“Guitar skills that are only second” to what her future will bring. A rock legend continues to defy a competitive industry. - Orianthi

Posted: September 20, 2022
Orianthi is in a category by herself. This artist is unbelievable and she knows it. Listen, there is nothing wrong, to admit that you are great at what you do.

Undoubtedly, once in a lifetime there will be an artist that compels you to question everything you know about talent. Just a few moments ago, I was raving about an artist from the music city. Now, I am left with the words “I am not worthy”. These words only come to mind with a very limited amount of musicians. Orianthi is one of them. She has everything that will distract your ears and eyes as a fan. Orianthi has stage presence. She can sing and can play the guitar like it’s a second means of communication. Her guitar riffs are compelling and will reach the heart of any music enthusiast. There are a couple of artists that I truly feel this way about. I have interviewed and even represented some of the best guitarists. Only a select few have the ability to separate themselves from other guitarist. However, I would pause, before making a comparison between them and Orianthi.

I try not to make a distinction between men and women, or race when it comes to music. In my humble opinion, there is no such thing as color, nationality or gender. There are just “artists” or “musicians”. However, I do not cater to the mentality that all things are equal. All people are the same, and there is no room for bias. Let’s be real. When it comes to music there is no consideration for “all things are equal”. You are either talented, or not. You either have it, or you don’t.

My friends, Orianthi is in a category by herself. This artist is unbelievable and she knows it. Listen, there is nothing wrong, to admit that you are great at what you do. I many aspects, it is healthy. When it comes to music and guitar enthusiasts, there is always a dilemma. Who is the best guitarist of our modern times? There is only one artist that comes to mind, Orianthi.

If you didn’t know much about Orianthi we will take some time to get to know her and the things that impacted her life as musician.

Orianthi was born on January 22, 1985 and raised in Melbourne. His father used to play in a Greek band and all over the house there were his father’s musical instruments. As a result, Orianthi developed a keen interest in music when he was only six years old, while five years later she already had great dexterity playing the electric guitar.

Growing up in the 80s, a decade remembered for its many guitar greats, Orianthi also listened to a lot of Whitesnake, Van Halen and Def Leppard. Her father, who used to be a player in a Greek band, also kept plenty of instruments around the house, and it didn’t take long before Orianthi strummed her first chord.

Mastering the six-string came naturally.”When I was 11, Carlos Santana came to play Adelaide and that show really affected me,” she recounts. “I begged my dad to get me a second hand electric guitar so I could be like Carlos, and that was it, no more acoustic. After that, I would buy all of Carlos’ videos — on VHS! — which I kept rewinding to try and learn his solos.

Orianthi was a member of several local Adelaide bands since she was 14 years old, at age 15 she leaves school to concentrate on writing and singing her own songs. Her first public appearance was in support of Italian-American singer and guitarist Steve Vai. At age 14 she released her first album, “Under the Influence,” which consists of versions composed by musicians who have inspired her since she was a child.

When she was 18 years old, she had the opportunity to meet and play with Carlos Santana in her hometown in Adelaide, who asked him to join her on stage and orianthi played with Carlos Santana the entire concert. Later in life, Orianthi Panagaris would go on to perform with some of best guitarists in the world. Several times she has worked and collaborated with Alice Cooper, Steve Vai, Michael Jackson, Carlos Santana, Michael Bolton, Prince, ZZ Top, Adam Lambert, Carrie Underwood, John Mayer, Dave Stewart and many more international artists. With this in mind, we want to know which of these artists has made the greatest impact on her career. Time to dive into getting to know Orianthi one on one.


Guitar Thrills: I want to take a moment to thank you for taking time away from your busy day to answer some questions for us. We know you just finished working on a new album. Our objective today, is just to get to know more about Orianthi. Most of our interviews are centered around a topic that affects people in the music industry. However, since I am quite a fan of yours, I like to make it about your achievements. The word inspires, or inspiration comes up with interviews. So, “WE” really want to know what inspires you to perform like you do?

Orianthi: I just have such a love for music .the feeling I get on stage with my band is such light energy.. when everyone just falls in and plays it’s a spiritual thing honestly.

Guitar Thrills: It would be safe to say, that at some point in the life of a child, they start to identify with music that really makes a huge impact on them. At what age, can you say that music really started having an influence on your life?

Orianthi: I was young , 4 years old .. I was listening to the Beatles and Elvis and Roy Orbison frank sinatra, country music .,my parents had a wonderful collection .. it was all about the songs . I started on piano first then guitar at 6 then wrote my first song and performed it at school assembly with my friends as back up dancers lol

Guitar Thrills: I have watched live performances by artists on numerous occasions, where they just don’t look like they want to be there. Like they have something better to do. It is annoying, and I believe the audience is aware of negative vibes from a performer. How important is it to you, that you avoid giving off bad vibes during a performance?

Orianthi: I always want to be there …unless there’s a horrific sound situation that makes it uncomfortable or a electrical storm you will always see me present and enjoying myself haha

Guitar Thrills: Just to follow up with our last statement. I have asked artists, how was the show? The answer would be, “well, I don’t think it went so well”. “There wasn’t enough people in the audience”. “People seemed to be distracted”. Do you take notice of the responses you get from those you are performing for?

Orianthi: Absolutely, I mean you want people to have a really great time and enjoy your music and want to see you again as well as having a blast up there performing. I’ve played to many different audiences from 100k to 100 people . All over the world , different reactions and level of energy from different places . You want everyone to leave feeling inspired and good .

Guitar Thrills: Any show or performance can lag, especially if your stage presence isn’t stellar. Unfortunately, you can see it in the artists stage presence. When it comes to stage presence, artist’s should really look to you as a mentor or guidance. You truly, understand the importance of stage presence. It isn’t enough to just sing well. An audience wants to be entertained as well. I think you have that down to a science. When did you figure out the importance of stage presence?

Orianthi: Ive been a big Elvis fan since I was 6 , he was one of the best . It’s all about command and feeling in control even though everything could go terribly wrong haha you just have to own it .. everything, mistakes , guitars falling , strings breaking , hair extensions being ripped out by your bass players tuning pegs ha it’s all entertaining.

Guitar Thrills: It is really important for me to ask about your upcoming releases. For those that do not know, what is the official release of “Rock Candy”? Can you tell us a bit more on how it was developed and where you drew your inspiration from?

Orianthi: Rock candy was made with my great friend and producer Jacob bunton .. he’s amazing.. we write well together and it’s just a fun vibe. this record is rock/ pop that’s why we called it rock candy , not the montrose Sammy Hagar track haha I love that tune and Sammy is a friend that title just came out of what it sounded like when I heard the whole album.

Guitar Thrills: I know you must be busy promoting your new release. So, I don’t want to take up much of our time. However, I want to catch up with you soon for a follow up interview. Would that be cool with you?

Orianthi: Absolutely!! I really appreciate your support thank you so much hope you like the new album.

Guitar Thrills: With an album from Orianthi we know what to expect. However, we have received a different vibe from your recent release of “Light it Up” from the Rock Candy album. There isn’t a doubt that it will be a major hit with your old and new fans alike. Congratulations on your continued success, and we look forward to interviewing you in the soon.

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