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July 16, 2024
Earlier this year, MR. BIG put on their signature top hats and old shoes for the launch of their last worldwide tour, aptly titled “The BIG Finish.” The first leg kicked off July 20, 2023 in Nagoya, Japan, which took them throughout Southeast Asia where the band performed for hundreds of thousands of loyal fans at 11 sold-out shows. MR. BIG then brought “The BIG Finish” to South America, an initial run of European shows, and two separate east coast/west coast tours of the U.S., with their last-ever stateside concert happening June 6 in Billy Sheehan’s hometown of Buffalo, NY. MR. BIG’s remaining shows will start July 13 in Bulgaria and will roll through August 23 in Romania.
BY Guitar Thrills Magazine
July 16, 2024
Epic and Legendary Songwriter and Guitarist!Carl Bell's return to FUEL and talks ÅNOMÅLY  
We understand that we have a history.  We're not abandoning that history, but we want to expand on the history that we have as FUEL.  And, put a record out where we have one foot in the past and one foot in the future, kind of album.  I'm excited!  We've got 4 or 5 songs now that we're really loving and working.  We're getting a timeline together for when we can get this out.  And, when we can get it out right.  But bear with us, we've got some cool things coming for the next FUEL album.  
BY Sophia Radisch
July 16, 2024
"That is why I am at the level I am now, it is because of Santana, KISS, Rob Thomas, Orianthi, Eric Gales and Kingfish".
Due to the rapidly growing fan base here in the States, Taj and his family made the decision to move and are now living in the America full time. “We were flying back and forth so many times a year it just made sense to live here. Plus, I love it in the USA! I have been here more than half my life off and on so it’s my home away from home.” Balancing a professional career and a teenage life can be tough but off the stage Taj and his family live a very normal life.
BY Sally Jane

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September 7, 2022
Inspired by a family tradition. Motivation that comes from the heart. - Sydney Hansen
BY Edward Schooley
Whether it is a rock, pop, or country music inspiration often comes from family ties. At least with the artists that have meaningful lyrics. Many artists pull from emotions, and stories that affect them deeply. While I am not an artist, I certainly can “relate”. When I founded Guitar Thrills Magazine it was out of […]
September 7, 2022
Getting results despite the competition.
BY Edward Schooley
I’ve always loved comparing dark things to beautiful things. The contrast is really so beautiful to me. I’ve always been edgy and dark but it’s always felt so expressive to me even in the clothes I wear. I’ve always found dark things beautiful because when I was in the dark times I actually was able to find my place & my identity in this world.
September 5, 2022
The organic emotions, that lead to creativity and success. Is it in you?
BY Edward Schooley
I think I lean to Folk/Rock because I used to play with a rock’n’roll band where I used to write songs for. When I started to play in solo I thought Folk/Blues/Alt-country were the best genre you can play in solo/acoustic and at the same time is not far from R’n’R. Also, I’ve always been a big fan of Rolling Stones, I think Exile On Main Street is THE ALBUM and it’s full of folk/ballads acoustic songs. I’m also a big fan of Ryan Adams and he did a similar path back in the days, through The Whiskeytown to the solo career.
May 1, 2022
Breaking through, avoiding the cycle of falling short.
BY Edward Schooley
One of the artists that can tell you about breakthroughs is Andrea Benz. Andrea Benz is unlike any other artists. With captivating guitar skills, a beautiful clear country voice, and genius songwriting, Andrea’s fans call her a “triple threat.” Hailing from the beautiful country of Switzerland, the rising singer/songwriter’s roots are seated deeply in country music, her voice reminiscent of the 90s country stars.
April 7, 2022
Are guitar heroes a thing of the past? Part I
BY Edward Schooley
My music is instrumental—so no lyrics. Some of it has darkness, and some of it has more light. The intention is to channel different aspects of my tastes and experiences into my music, and that is a whole spectrum. Compare “Scrap Metal” to “Fading” on my first album, Hale Souls, or “Beast” to “Grace” on Abandon All Hope. Though I haven’t consciously engineered a sound, I am continually developing my compositional and musical voice.
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