"There's no reason to be aggressive or competitive with other female musicians, especially considering that we work in a misogynistic environment."

Posted: November 22, 2023
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Who would think that women in the music industry wouldn’t be excited to promote other artists of the same gender? After all, female artists have struggled over the years to prove that they should be treated like any male artist. In fact, many female artists are better than their male counterparts. 

However, there seems to be a bias within the same gender. Women hate other women because of their achievements. Unfortunately, females that hate on other female artists devalue all that has been accomplished for women in the music industry. 

If you have un-bias criticisms, then that is ok. They are often opinions whether they have merit or not. A problem exists when you belittle or discount the achievements made by female artists. This shouldn’t even be a topic for conversation. An argument for or against genders in the music industry shouldn’t exist. Male and Female, Women and Men all have different skillsets that make them equal or superior to their counterparts. However, it has nothing to do with their gender. 

I would agree that not all talented women are the same. Some are better than others. Even when it comes to stage presence, some have it, and some don’t. But the same also applies to males. However, this shouldn’t create divisions between women. It should bring them closer together, right? This is not a political statement. It isn’t even a topic of morality. I guess it comes down to common courtesy. Respect and allow others to dignify themselves. There is no reason for gender bias, regardless of the level of competition. Why, who, and when did it all start? More importantly when will it all end?

Well, that brings us into our interview with Larissa Liveir. If you are not quite sure who she is, you will when this interview is over with. Let’s highlight some things about Larissa Liveir.


Larissa is a famous guitarist, social media influencer and model. She has produced 2.2 million You Tube subscribers with her music videos. She enjoys shooting music videos of her day-to-day activity and enjoys playing guitar. She is known for playing electronic, rock, metal, pop, and blues genres. Larissa follows trends and tries to be innovative with every single video.

In the world of social media, where content creators emerge daily, one name has risen to prominence and captivated the hearts of music enthusiasts world-wide “Larissa Liveir.” Hailing from a small town with a big dream, Larissa has carved her niche as a social media star, captivating audiences with her extraordinary guitar skills and passion for rock and metal music.

She has a very different style of communicating with her fans and delivers them the very thing they want from her. She has a huge fan following on social media. However, its not her trends that are astonishing. It her ability to perform at a consistent level each time she touches the guitar. Her popularity is a reflection her engagement on social media. Larissa is genuine and creative. It is obvious that she attracts guitar brands world-wide. Which makes for a great ROI (return on investment).

Larissa Liveir’s journey as a musician began at an early age when she picked up her first guitar at the age of 8. Growing up, she was mesmerized by the raw energy and soul-stirring melodies of iconic rock and metal bands, which helped her to master the guitar in unique ways.

Larissa Liveir is from a small-town Minas Gerais, Brazil. Since childhood she has always been fascinated with the guitar. She took admission in engineering school and later shifted to architecture. However, she couldn’t help to be drawn back into a guitar filled life. It is who she is and what she is all about.

Which makes her a great candidate for an interview with Guitar Thrills Magazine.


Guitar Thrills: Hello Larissa. It is nice to finally get a chance to ask you some questions. Which we greatly appreciate. First off, congratulations on your career thus far. You have a promising career in the music industry without a doubt. So, what do you think of the topic? Have you seen signs of gender bias in the music industry?

Larissa:  Hey! Thanks for having me, I appreciate your kind words about my career and journey, I’m excited to answer this interview and share more about myself, let’s do it!
Well, Gender bias is a complex issue that I struggled with at the beginning of my career and unfortunately still face today, just like many of my fellow female musician friends. Most of the criticism comes from men, while women have rarely criticized my work. In fact, they have often helped and inspired me to grow during the difficult times of my career.

Guitar Thrills:
Do you believe it is necessary to have an aggressive stand on other women singing under the same genre?

Larissa: Absolutely not! I do my best to support other female musicians and inspire them to grow and improve each day. There's no reason to be aggressive or competitive with other female musicians, especially considering that we work in a misogynistic environment. We should join forces and collaborate.

Guitar Thrills: Many would conclude that the level of competition is just too high to get involved in the music industry. What has prevented you from overcoming negativity and self-doubt?

