that come from her personal experiences or of those close to her.

Melia has played with The Offspring, Eve 6, Gaslight Anthem, Our Lady Peace, Walk The Moon, Oberhofer, The Tea Party, Thousand Foot Krutch, Love and Death, Big Wreck, Steve Vai, Twenty One Pilots, New Politics, Fuel, Sick Puppies, Black Star Riders, Asia, Chevelle, Lacuna Coil, The Misfits, Buckcherry, Otep, Drowning Pool, Saliva, Lita Ford, Adam Gontier, Judas Priestess, Daughtry and Halestorm.

With that said, there is so much more that we need to learn from Melia. So Guitar Thrills Magazine had to interview her with some pointed questions, that would provide insight as to how she views competition.


Guitar Thrills: Hi Melia. We are pretty excited to have you interview with Guitar Thrills Magazine for the first time. We are huge fans. Having you interview today, is awesome.

Guitar Thrills: Anyone reviewing your accomplishments would say that this topic doesn’t apply to you. How can you compete with someone that has played with bands like “The Offspring and Fuel”? It has been my experience, that competition gets even harder as you climb the ladder of success. What is your viewpoint regarding competition in your genre?

Melia: I genuinely try not to think of it. I know that competition is healthy but being an artist who is so involved with the creativity & expression of it all, I know that comparing myself to others would only hinder my work. I really get so focused and absorbed when I am writing and performing that I don’t find myself thinking about that. I think if I did I would get in my head too much and overthink.

Guitar Thrills: Some would think that once you play with a band like Chevelle, that you automatically have made it. That all the great gigs will start coming your way. Has it been that way for you? Has the referenced bands, open doors for you?

Melia: Yes. Once you get those shows on your resume it tends to open more doors. It doesn’t mean it’s all the time & that you don’t have to sweat out the small clubs still but I do feel very proud of the shows I have played & look forward to many in the future.

Guitar Thrills: Regardless of your history and who you performed with, it wouldn’t change our opinion about the quality of talent that you have. The “world is your oyster” as they say. How long has it taken you to get a foot hold on the music industry? When did you start noticing that music was going to become a career for you?

Melia: I think I knew in my heart & soul that music was going to be a career when I picked up the guitar for the first time. I’ve always been creative but once I really dove into music & training I knew I had found my passion. I knew it was a hard career but I also knew that it was where I truly fit into this world. It’s in my blood and I can’t deny that feeling of “home”

Guitar Thrills: There a number of songs that you are brilliant at. One of your first hits was “Bats Beneath Moonlight”. Can you tell us about the story behind that song, if possible?

Melia: Thank you! I’ve always loved comparing dark things to beautiful things. The contrast is really so beautiful to me. I’ve always been edgy and dark but it’s always felt so expressive to me even in the clothes I wear. I’ve always found dark things beautiful because when I was in the dark times I actually was able to find my place & my identity in this world. This song is about forgiveness & letting go of the past. I felt this song was written during a huge growth period for me as a human being. I was holding onto a lot of anger, resentment and even regret. I finally was able to release it all. “Didn’t we have it all?” It’s really like being able to look back without this heavy anger I’d been carrying & appreciating failed relationships/friendships for what they taught me.

Guitar Thrills: One thing that I have noticed is your ability to cover popular hits and do them justice. Which is not something everyone can do. I have heard cover after cover, and I can’t help but shake my head each time. However, you don’t have a problem with getting cover songs right. What kind of special attention do you give to cover songs? Do you have a method, or is there a process that you consider before covering a song?

Melia: It depends on the song. I think what it really comes down to for me is just my personal connection & my of course having great musicians to cover it with. When you have people who can play well it really helps because they’re flexible enough to adjust it to your liking. Acoustically, I sometimes like to soften my voice or just change the style from heavy to softer slower. It depends on the song, what it calls for, what room it has for change if any. Sometimes I hear it in my head sometimes I like to cover it closer to the original because some songs are just too perfect to truly change up. No matter what it’ll always be unique to me anyways because every voice is different. I try to truly connect. I cover songs I’m personally connected to.

Guitar Thrills: Where does Melia go from this point? Is there something that you are working on? Are you in the studio cranking out more songs? Give us the inside scoop. ☺

Melia: I am narrowing down songs since I have about 75 and getting into the studio very soon. I will be launching an Indie GoGo Fundraiser soon to help fund as many songs as I can to make a full length CD.

Guitar Thrills: I get feedback on interviews and why I don’t ask a ton of questions. Especially, when you are able to grab the attention of an artist. Simple, it’s a timing thing. Just like everyone else, you have to work. We know artists such as yourself have a busy schedule. Therefore, we try to be as brief as possible. Then later, we can schedule another interview. Needless to say, we would like to have you back. Would you like to interview with us soon?

Melia: Absolutely!

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