Lucy Walsh, there is more to her than what your eyes can see, and your ears can hear.

Posted: October 23, 2022
Triple Threat - A person, especially a performer or athlete, who is proficient in three important skills within their particular field. "A triple threat can sing, dance, and act".

Three times as great or as numerous, that is the meaning of threefold. I was looking for a term to describe Lucy Walsh. This is the one word that covers everything about her. She has a wide array of talents. Lucy is great at all three. Though we are certain that she is excellent at all aspects of her abilities. Let’s just review the “threefold”.

Lucy Walsh grabbed our attention as an actress in T.V. Film, and Theater. But she also is a classical pianist, singer songwriter and film composer. Her credits for T.V and Film are but not limited to the following:

Award - winning stage credits include: Shakespeare's "The Tempest" (Broadway World Nom for Best Actress as Ariel), "Antony and Cleopatra" (Cleopatra), "Much Ado About Nothing" (Beatrice), "Comedy of Errors" (Adriana), The Art of Dining", "I Stand Before You Naked", and "Love All ways", and more.

Television credits include: "Curb Your Enthusiasm" opposite Elizabeth Banks and Larry David, "NCIS", and "Criminal Minds", on which she was personally cast and directed by the show's Tony-winning star Joe Mantegna. Feature films include Garry Marshall's final film "Mother's Day" opposite Jason Sudeikis, and Lucy also has her original song "Winter Coat" in the film.

In music: Lucy just composed the original musical score for the film "Normal", now receiving accolades in film festivals around the Country. She grew up in a musical family- her father is Joe Walsh, her uncle is Ringo Starr, and her grandmother was a pianist for the New York City ballet. Signed to various major record labels including David Letterman and Jay Z, Lucy has toured internationally with her music, most recently with Maroon 5. She has performed on national television, starring on MTV's hit show "Rock the Cradle", where she earned the highest judge's score of the season and was acclaimed by the show's all-star judges as 'The one to beat'.

Lucy's Roy Orbison cover is included on his recent "Under the Covers" album, and she is next featured in Billy Bob Thornton's new musical film project "And Then We Drove". Her music has been recorded by multiple recording artists in several languages, and her original songs have over one million plays online.

She is fierce in all her roles and she has no reason to apologize. Lucy Walsh is the real deal and it leaves me to wonder, where does she find time to accomplish it all? I mentioned at the onset that she is a triple threat, but I am starting to rethink that concept. Lucy Walsh is so much more. To many readers, and viewers of her credits, they might often miss what she really should stand out to us for. Her ability to play the piano is impeccable. This American – Irish has so much more to her talents than what meets the eye. You can say, she provides an ear full of talent.

I noticed that Lucy Walsh has the kind of spirit that invokes confidence and inspiration. If anyone tried falling in her footsteps, it would be difficult to accomplish. However, she certainly sets a great example for beginners, and those that are novices in the field of acting, and performance. One thing is to do what you get paid for, and do it well. However, Lucy does with accuracy and precision. However, when you take note of what she does outside of her role as a an actress, it leaves you a bit intimidated. However, that is not the kind of person Lucy portrays. At first glance, Lucy Walsh approaches her triple threat career with all sincerity and humility. This is what has helped her accomplish whatever she sets her mind too.

At first glance, the actress / composer seems unsure about her aspirations. However, the very word aspiration underpins what makes her who she is. Lucy Walsh does more than hope, she achieves with high expectations. There is more to Lucy Walsh than a woman dressed in expensive clothing. There is an actress, a performer, an artist with passion. Still, I am not sure she has even began to show the brilliance of her talent. There so much more to Lucy Walsh than what your “eyes see”, and what your “ears can hear”.

Talking about this threefold threat, is just my way of describing Lucy Walsh’s character. Without interviewing her, she would seem to be unreal. Maybe even fabricated. Fortunately, for Guitar Thrills Magazine, we got to peak in on Lucy Walsh to have her answer some questions, that we want the answers for. No, they are the answers “YOU” want to know. Let us dive into a very special interview with this amazing actress and pianist.


Interview with Lucy Walsh and Guitar Thrills Magazine

GT: Hello Lucy. I want to thank you for taking the time, to answer some questions. I have did some research to find out what you have achieved as an actress. I was surprised that you wore many hats. I know about your acting career. However, it is the singer / songwriter in you, that captured my attention. Especially as a pianist. What made you decide to take up the piano?

Lucy: I was born into a musical family, not only my dad, but grandparents on both sides. When my mom was pregnant with me, my dad would play classical music on her belly by holding a speaker to it. Then when I was born (at home with a midwife) he took me into his music studio and turned on classical music. So, I never had a chance at NOT being a musician! My mother’s mother gave me harmony singing with her gospel hymns, and my father’s mother gave me technique with her classical sight reading. When I was a kid I would hear songs at school and come home and play them on the piano, totally lost in playing for hours until I was called for dinner. I can play pretty much anything I hear. Then when I was 19, my father made it possible for me to study with a private coach (Joel Ewing), 5 days a week. I did that uninterrupted (except when I was touring) for ten years. I have half a million dollar music education in my head, with which I am so proud to have recently founded the “Lucy Walsh Performing Arts Studio”! (


GT: I have interviewed hundreds of artists. You can include actors as well. Most of them started building a desire for their profession at a young age. When did you know, you wanted to be an artist?

