"There is sacrifice to everything you do ... once you take it serious and make it your life, there’s no shortcuts". - Motiff

Posted: February 29, 2024
Latin Grammy and American Grammy. Motiff also ventured into the artist space, releasing several tracks that showcased his multifaceted talents, including ‘Me Descontrola’ featuring Ronald Borjas, ‘Mala Gente’ featuring Nesty and Tuki Tuki featuring Pucho & Tucutu, and Gente De Zona. isited Nashville in 2017, I was given a complete wake up call. I quickly realized I would need to work much harder if I planned on relocating to Nashville. - not sure if it came from Motiff and it is not in the same topic of the paragraph.

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Musicians' brains seem to excel at tackling new tongues due to their mastery of sound. And thanks to the nature of their training, vocalists may have a particular advantage. This is a scientific fact. However, does this make it easier for an artist to transition into a different music market that is foreign to the language of their heart?

Speaking or singing with the language of your heart makes the difference with the audience that you are targeting. However, transitioning over to another market dominated by a specific language, such as English or Spanish can bring about different results. Often, the results are not anticipated. In the past it was extremely difficult to be a successful Spanish artist and excel in a territory that was dominated by another language such as English. Times have changed. Music lovers have expanded their palette. They are accepting of artists coming from other countries. This is a welcome trend, as it adds such a huge dimension to the talent that we have available on our streaming platforms, etc.

One thing that goes unnoticed by your typical fan, is the level of difficulty that an artist might experience to succeed in an industry that is dominated by a specific language. We can compare, the difficulties of speaking another language. Maybe you have attempted to work in another country where the language of your heart is not spoken. Do you recall how difficult it was? Maybe this is a comparison that you can make, to help you understand what an artist experience.

Today, we will address this issue with our guest. He name is Motiff. His talent is extraordinary. Both in the Latin and English communities. If you are not familiar with Motiff, you will be by the end of this interview.


Arbise Gonzalez, known by his artistic name Motiff, is an extraordinary artist, producer, DJ, and songwriter whose music serves as a powerful motif symbol. With his unique blend of electronic edgy sounds and Latin influences, Motiff shapes the DNA of his music, bridging the gap between the artist and the melodic universe.

Motiff was born on September 25, 1984, in Caracas, Venezuela. At the tender age of 5, he demonstrated a remarkable talent for playing various instruments. Influenced by his father, a percussionist for the internationally acclaimed big band “La Billo’s Caracas Boys,” Motiff immersed himself in the world of music. He accompanied his father to recording sessions, rehearsals, and shows, which fueled his passion for sound and performance. This early exposure led to his acceptance into the Music Conservatory at the age of six, where he honed his skills in music theory and mastered multiple instruments.

In 1996, Motiff ventured to the United States, immersing himself in the vibrant and diverse music scene of Miami. He seamlessly assimilated his unique sound and rhythms into the cultural tapestry, leaving an indelible mark.

In 2004, Motiff seized a remarkable opportunity to collaborate closely with Jose Miguel Velazquez, a renowned music producer and vocal coach to the stars. One beat at a time, he co- produced music for esteemed Latin artists such as David Bisbal, Don Omar, David Bustamante, Shalim, and Pimpinela.

Motiff’s breakthrough came in 2012 when he joined forces with music mogul Emilio Estefan to co-produce Gloria Estefan’s chart-topping hit dance song, “Hotel Nacional.” The track soared to the number one spot on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs Chart and Billboard Dance Charts, cementing Motiff’s status as a mastermind behind sensational hits. Notable among his accomplishments are Jencarlos feat. Pitbull & Cata’s “Baila Baila” and Dyland and Lenny’s Billboard chart-topping sensation, “Pegate Mas.”

Motiff’s musical journey extended beyond production and collaboration. In 2013, he joined Pitbull’s “Global Warming Tour” as part of the artist’s band, ‘The Agents.’ Simultaneously, he lent his talents to Samo’s album ‘Inevitable,’ J Balvin’s debut album ‘La Familia,’ and released his first single as an artist, “I’ll Be Fine,” in the spring of 2014.

