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Posted: October 18, 2022

It wasn’t that long ago, that I first heard the name of Yulian Taylor. It was almost instant, that I connected with his style of performing the blues. Realistically, I knew the blues wasn’t just part of an American heritage. Though, we sometimes like to think so. However, the blues is much bigger than one man. It is larger than any culture or nationality. The blues grabs at the heart and soul of anyone who plays it. If you listen to it, you were mesmerized by the lyrics, and sound. It reached down deep and grabbed at your very core. These are all simple, and generic words to describe such a profound genre of music. It could go overlooked by the mainstream genre of music. However, there are artists that are ensuring that never happens. It is the source of all genres of music. One of the artists, that will make sure blues never goes away is Yulian Taylor. We will get into the interview with Yulian shortly. However, it is important to review just some of his accomplishments as a blues artist. Let’s consider some:

Yulian Taylor, Guitarist, Singer, Author, Composer and Producer, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Released his latest album, which is already number 1 on the charts in Spain. Winner of the recognized and award-winning ISSA AWARDS, as the best male album of the year in the United States. Ceremony and red carpet held at the prestigious City Springs Theater Company in Atlanta Georgia.

It was recorded in the United States, Chicago, Nashville, Mississippi and California.

World-class artists such as Carlos Johnson, Lorenzo Thompson, Leilani Kilgore, Dexter Allen, Tia Carroll, among others, participated. It is an album for lovers of Blues, Rock and good music. Currently the album sounds on the most prestigious blues and rock radio stations in the United States, England, Canada, Australia and Europe, such as:

BUDDY GUY RADIO, MEMPHIS RADIO, KOOP RADIO AUSTIN, WABJ AM 960 MISSISSIPPI, WUSB 90.1 NEW YORK, among others. Strongly acclaimed by the critics of the main blues magazines in the United States, England and Europe, such as American Blues Scene Magazine (Usa), Blues Rhytmh Magazine (UK) Rock NYC Live Magazine (Usa). Describing it as an almost perfect musical gem.

He toured Brazil with shows in Portó Alegre, Florianópolis, Camboriú, with notes in the media both on television and radio in São Paulo, Portó Alegre, Capao da Canoa, Curitiba, among other cities.

In recent times he did shows and was the producer of the jam sessions of up to Trilce, which were held in the theater that bears the name of the jam. He played with renowned musicians such as Cristian "Toti" Iglesias (vocals, guitar and harmonica of Jovenes Pordioseros)

Martin Luka (vocals and guitarist for Memphis la Blusera), Rodrigo Guirao Diaz, Machy Madco (Pappos Blues bassist), Luis Robinson Harmonist (La Mississippi and Pappos Blues), Rubén Gaitán (Paranoid Mice Harmonist), Ciro Fogliatta (Keyboard from Los Gatos, pioneering Argentine rock band and keyboardist for Andrés Calamaro), Diego Mizrahi (Guitarist for León Hendrix, brother of Jimi Hendrix) and Viejas Locas in Mvseo Rock, performed shows at Lucille, Hard Rock Cafe, finally shared the stage with Alambre González (Divided guitarist).

He participated in the first festival, Obregón Sonora Blues Fest in Mexico. He shared a festival with the legend Javier Batiz (master of Carlos Santana), Quereta blues fest (Mexico), Buenos Aires Blues Fest (Argentina), Latin America and the blues (Paraguay), Rock and Fire (Mexico), La Ruta del Blues (Mexico ), did live sessions on Austin Music TV Texas USA, performed shows at the CAN'T STOP THE BLUES festival in the United States where Joe Bonamassa, Kingfish, Chris Cain, Eric Gales participated, among others, at Scenes Media in New York and Italy.


Interview with Yulian Taylor and Guitar Thrills Magazine

GT: When & what inspired you to pick up your first guitar?

Yulian: It was ten years ago. I chose a Stratocaster because all my musical idols played with it. I still have it, it's blue and white and the neck is one of the most comfortable I've ever played. It was made by a luthier, very comfortable, it sounded good and had an impressive attack when playing.


GT: Who are your main influences?

Yulian: Within Blues and Rock I have many, for example: Buddy Guy, his expressive and organic way of playing the instrument is incredible. Also, BB King, SRV, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Albert King, Freddie King, Joe Bonamassa, among many others. They all have distinct and admirable styles. Thanks to them and many others I was creating my own sound and way of playing the guitar and singing.


GT: Do you have names for any of your guitars?

Yulian: I don't usually give names to guitars; I call them by their color. For example, I have a black Strat, which I call the black one, I also have a red 335, which I also call the red one lol😂.


GT: What was your journey like venturing out, traveling globally, playing gigs, releasing CDs, etc.?

Yulian: I am very grateful for everything I did and am doing, with music. They are unique experiences that everyone should live at some point in life. You get to know cities, different cultures, people, it's a constant adventure, that thanks to music and the guitar I can live them, from traveling to different countries giving shows, as well as recording my latest album with blues legends and that I win as best album of the year in the United States and the world.


GT: How did you cope with being on the road, away from home, family, friends, etc?

Yulian: Luckily being all the time in a constant maelstrom, sometimes there is no free time, you are playing and traveling from city to city. I often miss, in my free moments, is where it becomes a little more tedious to be away from my loved ones.


GT: What does your new release, (Blues Friends) mean to you?

Yulian: It was the biggest and most important job I've ever done as a producer and musician. Being able to work and record with Tía Carroll, Carlos Johnson, Dexter Allen, Lorenzo Thompson, Leilani Kilgore was incredible, they are all very talented and have a great career in the Blues, Rock genre. Each one contributed their magic, making it a complete and varied album in terms of musical styles. Winner as best album of the year at the prestigious ISSA AWARDS in the United States.


GT: Tone-wise, what is your favorite setup like? Amps, pedals, guitars, mics, etc.

Yulian: I like to play raw; I think the sound is carried in the fingers, the way you play, the expressiveness you give to the strings, I try to make it as organic as possible and that the guitar can display all its sound. I usually use the amp's reverb and some overdrive or distortion and control the overall volume from the guitar. I've been using humbuckers for a while now, which give great attack when playing.


GT: Any tips you can share with musicians?

Yulian: That yes, that they listen, see a lot of music, bands, guitarists, that they rehearse with their instrument and try to generate their own musical identity.


GT: Which artists should aspire blues guitarists study & learn from?

Yulian: To understand the present you must go to the past, go to history, to the origins of the blues, from Robert Johnson to Eric Gales. There are many great guitarists like Chris Cain, Mr Sipp, Eric Clapton among many others, they are all good, to approach the world of guitar.


GT: It is extremely important that we follow up on the progress that you continue to make. Would you consider coming back for another interview?

Yulian: Yes, definitely.

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