"Music is an eternal feeling and reaches deep within the core of your very self, if it’s made from the heart."

Posted: December 11, 2023

Photo provided by: Ronny Mooring

I was watching the famous T.V. series the other day. It was quite some time ago. It was called Daisy Jones and the Six. Excellent series. I don’t think I would have missed an episode for anything. What added to the intrigue of the show was a song by Patti Smith called “Dancing Barefoot”. It was the song that welcomed each viewer before each episode. Amazing song!!! Patti Smith did a great job with compiling the lyrics and melody to this song. I tried reaching her for comment.

However, the focus of this song surrounds the intelligence of the Clan of Xymox to use it in their 90s album release called “Phoenix”. I never concluded that the song was written by Patti Smith. I thought it was the excellence of Ronny Moorings and the Clan of Xmox. However, it was their version of the song that made it an integral part of music history for Guitar Thrills Magazine.

I read a commentary where Patti Smith was quite pleased with the release of the song by Clan of Xymox. I would quite agree with Patti Smith. The Clan of Xymox has been a long-time fav or mine since the 80’s. I wouldn’t expect less, than perfection from Xymox. If you have been following Guitar Thrills Magazine closely like many of our readers, you would be familiar with a previous interview with Ronny Mooring from Clan of Xymox. Humbly, he mentions his achievements. Some of the top performing releases were ones that I judged to my perception of what Xymox should sound like.

 Emulate with the ability to surpass. Develop realistic expectations.

Ronny mentioned the following:

“The Phoenix album was the last album for Wing Records, part of PolyGram and now just Universal. This album was a confused album if you ask me. Sure, there are some nice songs on it but I have to agree that we were drifting away from our own roots in order to get more commercial attention.

This backfired I think, and we were making the mistake trying to change our own blueprint and thinking we should be more 90's “modern “and change our sound accordingly.” – Ronny Mooring

I couldn’t disagree with Ronny more. I think this album was epic. It is exactly the challenge they needed to prove they could accomplish anything or any sound that they wanted. Despite any losses in revenue, it isn’t a reflection of the quality of the album. It was an example of fans, inability to understand what was created in the album “Phoenix”.

The same could be said about the album “Twist of Shadows”. To me, it was an EPIC album and made Xymox the band they are today. Ultimately, the song “Obsession” couldn’t have been a better reflection of who and what the band was all about. Again, just in my humble opinion. I am not quite, sure if there was another album that could have made Xymox one of my favorite bands of all time. Thumbs up Ronny Moorings.

It just so happens that we have a special guest today. His name is Ronny Moorings of The Clan of Xymox, or Xymox. I will have a debate with anyone that has an opinion about their accomplishments in the music industry. I guarantee, that I have more of a foundation of for my argument than anyone else.


Since their formation in their native Holland (1982) their music has been constantly changing, always challenging and often quite breathtaking. Considered by BBC's John Peel as Dark Wave pioneers. Some of us have always believed XYMOX are something special. A band fired by electronic music but determined, always, to make something that is very much their own. They are unique. Clan of Xymox, during the years released many hit and cult albums since their signing with 4AD (UK). Later signed to Universal Music (USA) and now toTrisol (EU) & Metropolis Records (USA).  

A steady flow of critically acclaimed albums was released, all timeless, deeply emotional Dark Wave records. The band has released 18 studio albums, 2 DVD's, a Remix and Live album, "Best Of " and even a cover album named " Kindred Spirits” (2012), giving ode to Ronny’s past influences.

In 2017 the 5-star album " Days Of Black" was released of which most said that CLAN OF XYMOX have reached a new, perhaps even their highest peak, or ...? Followed up with "Spider On The Wall" (2020) 3 singles with videos were released and reached all number 1 in the DAC charts.  

As 2020 saw the world shut down, and Clan of Xymox unable to tour, Ronny Moorings began crafting new material, influenced by the pandemic. Limbo is a master stroke of modern dark wave, expanding the signature Clan of Xymox sound to create a captivating take on this moment in our history. All single titles released reached number 1 in the DAC single and album charts. 

These albums are an artistic triumph for the band. Dark & intimate, while masterfully exploring signature dark wave sound that has made the act adored around the world.  