The years 2014 and 2015 presented new challenges and opportunities as Motiff produced the smash hit “Que Suenen Los Tambores” for salsa singer Victor Manuelle. The song dominated the Billboard Tropical Chart for a remarkable nine consecutive weeks in 2014, becoming Victor’s biggest hit since 2004. Additionally, Motiff produced Natalia Jimenez’s second single, “Quedate Con Ella,” followed by six more tracks on her album ‘Creo En Mi,’ which debuted at number two on the Billboard Latin Album Chart.

Motiff’s prolific career continued into 2015 with productions for Chino y Nacho’s album ‘Radio Universo,’ including the chart-topping single “Me Voy Enamorando” featuring Farruko. He also

collaborated with Gente De Zona on the global hit “La Gozadera” featuring Marc Anthony, which achieved remarkable success on various Billboard charts. In total, Motiff produced nine tracks for Gente De Zona’s album ‘Visualizate,’ including the second single, “Traidora,” also featuring Marc Anthony.

The year 2016 marked a significant milestone for Motiff as he established himself at the epicenter of the Latin music industry. Signing a management deal with Magnus, Marc Anthony’s entertainment company, he released music for Gente De Zona, Fanny Lu, Alex Sensation, and collaborated on a remake of the classic party anthem with Los Del Rio, featuring Gente De Zona. In collaboration with urban music superstar Wisin, Motiff produced the platinum-certified smash hit single, “Vacaciones,” which became an instant summer sensation. To culminate the year, ‘Visualizate’ won the Latin Grammy for Best Tropical Fusion Album, solidifying Motiff’s stature in the industry. He also joined an all-star team led by Marc Anthony in the production of Jennifer Lopez’s new Spanish album. Motiff’s creativity and expertise flourished in the years 2017 and 2018 when he relocated to Los Angeles and established THE MVRK ROOM studio. He worked on various projects, especially in the Mexican market, collaborating with artists such as Carlos Rivera, Sin Bandera’s Noel Schajris, Reik, and Matisse, among others.

In 2019 and 2020, Motiff embarked on a new musical exploration, delving into the tropical music realm, and embracing his salsa roots. He meticulously crafted a collection of songs, defining the new sound of Salsa.

In 2021, Motiff received a special invitation from Marc Anthony and renowned producer Sergio George to serve as an Associate Producer on Marc Anthony’s highly acclaimed album, ‘Pa’lla Voy.’ The album stormed the Billboard charts and garnered prestigious accolades, including the

Latin Grammy and American Grammy. Motiff also ventured into the artist space, releasing several tracks that showcased his multifaceted talents, including ‘Me Descontrola’ featuring Ronald Borjas, ‘Mala Gente’ featuring Nesty and Tuki Tuki featuring Pucho & Tucutu, and Gente De Zona. In parallel, throughout 2022, Motiff continued his work with the new generation of salsa artists, seamlessly blending urban influences into the salsa world. Collaborations with Luis Figueroa, Leoni Torres, Daniela Dancourt, Ronald Borjas, and many others further solidified his position as a trailblazer in the Latin music industry.

As 2023 unfolds, Motiff has officially signed as an Artist with Magnus, embarking on the groundbreaking ‘SALSA DE AHORA’ project, set to captivate audiences throughout the year and beyond. With his visionary approach, Motiff is poised to redefine the sound of Salsa, solidifying himself as the mastermind behind the new era of this beloved genre.”


Guitar Thrills:
Hello Motiff, welcome to Guitar Thrills Magazine. It is a pleasure to speak with you today.

Guitar Thrills: As we focus on the topic from our interview, there are several questions that I would like to address. Was it difficult for you to break into music industry as a Latin artist?

Motiff: To me there’s sacrifice to everything you do if you have a goal attached to it, once you take it serious and make it your life, there’s no shortcuts, you have to prepare and put in the work to reach your goals and set new ones.

Guitar Thrills: What were some of your challenges?

Motiff: There’s many challenges, for one, being an immigrant, not speaking the language...Got to the United States in 1996, it was a culture shock coming from Venezuela. It was all different and had to break through, get accustomed to the new dynamic, but i feel it was at the prefect time. Got introduced to an amazing plethora of music, cultures, people, here in the US that is feel shaped who i am today.

