"Touring is intense and boring at the same time. But I love it. Not everybody was built for the road." - Julia Lage

Posted: January 4, 2024
love what I do and give my best to each interview that I conduct. A written interview is my preference, though I will make accommodations for certain artists. Beware, the platform you decide to use, will only heighten increase what I expect from you.
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Photo cover provided by: Julia Lage

There are many ways to conduct an interview. There are so many different methods. How you decide to conduct an interview should be based upon flexibility and what is conducive to your platform. It is evident that podcasts and live broadcast video is effective. Visually stimulating interviews are a favorite for many artists. However, there are those who still prefer to talk over the phone, or through video conferencing applications. Such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meeting. I have tried them all. I will never dictate to one our editors how they should conduct an interview. It is up to their personal choice.

As the Editor in Chief, I prefer writing topic-based interviews, with a question-and-answer session at the end. There are many reasons for this method. It provides me with an opportunity to think about the topic, research information on my guest, and to keep a backup copy of the conversation. Flexibility in scheduling is important as well. Many of our guests live in a different time zone. There is no chance, that I will be waking up at 3:00 A.M. to conduct an interview in another country. I need my sleep folks. 😊

Realistically, there are guests that have pre-arranged interviews. They say the same thing, to almost every person they interview with. I have worked as a publicist, so I can verify the facts in this regard. Honestly, I have come away from interviews disappointed with certain guests. They do not live up to high expectations. Yes, they are talented. Yes, they have accommodated thousands of interviews. Thus, they will get tired talking about themselves. I set high standards for all my guests. If they do not meet my expectations, it can be a disappointment. I will not have them back for a future interview.

I love what I do and give my best to each interview that I conduct. A written interview is my preference, though I will make accommodations for certain artists. Beware, the platform you decide to use, will only heighten increase what I expect from you. Choose your method of interviews wisely. 😊

The introduction leads me into today’s guest. I have no doubt, that she will meet my expectations. Her name is Julia Lage. She is one of the best bassists in the world. In fact, I often compare her to other top bassists that I have worked with. Julia Lage also happens to share the same stage with Britt Lightning and Roxy Petrruci. It shouldn’t be a surprise, that I am a HUGE Vixen fan. The all-female band has been rocking since the 80’s. Their desire and focus have not changed. Neither has their performances. Whether they are in the studio, or playing live on stage, you get their best. High standards? Yes indeed. They have high expectations of themselves and what they produce for their fans.


Julia is a Brazilian bass player, singer songwriter. 
Inspired by bands like, Rush, Aerosmith, and Guns N Roses, she began learning the Bass Guitar at the age of thirteen. At the age of seventeen Julia had become a full-time member of the critically acclaimed Latin Grammy nominated Brazilian band Barra Da Saia.

After her thirteen-year tenure with the band which included major network television appearances, international festivals, and domestic arena tours plus 3 full albums and 1 live DVD, Julia left the band and relocated to Los Angeles California. With a BA in music and arts as well as extensive studio and touring experience, Julia has found herself performing and recording with a vast array of A list artists and musicians such as Pat Travers, Elliot Easton (The Cars), Richie Kotzen, Adam Lambert (Queen) as well as performing alongside Pop Star Janelle Monáe and rapper Jidenna at the American Idol Finals.
Julia also worked with Grammy winner iconic Latin artist Alejandra Gusmán, recording a live cd/dvd called 'Live at The Roxy'. In 2022 Julia was the touring bassist with Smith/Kotzen, a rock blues band formed by Adrian Smith (Iron Maiden) and Richie Kotzen (The Winery Dogs). She is also on the live recording of the EP 'Better days and Nights'. In the same year she was invited to join the all-female platinum selling rock band Vixen and performed on their latest single 'Red' released in 2023. 
Julia also has her own projects which include her solo music and her band The Sister Knot. Julia’s prolific nature as a writer has found her compositions and performances featured in various American films and television shows. She is currently working on finishing her first solo album and continues to tour with Vixen as they work on their new music.


Guitar Thrills: I am totally stoked, that we finally got a chance to interview the bass guitarist that is responsible for much of the buzz around VIXEN. When did you decide that Vixen was going to be the band that would make a huge impact on your career?

Julia: Before Vixen I was doing a bunch of different things as you mentioned here on my Bio.
I had played in so many different scenarios specially coming from Brazil.
It was time for me to be a part of a group again. It was so interesting because I remember telling my friend that I wouldn’t mind being in one of those fun rock bands that plays all the fun shows.
A few days latter I got the call to play bass in Vixen. It was crazy cause I had just talked about it! I guess that whole thing ask and you shall receive works lol

Guitar Thrills: How were you approached to join the band, and who was it that sold you on the direction the band would go in?

Julia: I’ve been friends with Britt the guitarist for a long time now. When we meet me and her were part of the same band for a brief moment then she joined Vixen.
I remember following her on socials and seeing the photos and thinking that this would be a fun band to be in.

I received a call from her years later asking if I would like to play as a member of Vixen.
I told her yeah it would be my pleasure plus I would love to share the stage with her again!
At the same time the manager of the band call me asking about it.Both had told Roxy about me and thought I would be a good fit. I was very pleased when they called me asking me to step in.
I joined the band on the Monsters of Rock pre party show. Share played most of the show and announced her hiatus. Then she introduced me and I stepped in and joined the group right there live on the stage! Fun times!

Guitar Thrills: Vixen has accomplished a lot throughout the decades. In your time with the band, what has been one of the best experiences you have enjoyed?

