Grand Pacific 117e Acoustic/Electric guitar by Taylor.

Posted: May 7, 2024
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Playing the Grand Pacific 117e around the office unplugged I was very pleased with the even sound and a bass response that isn’t muddy. 

Photos provided by: Eric Dahl

Taylor recently expanded their 100 series guitar line to include the Grand Pacific 117e Acoustic/Electric.  The Grand Pacific body shape is somewhere between a mini jumbo and a dreadnaught that Taylor has created.  To keep the cost down on this model you want see your typical inlayed fretboards, stunning woods, and flashing pickguards.  But what the Grand Pacific 117e does deliver is even articulate sound, smooth playing and a price that is hard to beat.  Wood wise Taylor went with a Torrefied Spruce top and layered Sapele back and sides.  Sapele wood is frequently compared to Mahogany since it provides similar warm tones.  The Satin finish feels great under your hands while playing and it allows the guitar to breath and vibrate more easily than gloss finishes. 


The 117e has C-Class bracing and a slight belly on the back of the side of the guitar to aid in projection. The fingerboard and bridge are both crafted from ebony and the fret markers are subdued Italian acrylic.  The front and the back of the 117e have black binding around the body.    Straight forward closed machine heads are on the headstock and the nut width is 1.687”.  Playing the Grand Pacific 117e around the office unplugged I was very pleased with the even sound and a bass response that isn’t muddy.  Even though it is a non-cutaway the guitar still delivers plenty of Taylor mids which are ideal for bands with multiple guitars or singer/songwriters.  Plugged in the 117e sounded incredible through the PA system and an amplifier.  Taylor ES2 electronics are straight forward and replacing the battery at the bottom of the body next to the sound hole is always better than loosening the strings to get to the battery inside of the sound hole!  With a price point of only $899, The Taylor Grand Pacific is a tremendous value in an acoustic/electric guitar of this quality. 


I see this model working best for intermediate guitarists or pros that don’t want to take their more expensive acoustic guitars to rehearsals or gigs.  Taylor’s Mexico facility is turning out great quality instruments that are flawless.  This model also includes a Taylor embroidered gig bag to protect your investment.  Whether you’re needing an acoustic/electric to cover some of the Rock ballads in the band or looking for a great writing tool the Taylor Grand Pacific 117e can deliver the goods.  Priced at under $1,000 I was impressed by the sound quality; construction and the subtle satin finish look.  Check it out for yourself!

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