In 2022 Ronny wrote a song called " Save Our Souls " to put attention to Putins war on the Ukraine. All proceeds are donated to agencies against human and animal suffering.  

The band tours constantly successfully around the globe from Arena's to the regular live clubs. So now they are here for you to see live in action, meet again or to get to know them.  

Ronny Moorings writes, records, and produces all music and lyrics for his songs. 

Clan Of Xymox LIVE are:  

Ronny Moorings: vox, guitar, Mojca Zugna: bass.  Mario Usai: guitar / bass.  Sean Goebel: Keys, backing vox.  Daniel Hoffmann: FX & Sequencer.  

FOH Sound Engineer: Sebastian Ludwig


Guitar Thrills: Not in a million years would I have thought I would have a ready and steady line of communication with Ronny Moorings. One of my most favorite bands of all time. However, Ronny has provided us insight regarding Clan of Xymox despite their heavy schedule touring around the globe. This is my expectations of a band that I followed through the most important stages of my youth. On some level, I think great bands can relate. Therefore, they do not hesitate with collaborations, and interviews. Cheers to Ronny Moorings and bands as such. “Bobs your uncle”.

Guitar Thrills: Hi Ronny. It has been a minute since we had an opportunity to chat with you. I know you have been touring all over the world. Especially within the U.S. First, how was the tour, and what was your response from your fans?

Ronny: As you said we tour all around the world for almost nonstop since 1998. I have a feeling we have built since then a loyal following which only got extended during the years. A real difference started around 2014 where we started to do more and more shows, selling out more and more shows. It hasn’t stopped, only during the “pandemic years “we forcefully got stopped but since then we caught up with the shows and getting busier all the time. We always talk afterwards with fans and see their reactions on social media. It’s always very positive experiences.

It is great fun for me to do all these shows, talk to fans, having selfies with thematic.  It feels very rewarding.

Guitar Thrills: Did you ever think that there would be so many still relating to your music after decades of compiling hit after hit?

Ronny: First of all I like to thank you for this interview and I am glad to hear you are a fan of Clan Of Xymox’s music.

You said it yourself; if songs are “hits” there must be something you do right. Reaching and touching people with music is my main goal in life. Music is an eternal feeling and reaches deep within the core of your very self if it’s made from the heart. Because of this I think my music stays close to people who listen to Clan Of Xymox and appreciate it. It shows mainly when we play live because that is the place where you can really see the reactions and workings on people’s faces.

Guitar Thrills: Listen, I wanted to take issue with your thoughts about the album “Twist of Shadows”. Brother, it was one of your best albums ever. Why would you think it missed the mark of music perfection?

Ronny: I don’ t think I ever said that about Twist Of Shadows. It was my first album for a Major Label and maybe a part of our fans thought it would change the sound and attitude. That we would sell our soul to the industry. That never happened. I made sure that the creative process would not be tampered with. We got the full support of our A&R Heather at the time, and she made sure we got all we needed to record this album. I chose Pete Walsh as a producer which Ivo Watts of 4 AD suggested to me, I should work with. That was in retrospect good advice.

The sound got more polished, that is true. The palette of sound broader. We had even a string quartet in the studio with Toni Visconti (producer of David Bowie’s early works) working out the arrangements. It was all very exciting to work in famous English studios with a history of bands you could only dream of. It was most inspiring.

If I listen to the album now, I will produce certain songs differently but that is because technology has dramatically advanced in the recording business. In my own studio nowadays, there is so much more possible. I am however still very proud of this album. I would not go so far to say it was my best album but certainly the best-selling album of them all.

Guitar Thrills: Dude, it was expressions of love consumed in a time capsule. At least, that is what I think of when I hear the album “Twist of Shadows”. For my money, you can’t get any better. Until you release the next album. So, what has enabled you to continue creating music after decades of smash hits?

Ronny: Haha, in my mind there is always the next song to write. As we speak of it; I am in the process of finishing a new album to be released in 2024.

Making music is just what I do. It would feel like not breathing if I would not write songs. I would suffocate. An old logic is: The best song is always “the next song” you are going to write.

Guitar Thrills: I know artists, that are content after one hit album. That’s a wrap, time to pack it up and live the rest of our lives on the popularity of one album. Do you starve for something greater, than what you have already produced?