Julia: Thankfully I’ve experienced a ton of great moments with the girls, but I have to mention Wacken in Germany. That festival is so incredible, it was a absolute blast to perform there. Sounded amazing, the crowd was very warm and ready to sing along! Plus that is a bucket list festival for any band I'm sure.
I have to also mention Brazil. It was my absolute pleasure to go back to my country of origin and perform with Vixen over there. Specially because that was the first time for Vixen We had two shows in São Paulo and the crowd sang every word with us as loud as they could! Amazing!

Guitar Thrills: Excellent rock bands, experience a lot of time on the road. Do you consider touring to be difficult at times? What is your overall feeling regarding touring?

Julia: Yes touring can be difficult for sure. It all depends on the group you are traveling with.
I do love getting on the bus and leaving for a while, but it does get old after a few weeks. Everyone is different of course and some countries are harder then others. You get used to your food or your everyday Starbucks or whatever, and when you are out there the little things became huge. Lot’s of time to kill and sometimes nothing to do. But then suddenly you have that day that you don’t even have time to get dressed for the show lol

It is intense and boring at the same time hard to explain. But I love it, and I do think that not everybody was built for the road.

Guitar Thrills: In the introduction of the article, we mentioned the importance of promoting on platforms that are consistent with what you are wanting to achieve. What platform have you found the most desired results? Please explain.

Julia: I feel like that depends on the personality. I am someone that loves to talk and make people laugh. So every time I promote myself through some sort of video it seems to work good. Probably because of my weird accent and because I will always say something wrong lol.

But I believe every platform has its benefits. Some people love Youtube some people love reading articles others only use Facebook and some only listen to the music.
I try to use all of it but I don’t push much I like being spontaneous. But I love the possibility to communicate with fans. It means a lot to me.

Guitar Thrills: Have you ever invested your time, money, and energy into a means of promotion that didn’t work out for you?

Julia: Probably, but reality is that's every promotion will hit some different public. I try to use the free tools we have now a days like Instagram, Facebook Youtube and all that, but I also love doing interviews articles and podcasts. I truly feel that doesn’t hurt to do a bit of everything, specially being an independent artist myself. Reality is when something doesn’t work like I planed I tend to move on.

Guitar Thrills: Undoubtedly, Vixen as a band must talk about where to promote their upcoming shows and releases. What kind of results are you specifically looking for?

Julia: I feel like for Vixen we just want to keep rocking and making music. We have the best time on stage! And of course, with this new formation we are honored to be able to keep the legacy alive.
We will continue to promote as much as necessary and continue to travel as far as we can to play those classic songs that made the band so special! We love playing the new single and also the response from the fans. We just recently promoted our new single RED along with the video and we feel the love from the fans. I am so thankful for that.

Guitar Thrills: We also highlighted interviews. We have found artists with different thoughts about the effectiveness of their interviews. Such as how they are done. Do you think a specific method is better than another? Such as podcasts, phone, written, etc.

Julia: I like talking so for me a podcast or in person is always fun. I prefer since it becomes a conversation. But I believe for introverts written or on phone might be best.

Guitar Thrills: My personal feedback has been discussed at length throughout the years. I have had several guests address interviews and how they should be conducted. I would like to hear your perspective.

Julia: For me is simple. If I feel that the person is not listening when I talk or even worst, are not prepared, thats a downer for sure.

Also, is definitely best when the interviewer have different and fun questions, out of the basics of when did you start playing or some other questions that are already in my bio.
That’s why I like conversations too cause it can lead sometimes to different topics.

Guitar Thrills: I respect your honest feedback.

Guitar Thrills: Now, it is time to focus on your latest release RED. I can’t stop praising the song itself, and the video that was produced. I think that the entire group brought their best. What do you think?

Julia: Thank you! Yeah, I feel like the four of us always bring our best! You will never know when we are sick or having any sort of problem when we are on stage. The video was the same.
We had to deal with a few things but nobody would never notice. For instance, the second day of the shooting, that scene on the rooftop, it was supposed to be sunny and warm, well it was freezing and raining. We play that song over and over and over under the rain dreaming about a hot cocoa and blankets lol but we brought 110 percent. Because thats how we are! We are very pleased with the video because it show very well energy of this band.

Guitar Thrills: What kind of feedback have you received from your fans thus far?

Julia: I am weird with new releases. I usually don’t read much of the comments and all I like to let it be lol But I heard good and positive things from fans and friends. Of course, there are always some people that don’t love the fact that there is a new formation or even new music and it’s ok too.
Things happen in bands the same way it happens in regular jobs and the people that want to continue and follow their dreams should be able to do so.

Guitar Thrills: What are you coming out with next? Is there something we can anticipate in the upcoming months or for 2024?

Julia: Yes. I am about to release another solo single and the music video on January 11th.
It is called The Ride and I can’t wait to share it with you all. Dug Pinnick from Kings X is sharing the vocals with me and also Richie Kotzen is on guitars. I wrote this song a while ago and when I was finishing it and I kept imagining those two on it. I am so very thankful for having them on it and I am thrilled with the results. After that I will also be releasing e few more singles then the full album right after.

Vixen wise we will be rocking a few festivals and traveling around as always! We can’t wait to go back on the road!

Guitar Thrills: Nice. Rest assured we will be here to promote it. Whether through written interviews or via podcasts. I want to thank you using your valuable time to answer some questions that I have. It was a pleasure to speak to you. There is no doubt, that I want to have you back in 2024. How does that sound to you?

Julia: I’m down! Let’s chat for sure!
Thank you one more time for the space and for the good talk.
I hope to see you around at one of our shows!

Guitar Thrills: Awesome.

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