Larissa: I believe there’s always an underserved niche we can fill in the music industry, and that is exactly what I did. When I started, not many female guitarists were playing the same genre of rock as I was on the internet, in the same format and style. I believe that, along with other things, helped me stand out initially and begin reaching my audience. At the beginning of my career on social media, there was a lot of negativities, which, unfortunately, is common when people decide to expose themselves on the internet. But I persisted because playing the guitar is what I love to do, and I also really love recording videos and performing in front of the camera. It's fantastic to witness the progress I'm making through these videos. I'm genuinely grateful to have now such a supportive community and fans who encourage me in the comments and direct messages on my social medias, especially because it hasn't always been like this.

Guitar Thrills: I believe it helps when you are extremely talented. It helps bolster your confidence in your own ability. I believe if you focus on yourself, then success will come to you. There is no room in the music industry for gender bias. Especially when you must factor in your male counterpart. You must compete against them as well. What gives you the strength to endure the challenges faced as a young artist?

Larissa: I stay motivated by seeing how I'm getting better as a guitarist. It's essential for me to give my best to the fans who believe in me and support me. Their support keeps me going and makes me want to improve every day. Being a young artist comes with its challenges, especially the pressure to get better quickly and achieve success fast. But it's tough because we're still learning a lot, both in music and life. Despite these challenges, I believe I'm making good progress towards my goals.

Guitar Thrills: For those young artists considering entering the music industry, what advice would you give them?

Larissa: Go for it! If you love it, plan and keep at it. Find someone who can teach and guide you, make a good study plan, stay on track, and always pay attention to the process you’re making. Look up to people who are where you want to be.

Guitar Thrills: So, now is the fun part of the interview. ☺ Do you have any releases or performances that you have coming up?

Larissa: Yes, I'm working on original songs and planning to make a music video when they're ready. I can't promise any deadlines yet, but I’m sure it will be soon.

Guitar Thrills: Undoubtedly, there are many brands that are willing to support your efforts and skill set as a guitarist. Is there any specific brand that sticks out to you? If so, please explain.

Larissa: I'm currently using a Schecter Superstrat, and I like it! The thin fretboard makes it easy to play, allowing for quick and smooth movement across the strings.
Additionally, it has a Floyd Rose, which I love playing with. But I feel like I'm still exploring my own style, so I'm open to testing new guitar brands. As for amplifiers, I am a big fan of Marshall. They recently sent me a huge, incredible amp, and I am loving it.

Guitar Thrills: We mentioned that you have a large following on social media. What do you believe is the reason for it?

Larissa: I believe I have a great view of the whole picture, knowing what people need and want to see, which allows me to create strategies for things when I want to succeed. I developed that marketing and producing part really well over the years, as I was gaining experience. Other than that, the key is consistency. I kept going no matter what, I believe my passion for music helped to stick to that part.

Guitar Thrills: As a talented guitarist, do you have specific goals that you would like to accomplish? Is there a timeframe for accomplishing those goals?

Larissa: Certainly! I have significant aspirations for my music career. In addition to striving to be the best guitar player I can be, my primary goal is to perform on large stages alongside incredible musicians and bands. Additionally, I'm eager to release an album of original songs as soon as possible. I've been putting in a lot of hard work to achieve these goals, aiming to accomplish them by the time I turn 25.

Guitar Thrills: What is the language of your heart? Is there a specific language that you read and write song lyrics in?

Larissa: I can express myself better in English; it's the language that comes to my mind when I'm writing lyrics.

Guitar Thrills: You are very talented. The type of guitarist that could achieve anything. Have you experienced challenges or limitations as a guitarist?

Larissa: Yes, every day I discover something new that I don't know how to do on the guitar. So, it's very important to keep practicing, especially speed and technical stuff, so I can achieve the things that I want.

Guitar Thrills: We would like for you to interview again soon. Especially as you continue to make advancement in the music industry. How does that sound?

Larissa: Absolutely! Looking forward to sharing all the exciting news with you next time! I hope this interview gave you a better understanding of who I am. Stay tuned for my progress on my social media platforms! Thank you for the opportunity and support. See you soon!

Guitar Thrills: Excellent. We look forward to publishing your interview in the September issue of Guitar Thrills Magazine. I know you will inspire other artists that want to enter the music industry as both a guitarist. Thank you.


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