Guitar Thrills: Did you anticipate remaining a Latin speaking artist, or did you want to also sing in the English language?

Motiff: Funny enough, through the years i tried embracing the English language as my own and started writing songs very early on, influenced by greats from the 70s, 80s and beyond, bands like Bon Jovi, Journey, Reo Speed Wagon and many more, but my roots always stayed ahead and served as the guiding light for most of my work in the industry.

Guitar Thrills: The first place that you made your home in the States was Miami, FL. Living in Florida, I would say that was a great choice. I have a huge Latino family in Miami, FL. The culture is amazing, and the music reflects the culture. What influenced your decision to make Miami your home?

Motiff: Wish i could take the credit, I was 10, the credit goes to my parents and the wise decision to leave Venezuela as political tensions were staring to build. Looking now in retrospect I believe its one most amazing things my parents could of done for our family as it has served for us to continue to live out our dreams.

Guitar Thrills: What is the difference between the audience you were used too, and the one that you are singing too now? Do you get a different response from audiences that you perform in front of now? Please explain.

Motiff: T- I’ve practically been “Lab Rat” in the studio producing for many artist over the years. I was able to travel on a couple tours in the late 2000s with Pitbull, completely different crowds, have been on stage with many different acts, as a musician, what makes this new endeavor as an artist different is that i now get to speak directly to the audience, tell them my story and share memories together, that hopefully will live on through time.

Guitar Thrills: Do you recall your first official break, as a professional artist?

Motiff: Yes, my first break was on the road with Pitbull back in 2008, it was an amazing experience, being able to be a traveling musician and go to places like Tokyo for me was a dream come true. Not to mention all the mentorship i received from him, priceless.

Guitar Thrills: Who were some of your Latin inspirations? Also, have you had a chance to perform with them?

Motiff: So Many...Juan Luis Guerra, Fania All-Stars, Oscar De Leon, Marc Anthony the list is so extensive, all i can say is the live has given me the chance to perform with some, have professional and personal relationships with others, so grateful.

Guitar Thrills: Who has helped contribute to the success that you experienced to this point? Motiff: Another long list, so many , teams, engineers, artist, companies, i would not be here if it wasn’t for all of them!

Guitar Thrills: Will you know when your musical aspirations have been achieved? Also, what are some of the accomplishments that have not been experienced yet?

Motiff: To me, there’s no way of knowing, i do know that I live everyday and work like it was the first. We’ve had some incredible achievements tho and so many more to go, we stay focused and reinventing ourselves to achieve them.

Guitar Thrills: There are many Latino artists in the music industry. Do you feel the competition is overwhelming? How do you cope with it, without letting it discourage you?

Motiff: We’ve been blessed to have created our own lane not only in the production side but now with our artist project, more than a competition is about collaboration and coming together.

Guitar Thrills: What do you think about your opportunities for longevity in the Latino music industry?

Motiff: Opportunities are everywhere, with this project we are looking to do it with respect, taking it a responsibility, our goal is to be the bridge the gap between generations, we’re committed as a family! Salsa lives!!!!

Guitar Thrills: Tells us about your recent accomplishments, and what you are looking forward to with an upcoming album release?

Motiff: We’re exited for what’s ahead, so much music, so much salsa, not only as an artist but as a producer, the new salsa movement, the last couple years have been incredible with the release of our first singles ‘Salsa De Ahora’ and ‘Boshinchero’ along side the legend Tito Nieves, few Grammy and Latin Grammy noms with salsa projects we’re working on as producer, blessed really, so exited for you guys to listen and dance all we’re working on.

Guitar Thrills: I think it has been an excellent opportunity to speak to an accomplished Latin artist, who knows the industry well. I want to assure you, that we want to help promote anything you are doing in the music industry. Your authentic, and you have a unique quality to help you stand out from the rest. Thank you for taking the time to interview with Guitar Thrills Magazine.

Motiff: Thank you guys for taking the time, QUE VIVA LA SALSA!

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