Ronny: I never had a million selling album but yes, like I said; to me it’s important to have an outlet and that outlet for me is music. This is the only way I can cope with daily existence, and I can’t imagine what else I would do in life but writing songs and performing them live. That’s my passion.

Guitar Thrills: What are you looking to achieve at this point in your career? It can’t be money. It can’t be popularity. What is it?

Ronny: Well, we all need money to live on… Popularity I am far from removed, I think. A certain scene of people knows me yes, but I don’t consider that as popular in the sense of the word. With playing live, selling music and other music related activities I make sure I can survive as an artist and keep on doing what I’m doing.

Guitar Thrills: Can you talk to us about Mojca Zugna and the impact that she has had on your music a career?

Ronny: First, she is my partner. When I met her in London in 1990, she didn’t know my band until later a friend of her told her that she used to dance on “Stranger” and “A Day” in Ljublijana (Slovenia) way before she met me.

In 1991 on our USA Phoenix tour, she went on the road with us working as one of our merchandisers. There she learned what touring was for a band. It was also the split for Xymox as we knew it because of a lot of internal struggles and disagreements.

In London we moved in together and when I was writing new Xymox material like “Metamorphosis” (1992) and “Headclouds" (1993) she worked in a pub and learned to do graphics on an Apple computer (then it was still a manual job )  Later when we moved to the Netherlands in 1995 I decided that I wanted to play live again. I asked Mojca to learn to play the keyboards. So, in a short time she played keyboards live in the band. She was more interested in playing bass guitar later on, so she learned how to play it and since 1997 she played the bass guitar live with Clan Of Xymox. She still does.

She also became the “keyboard instructor” for later aspiring keyboard players. That worked well. I am not patient with people in explaining things, so I was really grateful :).

I always asked Mojca her opinion about my new songs and often she would give her opinion or suggestions. I still find her opinion important and listen often to her advice. We have a different taste in music, although overlapping often with bands we mutually like. That’s why I find her opinion important as she hears or sees things differently.

She also made our first artwork in 1992 for “Metamorphosis “and is still responsible for all the artwork relating to the Clan Of Xymox releases. I find it very impressive how many beautiful artworks she made for the band during the years. In Ljubljana she went to the Art academy but never finished it because she wanted to live in London. Luckily, she still does art. Now she expanded into still life photography which is a challenging territory for her. In the meantime she got a lot of recognition on the platform“photo crowd”.

Guitar Thrills: Are there other band members that have been crucial to your success?

Ronny: Everyone who played (live) in the band since the beginning had her or his role to the path I am still following today. So yes, you cannot do this alone. You need friends and like-minded people to join you in your quest. People come and go, that’s a normal sequence in life. Everyone has their own motives to play in a band or to look for other things after playing in the band for a while. I know and they know it’s my thing and that will never change 🙂

Guitar Thrills: It is interesting, that many think that the U.S. is responsible for the most talented artists in music history. However, many have come from the Netherlands. What do you contribute to the success that your country has brought?

Ronny: I think each country has their fair share of artist who inspired people over the world. Indeed, the USA has always been the birth ground of a lot of new styles, inspiring the world and artist to adapt or build on. So did the U.K., especially with the Beatles and the Stones. When I was a teenager we had in the Netherlands the “Golden Earring “ (Radar Love) and “ Shocking Blue” ( Venus) making it to number 1 chart hit wonders in the USA.

Luckily music is without borders, and it shows, especially these days how many people from all sorts of backgrounds and nations make it somehow in the music industry and reach more people than ever before because of all the social networks. Music is international and knows no physical borders.

Guitar Thrills: Thank you for contributing to another successful release of Guitar Thrills Magazine. Undoubtedly, we will continue to request updates regarding your career. Please make sure you keep us posted as to what is happening with Clan of Xymox.

Ronny: Sure, I certainly will. June 2024 will see another tour of Clan Of Xymox in the USA. This time we will cover the Southern States as we had to cancel it because the “Pandemic “lockdowns in 2020.

A new album will certainly be released in 2024. A date will set when all is ready to go. Most likely around the fall.

Best wishes, Ronny Moorings

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