Lucy: When I was five years old and saw Gone With The Wind for the first time. The moment I saw Vivien Leigh playing Scarlett O’hara, I pointed at the tv and said “That’s what I am (an actor), and that’s what I want to do”.


GT: I found out that you are the daughter of Joe Walsh. Did your father influence you to become a singer / songwriter? What did he think when you decided on making acting your career?

Lucy: Yes he has highly influenced me as a musician (see answer to first question). He often tells me he’s very proud and jokes that he’s not Joe Walsh, but “Lucy Walsh’s dad”


GT: Your parents have to be proud of you for all of your accomplishments.


GT: Undoubtedly, you have been very busy. I wonder if you will ever slow down. What gives you that drive and determination? It almost seems like you are in competition with your last role or project. Do you feel a desire to do better than your last role or project?

Lucy: Of course I am always striving to evolve, transform, raise the bar. I do what I love and I am obsessed with it, so I guess that drives me, it is a compulsion for sure, to create and communicate that out as far as I can. Yes I have artistic goals that I work towards every day, but I am really learning to embrace where Im at in each moment of the process and not wait to have achieved “the thing” to feel happy or worthy. I used to feel my life wasn’t worth anything until I won an Oscar… (a lie which is negatively reinforced by the entertainment industry’s limited function of defining people’s worth only by numbers, reviews and greenlights). But I don’t feel the need to prove anything to anyone anymore. Now with my projects, I am only focused on taking the next step that feels right, trusting myself and the process. “Follow the omens” as The Alchemist says - It’s for ME now, and the rest is out of my hands.


GT: As I mentioned previously, I have reviewed your resume of work and press releases. Some would say you have a “plethora” of abilities. Meaning that your talent can be excessive. Is that even possible in the life of Lucy? Do you even consider anything to be excessive? If so, how would you determine if it was?

Lucy: Excessive is my middle name. As a kid I’d ask for more of what I wanted by saying “I want BIG!” - Now I don’t mean just more more more all the time…what I mean is that I want to feel life as fully as possible…if it’s coffee, I want it BURNING. If it’s silence, I want it DEEP. If it’s a party, I want it RAGING. If it’s rest, I want PEACE. Whatever emotion is arising - anger, love, sadness, I want it ALL the way and right when it’s felt, not a week later - I say to life, “Bring it ON” and let me know I am deeply alive in every way. The middle of the road bores me.


GT: In the introduction I mentioned that I am pessimistic. There are many reasons to be, with many in the entertainment industry trying to be “make claim” of their unique ambitions and talents. I have a tendency to look at a body of work, and try to uncover the person behind the character. You’re an actress, film composer, and artist. Who is Lucy Walsh? Which of those abilities best describes your passion?

Lucy: I’m going to give a very Jim Carrey answer, because that question is tricky: Lucy Walsh is a mystery, to me anyway, and I am sure subjective to each person who meets her, so let me know what you think when you do! The various passions you mentioned are all fragments of the assembled personality, and whichever one I am focused on at the moment is my favorite.


GT: I think you are an open book when it comes to career pursuits. I think you are like many of us that are happy when we are working. We just love projects and we follow our heart. These are good traits to have. I wish you the best, always. So what can we expect from you next? Are you currently working on another project, if so, is it a song, T.V. show, movie or you are about to release an album? Maybe all the above. ☺

Lucy: Thank you for your kind words, I appreciate it. Well it was just announced in Deadline so I can finally talk about it - I am about to shoot a film called “Magda”, dealing with the realities of women who lack access to reproductive healthcare, this story out of Poland and directed by Kasia Pilewicz. I am also working on an epic scripted project based on my grandparent’s love letters from WWII. I spent the pandemic writing it as a ten part tv series with Aditya Patwardhan, and now we’re moving towards making it. Along with it is a book I have written about interviewing my 95 year old grandmother about the letters, just a few months before she passed. A handful of other developing projects will release under my new production company (to be announced soon) but for now I can just say YES - Films, tv shows, books, and new music I wrote during lockdown…it’s all coming, stay tuned! And of course, you can always stay connected with me through my outrageously fabulous / globally trending podcast “The Lucy and Annabel Show”.


GT: Undoubtedly, we will be following up with you again. It seems like the moment, we turn our head, you are on to your next adventure. Please keep us updated. If there is something special that you will be releasing, we want to be one of the first news sources, to announce it. Thank you again for your time today. You always have a home with Guitar Thrills Magazine.

Lucy: Thank you so much for having me, it’s been great connecting with you! Keep spreading light with all that you do.

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