Inspired by a family tradition. Motivation that comes from the heart. - Sydney Hansen

Posted: September 7, 2022

Whether it is a rock, pop, or country music inspiration often comes from family ties. At least with the artists that have meaningful lyrics. Many artists pull from emotions, and stories that affect them deeply. While I am not an artist, I certainly can “relate”. When I founded Guitar Thrills Magazine it was out of love and deep respect for my mother. I never would have had a desire for great things, if she hadn’t instilled in me a love for music. Imagine that. With all the things I have accomplished in life, it doesn’t match the knowledge and love gained from music. Forget about all of the drama, back-stabbing, and disloyalty that the industry sometimes bring. Think about what is at the core, of music itself. There isn’t anything more valuable than the words and lyrics, from a great song. It is often referred to as poetry. It all depends upon the artist, and how they develop the song. The conclusion is often a work of art.

Our focus, is on the motivation, and inspiration behind music. Occasionally, in my interviews, I will ask surface questions, related to inspiration. “What inspired you to become an artist”? Which artists inspired you to become a musician”? Often, you get the same answer. It all comes down to an individual. Someone in the life of an artist was inspired by something greater than he or she is. You never really hear, well, I just thought like singing, and started to write music. That would seem out of character. Though, if there is someone like that, I would like to find out the result of their music making career.

Some of the surface related questions in an interview are important. However, it is important to get into the “heart” of the topic. We will continue to dive deep into all aspects of our topics. Let’s see what we can get out of our next guest. Her name is Sydney Hansen. If you don’t Sydney Hansen, I sort of wonder where you have been. She is extremely talented, and has started down a path that will lead her to experience success for years to come.

Regarding Sydney Hansen, she was born and raised in northern Minnesota. Sydney Hansen will tell you that her destiny was to join the short list of music icons hailing from the North Star State. Embracing singing and entertainment at a very young age, her training unknowingly started with singing along to the radio while her peers were only learning to speak. Understanding her love for music and wanting to maximize development in movement, her parents enrolled her in competition dance at the age of three. A natural in the studio, Sydney soared amongst her peers and seemed to live a life that never left the studio, dancing where ever she might be. Recognizing the passion that Sydney had for movement & music and seeing the benefits they offered in her development, Sydney began working with a vocal coach and guitar instructor at the age of six. Never expecting her to maintain her interest, her parents continued providing support and dedicated hours every week to lessons, dance sessions, and home training as Sydney continued building the foundation of her craft.

As Sydney has matured and begun to find herself as an individual and as an artist, she has become a hopeless romantic that sees the world through a lens of love first with an appreciation for her life experience. Much of her writing is a snapshot of her personal triumphs and tribulations, loves and losses, and successes and failures. Sydney pulls her fans into her life and through her own experiences, speaks to each individual. She celebrates the victories in one song and then offers comfort for losses in the next. Without intention, Sydney's style was formed in such a manner that her fans can relate to her through her message and appreciate the creative production that causes her melodies to play in the listeners mind long after the last note.


Guitar Thrills: Hi Sydney, it is great to have you join us for some hot topics today. We anticipate some great answers. Especially with all the attention that is circulating around your recent release. So let’s jump right to it. No doubt, you had a chance to review our topic today about inspiration and family ties, etc. We noticed that you mentioned several things about inspiration in your press release. It mentioned that your parents wanted to maximize your development in movement. They enrolled you in dance. How much did they also have a part in your development as a singer?

Sydney: Thanks for the interview! Along with dancing, they noticed that I was always singing whether it was to the car radio or humming something alone by myself, I was always singing. From there my parents put me into vocal lessons and soon after guitar lessons. After that I started performing locally at a very young age, got into songwriting, recorded some songs, and now I’m all moved into my apartment in Nashville. This wouldn’t be possible without the support my parents have given me to pursue this passion of mine.

Guitar Thrills: What were some of your immediate successes that you experienced as a child? Experiences that had a direct impact on where you (as an artist) today?

Sydney: As a child my community has always had my back from the start. I grew up in Duluth, Minnesota and the first big opportunity I got when I was young was to perform on Bayfront Festival Park, the largest stage in the city sitting right on the bay of Lake Superior. As a child going onto that stage felt like I had achieved all that I had wanted to. Being up there and being cheered for gave me motivation to continue performing. The moment I was up there, it gave me a rush and made me want to be a star. I’m still on the high climb up but I’m thankful that I have pushed myself all of these years and have tried my best to get up there.

Guitar Thrills: Have you always wanted to be a country music artist? I know you have been influenced by other genres. Have ever considered going in a different direction

Sydney: While I enjoy every genre of music and am inspired by really anything in the form of music, country has always had a special place in my heart. I have considered doing pop especially when I was younger but it didn’t suit me as well as country. To me, listening to country music in the summertime on the way up to the lake is one of the best things in the world. I have connected with the storytelling aspect of country music and knew that I wanted to create my own stories for people to relate to.

Guitar Thrills: You might agree that the music industry is competitive. What do you do to keep in front of the competition?

Sydney: do agree that the music industry is extremely competitive and saturated. I think that the only way to stay ahead is to be different! Stay yourself, but find the unique parts of you and push those outward into the world. It is important to stand out in this industry.

GT: What is the biggest challenge that you have experienced thus far in the music industry?

Sydney: I truthfully have not had huge challenges so far while being in the music industry, but I have learned that you have to focus on yourself. If you stay in your own lane, surround yourself with good people, and focus straight ahead, I think you can get pretty far in the industry.

GT: What works best for you as an artist, to write your own music or to collaborate with a songwriter?

Sydney: I am constantly songwriting on my own which allows me to be completely vulnerable and take the time to think deep into the lyrics. Adding another writer into the mix is a whole different experience because you can bounce ideas off of each other and ultimately create something that is relatable to more than just yourself. Sometimes it is easier to write on my own, but sometimes it is easier to have someone there to create with you.

Guitar Thrills: Occasionally, you may be turned away because a venue may not like your singing or performance. Maybe they won’t even respond to your inquiries. What do you do to overcome any negative feelings or vibes?

Sydney: If that ever happened to me I would most likely feel some negative feelings, but I would overcome it by remembering that my music is appealing to many people. I would remember all the crowds that were sweet to me and made me feel good because that rush can push any bad feeling away.

Guitar Thrills: You definitely are ahead of many artists out there. They struggle to cope with the challenges of being an artist. However, I think things will be different for you. It has been a pleasure to speak with you regarding your accomplishments. Do you have an upcoming schedule for live performances?

Sydney: I am currently solidifying my complete performance schedule and it will be up shortly on my social media platforms.

Guitar Thrills: Excellent. We would like to do a follow up interview. There are certain artists that you know will go onto bigger things. We want to do our utmost to support you as much as possible. We also look forward to seeing you in the next issue of Guitar Thrills Magazine. Thanks again for answering some questions for us.

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